Round 1 – Adelaide v Geelong: Tex in Crows Dream Team form!


Adelaide v Geelong
Saturday 20 March 2021 • 4:35 PM
Adelaide Oval



It was like ‘Back-To-School’ reunion in Adelaide on Saturday.


Returning to the town and the club where I spent eight years was like coming home.  Even more so when the long drive from Mildura was punctuated by seeing the beautiful ovals (yes, ovals) at Lake Cullulleraine. If ever there was an oasis in the desert country it is here where the beautifully manicured ovals look the equal of even the most professional of facilities.


Nothing else at ‘the Lake’ just two grounds that hardly ever get played on.  Although The traditional Millewa League Grand Final takes place there and nobody complains about taking the 30-minute drive out of Mildura to witness it.


It was like being at a cricket match such were the conditions. A magnificent day of about 30 degrees.  I think we will bat.


The locals had nothing to lose in this game.  Touted as likely wooden-spooners by the media pundits they threw everything in to the first quarter and with Taylor Walker (relieved of captaincy duties) troublesome up forward the Crows were looking good.


First round games often cause surprises and this one could be just the one to do it! Three points up at quarter time and the youthful Crows were outclassing ‘Old Geelong’ in most areas.


Adelaide continued from where they left off in the first quarter with three spectacular goals from McAdam (brilliant mark) Rowe (1st in the big time) and McHenry.  It was a one-horse race. Walker added another with a magnificent kick and looks a different player to 2020.  No bubble? But plenty of froth.


At last, ‘Old Geelong’ kicked a couple of goals to keep them somewhat in the game but it was Walker again for his third to extend the lead to 25 points and when McHenry kicked his second, they had doubled Geelong’s score.


Geelong was rattled as only the Cats can be.  Any time, any year, any reason?  Not really, just a Geelong failing.


Taylor Walker kicked his third for the quarter and he was leading Geelong a merry dance.  His performance was Taylor-made if ever there was one.


37 points up at the big break and the game is just about over for Geelong.


Walker just kept getting the ball and did an ‘Eddie’ with a magnificent over the shoulder from Betts’ pocket. S.O.S. Rowe kicked his second and it looked all – over -red-rover for ‘old Geelong’.


For the first time in the game Geelong started to show some semblance of the form that got them into the finals last year with four unanswered goals.  Hawkins at last exerting some influence with two.


Crows 19 points up at the end of the third quarter and probably have enough legs to carry them home. They have given their all for their supporters and whatever happens from here has some positive signs for the fledgling Crows.


A hard slog for the early part of the last term but the Crows came back with goals to Schoenberg and Frampton to seal the deal although Isaac Smith kicked two for the Cats and should have had a third when he fluffed a certain goal.  The one real plus for the Cats on the day was Smith who gave the forward line some bite.


Geelong came home hard but the damage had been done earlier in the day when the kamikaze Crows withstood everything the Cats threw at them. They were never headed after that onslaught.


We have heard that Geelong is too good a side to not fight back and after their ‘half-time-rest’, yes, we elderlies always need ‘the rest’, they did outscore the Kamikaze Crows 8 goals to 4.  But you never win a football match by playing half-a-game, think Grand Final 2020.


The much-maligned Crows turned on a wonderful display for their faithful, and they are very faithful even though their sun-tans get to you after a while.  Taylor Walker turned the clock back quite a few years and showed just what a fine footballer he had been.  If he keeps this up, he will probably be considered in Graham Cornes ‘Crows Dream Team’ in place of Wayne Carey.


There is nothing more damaging in any standard of football than a star centre-half-forward and he showed Geelong’s weakness in the back half. There lack of speed and Tex is not fast.


The Crows travel to Sydney next week, if the rain stops, to play against another team fresh from the kindergarten while Geelong are at home to Brisbane.


Why is it that week one always turns up what are regarded as ‘certain’ results only to see may faves get well beaten?  Why is it so?


ADELAIDE    4.4    11.7    13.9    15.13 (103)
GEELONG     2.3     5.5     10.8    13.13 (91)


 Walker 5, Rowe 2, Frampton 2, McHenry 2, Lynch, Murphy, McAdam, Schoenberg
Geelong: Parfitt 2, Hawkins 2, Smith 2, Stanley, Rohan, Menegola, Blicavs, Guthrie, Dahlhaus, Miers


Walker, Laird, Scholl, McHenry, Rowe
Geelong: Dangerfield, Guthrie, Blicavs, Smith, Parfitt



Brown (sore achilles), Kelly (concussion), Hinge (shoulder)
Geelong: Menegola (shoulder)



:  Mitchell Hinge (replaced Luke Brown)
Geelong: Charlie Constable (replaced Sam Menegola)



CROWD:    26,985 at Adelaide Oval


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About Bob Utber

At 84 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he has always done since growing up on a small farm at Lang Lang. Talking, watching and writing sport and in recent years writing books. He lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny) and a groodle named 'Chloe on Flinders' and can be found at Deakin 27 every day.


  1. Didn’t see your game Citrus, but I thought my Eagles were underwhelming and lucky to win against Gold Coast. Slow old midfield is our vulnerability.
    Et tu Cattus Citrus?

  2. John Butler says

    Bob, no one saw this result coming. But in hindsight, the Crows ended 2020 in much better shape than they’d looked for most of the season.

    Might they just be a smoky to overachieve?

    Re the Cats – their ‘all-in’ recruiting policy suggests that when they do crash, they’ll crash hard. Not sure this is the year that happens, but this was the worst possible start.

    At least young Patrick will have time to freshen up. He might have his work cut out for him.


  3. Hi Bob, a nice roundup of the game. Wonderful endevour from the Crows but were slowed down in second half due not only from a resurgence from the cats, but also from three crucial injuries. One of the big differences in the match was the way better delivery to Tex and the Crows’ forwards. It was especially pleasing to see the way Tex moved. For all that, the Crows must prov that form wasn’t a flash in the pan. A big test looms against the Swans in Sydney.

  4. Thanks Citrus. From what I saw of the Crows they were outstanding. Fast, skilful, committed. The Cats were “instanding”. Slow, lethargic, up to their eyeballs in hubris and unwarranted arrogance. Could be the worst loss Geelong has suffered in many a year. The type of loss that keeps a coach awake. His game plan is based upon the assumption of insanity – keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. The leaders? Didn’t sight one.

    Put it down to a bad day? Hope so. Could they get any worse? Hope not!

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