Rotunda In The West- ‘Talking Footy’

‘Talking Footy’ down at the Whitten Oval Foyer was a wonderful event and one in which I encourage fellow Almanackers to attend to next time.  Guests included the Footy Almanac’s own John Harms, Western Bulldogs star Daniel Giansiracusa and respected footy poet Tom Petsinis, in which all three provided a enthralling conservation about footy. And that was what it was, a ‘conversation’ rather than a lecture, which is why the night was as successful.

The event featured questions posed to all three guests, with John giving his journalistic insight into footy, ‘Gia’ providing the view of the players and Tom describing the terrific essence of the game through his excellent poetic work. The knowledge and perspective of all three men provided for an intriguing conservation, one that easy to listen to and more enjoyable to be a part of. Everything was discussed, things like the media, business in football, the value of the game and supporters, The Footy Almanac and how the game influences everyone in a unique way. You name it, they talked about it! Question time was also a feature, as I was lucky enough to be included in a handful of people who got to ask a question. Mine was directed to John and about how he would like to see the Footy Almanac in 10 years time. He answered in an excellent manner and drew upon what makes the Footy Almanac so great, which is the fans perspective. He described this perspective as more ‘honest’ compared to the football media. He stated how successful the Almanac has already been and would like to see it grow even more in the future, as one of the most influential books in the Footy public.

I was introduced to this event by one of my teachers, who is a regular correspondent of Victoria University (which ran the event, great job!) and also accompanied me. We both left the night feeling pleased about the knowledge of football that we had just witnessed. I will be attending the next ‘Footy Talk’ event and I encourage fellow Almanackers to do so as well.

Next Footy Talk event: Aug 25 , Rotunda in the West: Greg Baum in discussion with Martin Flanagan.


  1. Adam Muyt says

    What about an events calender at this website highlighting gatherings such as this and others including the regular Nac gatherings on Fridays, seminars, quizs and anything similar?

    An excellent way to keep locals informed, as well as those who may be planning trips to Melbourne during the footy season.

    What you say JH, Gigz et al?

  2. John Butler says
  3. Adam Muyt says

    I’m a dickhead…I blame an early rise and delerium following Barca’s wonderful display this morning.

  4. John Butler says

    Sounds like a fair enough reason to me. :)

  5. johnharms says

    Glad you enjoyed it Dom. Look forward to seeing your words from time to time.

  6. Sandra Westie says

    Talking Footy at Rotunda in the West was my introduction to the sharing of football passion beyond the chat in the street and it legitimised the feeling I have for football that I can’t quite put my finger on (I came late to football, and my friends wonder what has happened to me.) This was the first time I had heard John Harms (except for briefly in his chats with Lindy Burns, 774) but he summed up sentiment, history, culture of football etc, that has drawn me to this website. I loved the evening and clapped loudly at all speakers’ expression of football love, craziness, insight and can’t wait for the next one (good on you VU).

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