Rock Triv Shows Entertaining Colac and Raising Money for Charity

Like Steve Kerrigan of “The Castle” fame, Dean Reynolds is an ideas man. His idea for rock trivia shows has been in the pipeline for a long time. I was involved at the conception stage of these ideas some 6 years ago with Uncle Dean. It took until May 2013 for Rock Triv to become a reality.


Gene Simmons AKA Dean Reynolds and Luke Reynolds at the 80’s Rock Triv show

In his late teens and throughout his twenties Dean played bass guitar in several Colac district cover bands. As well as forging a moderately successful football career with Colac Imperials, Irrewarra-Beeac, Alvie and finally South Colac where he won best first year player at the age of 28. After the kicks and bass lines finished a golf career came and went, peaking in 2000 with the Colac Golf Club B Grade Championship. Golf was followed by a stint as a horse trainer. A first up win with ‘Poltergeist’ in the 1000m Camperdown Couriers Fillies and Mares Class 1 Handicap at the 2004 Camperdown Cup day and a glittering training career seemed a formality. 9 years later, with no more wins, racing was abandoned for a return to music.

First, a band had to be put together. While some early members have come and gone as the band looked to define it’s sound, the band seems quite settled now. Well, as settled as a band can be. The current line up consists of Dean, drummer Peter Taylor, who had previously played in bands with Dean, guitarist Nathan Bennett and husband and wife duo Todd (vocals and guitar) and Madeline Angus (vocals). Todd is a member of Melbourne band Elephant Gun who had album releases and made several TV appearances in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s. They still play occasionally.

DSC_1314 (1)

Jack High and Elephant Gun frontman Todd Angus. Dressed as Prince for the 80’s Rock Triv shows

Friday May 16th and Saturday May 17th 2014 saw the Colac Football Club social rooms packed for the 1980’s themed Rocktriv shows. First time we had done the same show twice. Over 300 people in attendance over the two nights and over $2300 raised for charity.  The show has grown immensly from it’s May 2013 debut. Rock Triv shows consist of  trivia, including a riff segment, then the band, the wonderfully named ‘Jack High’, play a set of covers. After the first couple of shows it was decided that some theatricality was needed. Along came the themed nights. The 70’s night was huge. Everyone was encouraged to dress up in 70’s gear. Including the band and the host, most did. The host, a publicly educated man, was more than happy to don the private school uniform of the great Angus Young. I’ve been the host for all of the Rock Triv shows. While I’ve hosted numerous cricket club functions, been a wedding MC and have spoken at family funerals, this role was daunting at first. Took a couple of shows to feel comfortable in the role.


A (very) poor man’s Julia Zemiro

All money raised at Rock Triv shows goes to the charity of the winning tables choice. The black box, with everything raised on the night from raffles and auctions of donated goods as well as a donation from the shows entry fee contained within, is given to the winning table as they pose with a giant novelty cheque. The winners of the Friday night 80’s show donated their $1050 to the Starlight Foundation. The Saturday night winners gave their $1350 to Geelong Animal Welfare. Previous winners have donated to such causes as the Cancer Council ($950 & $980 donations) and to Breast Cancer research ($1220).

Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ opened both 80’s nights. Todd Angus, dressed as Prince, making a grand entrance on a bicycle. The awesome guitar work of Nathan Bennett, dressed as Slash from Gun’s ‘N’ Roses. Todd’s 80’s themed introduction for the host. See it for yourself:

After my introduction I introduce the crew and band members. The band members get special intros that I come up with. For the 80’s shows it was with a Cold Chisel theme. “On the right of stage is a man who normally sits at home with his cheap wine and his three day growth. But he’s here tonight to play bass for Jack High. Put your hands together for Dean Reynolds”, “Up the back, he’s sold his soul with his cigarettes to the black market man, on the drums, Peter Taylor!”, “Once he drove a foreign car, but baby that was years ago, he’s left it all behind for Jack High. On vocals and guitar, Todd Angus!”, “She’s looking like a choir girl, she’s crying like a refugee, please welcome Madeline Angus”, “He’s been working hard, 12 hours a day, but the money he’s saved won’t buy his youth again. On guitar and vocals, Nathan Bennett!” Nathan is a dairy farmer, hence the 12 hours a day line.

The band are involved in the trivia. While there are two rounds of questions, the other two rounds consist of a riffs round (band plays part of a song, name the song) and the next line segment (band plays part of a song then suddenly stops. Write down the next line of the song).

Another highlight of the shows has been the guest appearance of local singers during the trivia part of the night. A “who am I?” style question is read out, not counting for points, and as the crowd eventually shout out the name the guest is invited on stage to sing with the band. Local music legends such as Rod Barrow, John Lineen and Jamie McGuane (also a superb live theatre performer) have graced the stage, while young vocalist Katie Learey, part of acoustic duo ‘Envy’, put in rousing renditions of “Run to Paradise” at both 80’s shows.

Apart from the winning table’s charity, the Colac Football Club also does well out of the nights. The attendees are mostly 30 years and over, enjoying a night out with a form of entertainment not always available in a country  town. They are usually well lubricated and packing the dance floor when Jack High takes the stage after the trivia part of the night is over. Here is Jack High, with the great voice of Madeline Angus on lead vocals, doing the Divinyls classic song ‘Boys in Town’ in front of a packed dance floor.

The Jack High setlist for the 80’s Rock Triv shows:

Working For The Weekned

Dancing In The Dark

Counting The Beat

New Sensation

Funky Music

What’s My Scene

Jesse’s Girl

You Give Love A Bad Name

Don’t Bring Me Down

Out Of Mind Out Of Sight

Bad Case Of Loving You

I Love Rock n Roll


Boys In Town

Bow River

Brown Sugar


Summer Of ’69

A fantastic weekend of 80’s Rock Triv shows. Well supported, the crowds were wonderful, donating over $2300, dressing up and letting their hair down. Good times.

Plenty of rehearsal goes into these shows. Here’s a clip of the great band Jack High on a typical Wednesday night session-

Of course shows like this wouldn’t work without a great support crew. James and Jeremy on video. Pete selling raffle tickets. Narelle taking photos and correcting answer sheets with Poppy, Judy and Colleen. The same Colleen, wife of Dean, who writes the show as well. Does promotion. Sets up and cleans up. Brings the band members beers at rehearsal. She’s as big a part as anyone in this. The heart and soul of Rock Triv.

The show gets bigger. Cobden, Colac and South Colac Football Clubs have booked us for private club shows. As has the Birregurra community. The next show of our own will be Christmas themed shows in December. Raising money for charities and sporting clubs is great. And so is having fun. Rock Triv is a blast. Hope it continues for a long time to come.


The Rock Triv Crew

Back: Dean Reynolds, Peter Taylor,Peter McCrickard,Narelle Harty,Poppy Barry,Madeline Angus

Centre: Jeremy Alsop, James Alsop, Judy McCrickard, Colleen Reynolds,Nathan Bennett, Luke Reynolds

Front: Todd Angus


About Luke Reynolds

Cricket and Collingwood tragic. Twitter: @crackers134


  1. I love the black and white diagonal striped jacket Luke.
    Auditioning to succeed Joffa’s gold jacket at Collingwood?
    I think you had better lose the eye shadow and mascara if you want to make it with the Cheer Squad.
    Great initiative. So much talent and creativity in your community. Well played all.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    What a superb idea ! Well played Luke good on you and the rest of the crew !

  3. This would have to be the BEST article ever on The Almanac site ….it’s got pics and videos attached ! Who couldn’t resist two blokes in lycra and makeup !
    Should have backed Poltergeist @ 26/1 eh Luke…sorry I didn’t tip you into the old grey mare. Great work Oggy.

  4. Dean – how did you get on in the mounting yard with your Gene SImmons gear on? Talk about not scaring the horses.
    Great stuff fellas.

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Peter- The jacket might be an option for Joffa if the AFL make it mandatory to have an alternate/away jacket. The eye make up not real easy to wash off…not a good look when taking my 6 year old to Auskick on the Sunday morning of that weekend.

    Thanks Malcolm. It’s a lot of fun.

    Dean- knew I’d have to put in pics and videos or you wouldn’t have read it. Yeah Poltergeist, your words were “not worth backing today. I’ll tell you when we will win”. So I didn’t. I was the only person related to you who didn’t walk out that day with a big wad of cash.

  6. Ah Peter, had the strapper doing the horse duties and the colleen putting the bet on !
    Lukes is right I didn’t tip him on the horse, shows you how good of a trainer i was, but that win was one of the best feelings you could ever have with your pants on!!!! [owning and training a winner was fantastic] even opened our one and only bottle of grange that night.The rocktriv show comes a close second, just seeing so many people enjoying themselves at a show that the whole team has worked so hard on for 3 months.Thanks guys for your encouragement and positivity.

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Heard from Renegade’s lawyers yet Luke?

  8. mickey randall says

    Good work Luke. Love the Chisel lines as introductions. I think you should reference Skyhooks at the next gig. Well done.

  9. Excellent, Luke.

  10. Luke Reynolds says

    Ha not yet Swish. Lucky we made the name so completely different so as to avoid confusion…

    Thanks Mickey and Smokie.

    Mickey, did Skyhooks intros for our 70’s show last year. Went something like this-
    “this man grew up in the 70’s eating fake food under plastic trees. Now he needs another pill to calm him down, on bass Dean Reynolds!” “Sitting up the back like a horror movie right there on my TV, on the drums, Peter Taylor” “If he did not have an ego he would not be here tonight, on vocals and guitar, Todd Angus” “Jack High need to write a few Million Dollar Riffs to pay her wage, on vocals, Madeline Angus” ” we just like him because he’s good in bed, on guitar and vocals, Nathan Bennett”.

  11. Ann B Davis from The Brady Bunch died earlier this week, and in a fit of nostalgia, I hired out the 2 movie remakes from the 90’s. If anyone’s not seen them, they’re bloody funny films and as a good job of remaking a TV show into a movie as there’s been. At the end of the first film, the Brady’s save their house from being sold by the state over unpaid land taxes, and there’s this uber cheesy scene where this cop (played by Poppy from Seinfeld, by the way!) say’s, “This is the kind of neighborhood I want to live in.” Luke, I hark this: “Yours is the neighborhood I want to live in.” Great work mate by you and the Pomborneit folk and thanks for the entertaining read.

  12. Great work on the Skyhooks lines Luke. Well chosen. As iconic as Living in the 70’s is, I prefer Ego. But their first three albums are excellent. Thanks.

  13. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Mickey – not a big rap for “Hot For The Orient”?

    Luke – does Pomborneit have a cinema that you can slip into ?

    Kudos all round.

  14. Great effort, glad to see Counting the Beat on the play list


  15. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks T Bone. Will keep an eye on some Pomborneit real estate for you! Most of the Rock Triv crew are actually from Colac.

    Cheers Mickey. It’s Living in the 70’s for me. Just. Really like Guilty Until Proven Insane as much as the first three too.

    Swish, no cinema in Pomborneit, there is one in Colac. Not sure if they still sell twisties….

    Thanks Sean. Jack High play Counting the Beat very, very well.

  16. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Luke – The Swingers – your favourite Split Enz offshoot?

  17. Luke Reynolds says

    Swish- Crowded House number 1 SE offshoot by a mile.
    The Swingers album is good, liked Phil Judd’s later band Schnell Fenster (also contained Noel Crombie and Nigel Briggs from SE) a bit more, two really good albums. That weren’t successful at all.

  18. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Schnell Fenster were better than The Makers, who I had the misfortune to see in concert supporting (I think) the B52s around 1990.

  19. Luke Reynolds says

    Yeah not a huge fan of The Makers work.

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