Robin Williams on golf

Robin Williams on golf:





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  1. Robin Williams on cricket: ” It is baseball on valium”.

  2. Robin Williams as Elmer Fudd singing Bruce Springsteen’s Fire. Funny as.

  3. Mrs. Doubtfire: Oh I’m sorry, am I being a little graphic? I’m sorry. Well, I hope you’re up for a little competition. She’s got a power tool in the bedroom, dear. It’s her own personal jackhammer. She could break sidewalk with that thing. She uses it and the lights dim, it’s like a prison movie. Amazed she hasn’t chipped her teeth.

  4. MUST say Harmsy I could never warm to Williams.
    Sad to hear he self-destructed, however. That’s always a sad tale.
    His constant evocation of silly voices turned me right off him. Did he do those becoz he was a short-arse?
    My old mam a Welshman always warned: ‘Be wary Richard of short men (they have to be loud to even get noticed), those who don’t like children or dogs, and especially those who don’t shine thief shoes’.
    This last one pertinent in the Fifties when leather shoes were about all you could get. Father, mind you, as a Welshman was NO giant. Five feet ten saw him out.
    Nevertheless on reflection, Williams was OK in Good Morning, Vietnam.

  5. Gregor Lewis says

    Enjoyed many of his movies JTH.

    But the links below are what I loved best.

    -From the Parkinson Show around the turn of this century. ABC may still have FTA Rights. I think this episode which also had Stephen Fry as a guest is a comprehensive as well as a poignant tribute to all aspects of the man & the performer.


    Don’t be afraid …


  6. Real person. Mental illness.

    When teaching I loved Dead Poets Society. Still love the “seize the day” message.

    About 3 lifetimes ago, a young lady I was “courting” invited me into her bedroom. It was my one and only visit. Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall posters of Robin Williams.
    Couldn’t compete.
    Bowed out gracefully.

  7. sean gorman says

    Piece of Piss – I will see you and raise you – RIP RW.

  8. Not so much a tortured genius, as tortured by his own staggering genius.
    “The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”
    How do you still a mind that won’t stop? With meditation that is a constant effort, and tames your greatest gift along with your greatest curse?
    Or alcohol in volumes proportionate to the frenzy stilled?
    Loathing the ‘gift’ of genius and detesting the inability to control it.
    When I went looking for a personal analogy to RW I could only come up with Mozart. A mind that constantly hummed with voices that no one else heard. And no matter how quickly you wrote it down or expressed it, the flow came double. Truly a ‘cut and come again pudding’.
    I loved the early comic monologues, and on the screen the quiet thoughtful roles like “Dead Poets” and “Good Will Hunting”.
    But above all I loved “The Fisher King” where he and Jeff Bridges played Terry Gilliam’s (tortured all) modern version of the Arthurian legend. Robin the sad fool to the beleaguered king. In the end naïve kindness saves the blighted king.
    If only he could have followed the script for longer.
    Vale’ Robin.

  9. DBalassone says

    ‘The Fisher King’ was the one I was going to mention as well. As much as I liked Mork, DPS and Doubtfire, I always thought that character he played in ‘the Fisher KIng’ epitomised the real Robin Williams more than any other character.

  10. Robin Williams and Stephen Fry on Parkinson, around 2002, a classic.

    And remember The World According to Garp? Another classic.

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