Riverina, and Red and Whites

In the last few years, fellow Almanacker Craig Dodson and I have picked teams of players from around Wagga and adjacent areas. This is similar, but with a bit of a variation.  This is a team of players drawn from the Riverina, in the area between the Murray River and what the late, great, Ian Turner called the Barassi line, up past Wagga. Some of these players are from towns like Albury, Berrigan, and Corowa, all of which are footy oriented – footy as in what is now called AFL. Others are from further north, from locations like Ariah Park and Leeton, which are primarily rugby territory.

What these players have in common is that they all wore the Red and White, some playing for South Melbourne, others for the club which usurped their role, Sydney; some for both.

Who have I left out, what positions would some of these players be better suited to ?

B:   R. Gleeson,   L. Barry,   M. Kruse

HB:   J. Pitura,   C. Nettlebeck,   G. Lambert

C:   D. Murphy,   P. Kelly,   G. Smith

HF:   P. Hawke,  J. Prentice,  A. Schneider

F:   J. Mooney, N. Miller, C. Hounsell

Foll:   F. Way,   R. Quade,  B. Kirk

Interchange/Emergencies: R. Coelli, T. Obsudzynski, A. Chillcott, M. Phyland, B. Seymour




  1. Keiran Croker says

    Great team Glen. At first look I’d swap Lambert & Gleeson, though that’s a minor change.
    I’ll get the thinking cap on re any other players. Great to see Ted O. on the bench.
    What about Hilton Kotzer?

  2. Ta Keiran, after our recent visit to the Royal Hotel in Grong Grong, how could i not include Tad !

    I forgot Hilton Kotzur. Leeton ?


  3. craig dodson says

    Good work Glen – tough task..

    Fow what its worth I’d say Seymour should get a run in the starting side.. 10 year player with the Swans in some handy teams (my Wagga Bias coming out!)

    Dennis Carroll into Centre Half Back

  4. Geoff Nixon says

    I like D Carroll at CHB. I would also put Brett Scott (not sure of his original club but most def the Riverina), a handy left footer in the mix for selection. Bernie Evans from Grong Matong surely would have to be considered.


  5. Good point Craig. How did i forget the Carrol cousins !?!


  6. Dr Rocket says

    Good work selectors!

    A couple of comments:

    Chooka Chilcott was from Dapto in Wollongong – fair bit north of the Barassi Line.

    Hilton Kotzur was from Walla.

    Good to see some of my all-time faves in the team – Smithie, Jimmy Prentice, and Blossom Hounsell.

    Of course, Ants Daniher is also eligible!

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Greg Smith went alright for Centrals too

  8. Keiran Croker says

    Terry Daniher is also eligible. And what about Wayne (Christmas) Carroll? He was a fabulous high mark!

    Bernie Evans was from Port Melbourne?

  9. Skip of Skipton says

    I’d have A. Daniher ahead of Nettlebeck.

  10. Keiran Croker says

    And I’d add Terry O’Neill into the defence or on the bench.

  11. Goodness, how did i forget the two Danihers ? My excuse/reason/copout is that i have never been to Ungarie. The closest ii’ve been to there is Ardlethan.

    Terry O’Neill from Narrandera, he also played for us @ Port Melbourne, so i should never have left him out. Bernie Evans was always a Port boy, never from the Riverina.

    Wayne Carrol is another i should never have forgotten, seeing him on track in Corowa, and other race courses in the Riverina

    Sorry Dr Rocket, but i was of the opinion Mr Chilcott was a Riverina boy.


  12. Martin Croker says

    How come everyone has forgotten Dan McPherson from Grong Grong Matong. 111 games including the 1996 Grand Final.

    Also Leon Higgins from Tocumwal should be counted as being North of the Murray. 121 games.

    Keiran’s Brother.

  13. Yes Martin, Tocumwal is over the border, not too far from Berrigan, Fred Ways home town, and a pleasnt hours drive west of Corowa, home of Greg Lambert.


  14. Michael C says

    It was Wayne Evans (not Bernie) who was from Grong Grong Matong – 11 games in 1977, but probably not worthy of this side.

    Also a shame that Victor Hugo from Narrandera didn’t play more than his 2 games in 1980!

    Brett Scott was from The Rock – Yerong Creek.

    Can we count John Longmire as coach, given that he is from Corowa, on the basis that he has coached the red and white?

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