Richo and a word of “encouragement” – a story to lift the spirits in troubling times

Given the uncertain nature of what is happening to sport around the world I thought I’d put together a series of magic moments that I have witnessed and made me chuckle or laugh out loud over my life’s journey…


So here goes…. it’s 2002 and the Tigers were playing a practice match in Brisbane before the season kicked off – it was in Brisbane at the famous Coorparoo ground where the Brisbane Lions used to train ( home of the Coorparoo Blues football team that were QAFL legends in their time).


It was before the season proper so there was a decent but not huge crowd at the game played in bright sunshine and there was unlimited interchange. “Spud” Frawley (gosh what a tragic loss to the game he is) was the coach of the mighty Tiges and “Buddha” as I heard Lethal Leigh referred to by some of the crowd was coaching the Maroon Gold and Blue juggernaut to be.


I sat with all the Tiger fans at the Carindale road end of the ground – the southern end of the ground and we enjoyed a free-flowing game I can’t remember who won because of the magic moment. Our mighty number 12 took a grab on the fifty hard against the boundary line played on a kicked a beauty on the run from about 45m we all went berserk and cheered on Richo. Three minutes later he took at hanger 15 m out straight in front and missed the goal by a mile – it was vintage Richo all right, but the best was yet to come!!


At the change of quarters the crowd was allowed out on to the ground to hear the coaches do their thing – so all of us yellow and black faithful wandered over the hear words of wisdom from Frawley – we were listening to his words of advice when this old bloke complete with a dressing gown style duffle coat you would have seen in the 70s in Melbourne covered in badges including as I remember Bartlett, Roach and Weightman all the usual suspects … suddenly stops Spud in his tracks and says “Can I have a word to Richo?” before Spud could reply he blurts out with emotion emitting from every pore of his body


He yelled in exasperation right in front of Richo looking him straight in the eye “I have one question for you ? How do spell …..consistency?


Richo had no where to look and just stood there and copped it sweet …


All the players laughed, and the supporters just joined in – Spud said, “Did you hear that Richo? Couldn’t have put it better myself


It was a pure rolled gold moment Ill never forget!!!


Well done Richo!


Some thing to lift our spirits in these testing times.


By the way do yourself a favour and watch our fearless editor John just saying it like it is on the Offsiders show from this week. Well done mate couldn’t have said it better myself – a shout out to all our medical people who need our care and support in this time. Even being here in remote Canada there’s all kinds of concerns … if you want a lift away from all the drama just check out my website or follow my Instagram at rmarlow63



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About Richard Marlow

a humble middle-years teacher in a “middle of the road” private school in Brisbane having being a pastor, a youth worker, a school chaplain, a bank johnnie – 3 different banks, worked in Jails, driven a cab and been in bands amongst other things.


  1. Colin Ritchie says

    There always seems to be one in every crowd, the supporter with the very droll comment that just hits the spot perfectly, and raises a smile.

  2. Earl O'Neill says

    Richo was a great player to watch, one of my favourites. Sitting behind the goals at the SCG w Dad one night, the locals were mouthing off at him and Dad said “Look at him, he could snap these mugs in half with his little finger.”

  3. Terry Riordan says

    I remember Cooparoo a beautiful suburban football ground l think the local team still plays out of there but they are probably in the lower grades these days !!

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