Retirements, Delistings, Trades: Don’t Dream. It’s Over

This page is updated continuously at this time of the year. The above is a snapshot from this morning.

It acts as the scoreboard, a window into the stories behind the hopes and dreams of scores of AFL listed players.

Some of these, such as Thompson, Mackie, Lonergan, N Riewoldt, Boyd and Murphy have reached the end of long, fruitful careers, punctuated with personal success and heartbreak that longevity brings.

Watson, Mitchell and Priddis would have different perspectives on their Brownlow Medal experiences.

Sam Gibson was in the Kangas’ best 22 for the past 130 games, but not their next.

Menzel, Gorringe, Jaksch, Sumner, Talia and Grant are in the group of players here who’ve already been tried at two clubs. Will any of them nominate for the draft? (Is the pre-season draft still a thing?)

At the other end of the spectrum, if it wasn’t for this page, who would have known that Blake Grewar,  Matthew Uebergang or Liam Hulett were even on an AFL list?

I’ve barely scratched the surface here.

What say you about this roll call of departures? Who will you miss? Who won’t you miss? Who’s next?

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  1. Stone Cold Steve Baker says

    There’s a lot of hard luck stories in this list, but Steven Morris’ delisting from Richmond is definitely one that stands out to me.

    Genuinely looked like a 150/200-game player until he wrecked his knee (circa 2015 if memory serves?).

    Another in a long list of “what if” careers.

    Brent Stanton is now a player development coach with Carlton. Good news for outside receivers at Cardboard Park looking to get those extra six utterly useless possessions. (harsh, I know, but let’s be honest: Getting the footy is something Stanton mastered, but what he did with it when he got it was one of footy’s great crap-shoots)

  2. Tristan Tweedie (Western Bulldogs)? There’s a handle that screams, “Give a big Tamworth welcome to Tristan Tweedie!”

  3. North selected Lachie Hansen ahead of Joel Selwood.
    I will never forget that fact.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    What would many of us give for Jack Fitzpatrick’s five minutes of fame? Sadly, he’ll probably never be able to play at any level again.

  5. Often think about the guys on this list who go back to state league to have one last crack at getting drafted, Swish. For most of them the end of their AFL career is not even a clean cut, rather a slow fading of hope. It’s a brutal business at times, this one.

  6. george smith says

    Lachlan Keefe. This lucky lad achieved what Tuddenham, Carman and Des Fothergil failed to do – he played in a Collingwood premiership side, albeit the NAB Cup variety in 2011.

    And what a night of glory it was – Michael Tuck Medalist Heath Shaw, magical goals from Andrew Krakouer and old fox mick Malthouse putting whippersnapper coach James Hird in his place.

    And for those who say it don’t matter, remember those sad stories of long retired and forgotten footballers going to the memorabilia store to buy their Scanlen’s footy card, the only memory left.

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Dave/Bakes, that’s pretty much was Steven Morris did, going across to Westies before finally getting picked up by Richmond, but it doesn’t seem to happen much these days.

    I’d made mention of Keeffe in an earlier draft George, but forgot to include him when I fixed it up. I’m sure he’d have a story to tell about regrettable off-season decisions.

    Well spotted Mickie, please accept this used plectrum as your prize.

    North couldn’t have afforded Selwood’s elastoplast bill anyway Smokie. Bullet dodged.

  8. Ben Footner says

    Really disappointed that Troy Menzel didn’t work out, both for him and for Adelaide. He clearly has immense talent, but perhaps not the motivation to fully realise it.

  9. I think you’ll see the Geelong list expand in coming days/weeks.

  10. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    George, great memories for Krak and Keefe re:2011 Pre-Season Flag. Keefe just didn’t have enough pace. Turned like the Titanic.
    Swish, how many games of experience have the Weagles lost ? Sheesh.

  11. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Interesting point about WC Phil, although many of those games were played at other clubs, so it’s hard to judge whether they would have been better off getting games into the kids.

    Jack Trengove is another unique tale. Captain at a young age, cast aside at what should have been his peak. He seems very grounded though, he seems like someone that you’d want on your side, footy or otherwise.

    The above page also has links to the previous years. Geez, there’s more turnover than [insert your favourite whipping boy here] once the season is wrapped up.

  12. Peter Warrington says

    for me the Taylor Hunt out is the cherry on top.

    Maric has been “good around the club” and so earns the glow of wider Premiership glory

    I always reckoned Morris was a poor man’s version of his dad, but nobody could ever doubt his commitment, remember his herculean effort to smother and contest whilst his knee was literally exploding? just his luck to be out of favour when in reality Castagna and Butler didn’t do much more. it’s a cruel game. however I think silky smooth Menadue and C Ellis and Markov have greater cause for unhappiness.

    Elton. Big. that’s it.

    our list is perfectly poised, nobody over 30 in the GF team. just like Collingwood in 2010… oops!

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