Representative footy returns to North Hobart Oval as the NWFL beat the SFL

Due to there not being any TSL (Tasmanian State League) and SFL (Southern Football League) this week because of rep games both Leagues were associated with, I was given the week off from umpiring. So with that being the case I took the opportunity on this Saturday afternoon to go and watch some local footy. I decided to go and watch the SFL rep side take on a NWFL rep side at the historic North Hobart Oval. It was the first time in a while that a rep game had been at North Hobart Oval and it was being built up as the battle for Regional supremacy in Tasmanian footy. As I got to the ground the SFL U/18s v NWFL U/18s was just finishing with the NWFL in front by 10 and looking the stronger side, they ended up winning by 17 points.

When the seniors got underway there was a nice crowd at North Hobart, it was the NWFL with the first goal of the game and SFL responded quickly but only could manage a couple of behinds. It was tight early going with both sides unable to get an advantage. It wasn’t until the 19th minute of the quarter that there was another goal, which was kicked by NWFL whose lead was out to 12. The SFL quickly responded, however, with a goal, their first of the game. Then in the space of a minute the NWFL goaled, in the space of 5-6 min there was 4 goals and the margin was only six points and the game started to open up. When you thought that all she wrote for the quarter the NWFL goaled after some nice play and got the margin out to 12. After an entertaining first quarter it was the NWFL by 12, it was 4.3 to 2.3 and looking the better side at this point of the game.

The Second quarter began and it was the SFL who got the first of the second and a SFL supporter blew a vuvuzela (weird for a AFL match I know) in support and he went off again as there was a nice goal from the SFL they were in front by a point early in the second. NWFL responded quickly and they got back in front, it was a tight contest which was good to see. After some mistakes and a silly free kick being given away right in front the NWFL goaled and got a mini break on the SFL. The NWFL was looking the better team, more cohesive. The SFL needed a goal and they were able to get one, got the margin to 3 points, which is surprising considering how much the NWFL was dominating. The NWFL however, got two quick goals after a couple of behinds and the margin was out to 17, it was danger signs for the SFL. They were making silly mistakes due to the NWFL pressure. The NWFL were playing well and had full control of the game and through another good passage of play they kicked another and the margin was out to 24 points. The half time siren went and it was a great first half by the NWFL, they were in complete control and looking good to win this game and win it well. From the SFL team’s point of view they needed to play a lot better and come out firing in the third otherwise this game at this point of the match could have been over quickly in the second half. It was 9.7 to 5.8.

The third quarter got underway with the rain continuing to fall, it was clear the SFL needed the first goal or two as with the rain it would become harder to score. It was the NWFL however, who got the first if the quarter and the margin was out to 30 points, a tough ask for the SFL. The NWFL started to get on top and had the SFL stuck in their back half. After a string of behinds the NWFL goaled and the margin was 37 points, it was still doable for the SFL but unlikely as the NWFL were playing well and in complete control. After 15 min of tight football the SFL side got a goal and there was a glimmer of hope. As the quarter went on and the SFL weren’t making any inroads it was became less likely that there was going to be a comeback. The third quarter siren went and the NWFL had increased their margin by 7 from half time (30 points) and unless something miraculously changed the NWFL were going to win.

As the last quarter got underway and the NWFL almost having the game in the bag it was interesting to see how both teams approached the last term. If the SFL had any chance they need to get the first two/ three of the term and quickly. They got two goals very quickly and all of a sudden it was 18 points and still a lot of time left. The SFL started to get on top and it was the NWFL who looked constantly under pressure. The SFL goal again and it was back to 11 and still a lot of time left. After a solid period of tough/ contested footy it was the NWFL who goaled and with that goal got the margin to 19 points, it was game over as there wasn’t a lot of time left, they goaled again to put some icing on the cake. the siren went soon after and the NWFL had won by 24 points in what was a good game of footy.

It was a rare chance for me to go and watch local footy on a Saturday due to umpiring most weeks. It was a good game of footy and for most of the game it was the NWFL who played the better footy and definitely deserved to win the game.

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