Redemption on the Big Stage

Swans v Saints
Sunday August 25: 4:20pm
Skoda Stadium

Beautiful almost summer day as we made our way to Skoda, sun shining, no breeze to speak of, the young man a bundle of nerves and excitement. In the corresponding fixture last year against the Wollondilly Redbacks, a young Penrith Swans team were soundly beaten and there was redemption to be had today.

The Hawkesbury Saints may have outnumbered the young swans outfit 9-8 but in the end the extra number mattered little. It was clear from the opening ball-up, tapped beautifully to advantage by Liam to Ryan, that the Swans were on.

Up forward young Xavier was on fire kicking the first two and in the blink of an eye it was 4:2 to 0:1 with Ashton streaming down the wing, running his full measure (and maybe a little more) then centering it to the top of the “square” for Kingston to snap truly. Liam’s follow up goal was a particularly beautiful running goal and long bomb out of the centre.

At this point the umpire (it’s always the umpires) took the executive decision to move the centre ball-up to the Hawkesbury forward line and it worked, they kicked the next two.

The two Laurens down back just couldn’t seem to get into the game with only a single touch between them. But what a touch. The Other Lauren extracted the ball from the bottom of a pack and then bombed it long, straight into the arms of Xavier who banged through his third. Marking isn’t one of this team’s strong points, but Xavier’s was a beauty, and there were a couple of others taken that pleased the 12,000 strong crowd (well, those watching our patch at any rate).

I know that Auskickers aren’t supposed to tackle, they’re not taught to tackle. Consequently, the Swans ended up giving three or four free kicks away with some fierce close checking of their opponents. Just another sign as to the level of commitment they were showing. Liam and Kingston the main offenders.

The last goal for the Swans was another beautiful piece of teamwork, started by Ryan in the back half, a dodgy handball to Christian, who’s dad comes from a Gaelic Football background, down the outer wing and when he’d run his full measure, not trusting himself to bounce he touched it on the ground like a seasoned professional, then centered it to Ashton for the score.

In the end redemption was had, the Swans triumphing 6:3 to 2:1. I know scores aren’t kept on these things, but let me just say, that every single one of the team knew the final score and who had kicked the goals.

As for that other game that took place either side of the main event…. Well the less said about that the better.

Penrith Swans: 6:3 (39)
Hawkesbury Saints 2:1 (13)

Goal kickers:
Penrith: Xavier 3, Liam, Kingston, Ashton
Hawkesbury: no idea, sorry.

Penrith: Xavier, Liam, Ashton, Kingston, Christian, Lauren, Lauren, Ryan.
Hawkesbury: The blond headed one, the dark haired one and the little kid up forward.

Votes: 3: Xavier, 2: Liam, 1: Ashton.

Official Crowd: 12,314

or the view from on the field….

My team, the Penrith Swans, kicked the first goal. Xavier kicked 3 goals and Kingston kicked a couple of goals. Ashton had a very good time in the ruck. I kicked a goal out of the centre and my team won.

I recognised a boy from the Hawkesbury saints who was with us at the club night at Blacktown when I played with some of the Giants.

My team and I had a really good time.

Liam Duffy

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