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…….I can’t help but think of things taking place in the world around us at the moment…things that are just too terrible, and too sad to understand……

things just too unfathomable ……… be it politics, be it footy, be it Joe Hockey’s book launch…….be it anything really…….that it makes much of our own domestic situations…….seem so insignificant.

… trivial as these things may seem though, I suspect, it is these smaller acts of mundanity, the minutiae of daily life, that in the end becomes the glue that holds things together.

Our local under 9’s will hit the mud at Albert Park this Sunday for the season windup, the Under 9 NAB Lightning Carnival.

Excitement and anticipation await.

Go Bears.

image: Two Boys

brush pen and ink wash sketch


  1. Glorious Kate.
    Somehow “brush, pen and ink wash” made me think of the cleaning instructions for the boys and their footy togs after the Albert Park mud, more than a painting technique.
    Do young footballers still wear ‘togs’?

  2. PB – I’m wondering whether the question is do people still use the word “Togs”? Maybe I have just been away for too long and my vernacular has changed too much.

    Lovely little piece Kate and as always a beautiful sketch. Good luck for the Carnival!

  3. Peter

    Togs….?… No

    Footy Gear, Footy Stuff but not Togs

    I’ll try it tonight before training and see what reaction I get.

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