Rebels with a cause – Round eight of the YVMDFL between Alexandra and Kinglake,

If opposition teams didn’t know any better, their away trip to Alexandra in division two of Victoria’s Yarra Valley Mountain District League, would have them quaking in their boots. The team from north-east Victoria are known as the ‘Rebels’.  After visiting the scenic ground to watch them take on Kinglake recently; I’m pretty sure they’re not made up of members from the infamous bikie gang.

They could however, be big James Dean fans, although this mob did have a cause, unlike the movie that the aforementioned legendary actor starred in. The Rebels were just inside the top five and needed a win over the ‘Lakers’ to give them a cushion heading into the second half of the season.

Both sides were coming off losses the round before and the travelling Kinglake needed to stay in touch with the sides above them. Despite the sun’s non appearance for the day conditions were good for footy. A vocal crowd of around 500 lined the boundary, some reversing their cars up to the fence and popping the tail to maximise seating.

The customary ‘fire in the home-made drum between two cars’ job took place in the pocket at the northern end. Next to it stood the scoreboard where volunteers yelled encouragement for the home side during the match in-between kick-to-kick in the breaks.

The canteen, manned by the local netballers, ran smoothly like a well oiled half-back-flanker dashing out of defence, Sherrin tucked under arm. The siren however, perhaps not as smooth, sounding more like a divvy-van from an episode of Homicide.

Alexandra began well and had a strong target up forward in Michael Bretherton. Bretherton was marking everything causing major headaches for the Kinglake defenders. Tallish mid-fielder Bart Wallace looks a likely type for the Rebels and gathered possessions at will. Ruckman Damien Toomey was feeding his smaller teammates around him like a granny on Sundays when visited by the family.

Alexandra got on top quickly. At half-time they had opened up a six goal lead. In a low scoring affair a Kinglake comeback seemed a long way off. They were getting their hands on the ball but their skills were down and delivery into the forward line left a lot to be desired.

Lakers rover and league representative, Matthew Thomas, tried valiantly as did nude-nut Damien Pywell who looked a live-wire around the sticks. Lanky utility Travis Pottenger, who was doing his best to keep up with Richmond’s Ivan Maric in the mullet stakes, kept at it all day but it was left to too few for Kinglake.

Consecutive goals in the third term gave Lakers fans a glimmer of hope. Those perched out the back of vehicles on the outer flank found voice whilst reaching for another can. But it was all to no avail as Alexandra outscored Kinglake in the final term to run out 41 point winners: 15.13.103 to 9.8.62.

The Rebels had cemented their spot in the top five. James Dean would be happy.

About Shane Goss

I am currently working as an assistant manager at the Kilmore Racetrack as well as freelancing in the media as a photographer and writer. I have been heavily involved in the cycling media for the past ten years before taking on a full-time position at the racetrack. My passion for sport and especially football keeps me busy with projects on weekends.


  1. Great report- another convert to Country footy ? There is nothing like a day at the footy in the “bush”

  2. Thanks David. Your dead right too. I love going to country footy. I love going to the ‘G’ and watching the Hawks too but travelling around each week and seeing different competitions and grounds is really enjoyable.

  3. Shane,

    I understand that you haven’t really been to a game at Kinglake, until you’ve been there on a day when the fog didn’t lift. I’ve been to a non-football function at the ground on such a day, and it’s certainly a (non-) sight to behold. There’s a very funny account of a match between LaTrobe Uni Reserves and Kinglake in the Ross Fitzgerald/Ken Spillman book “The Greatest Game”, which occurred in just those conditions.

  4. Ah yes, a foggy oval, i can remember kicking the dew of the ground in the twos years ago whilst playing in Tassie and quite a few grounds we played on were smothered in fog back then. There is a great photo with Carlton’s Geoff Southby and his Fitzroy opponent whose name escapes me for the minute. The clash was at the Junction oval and both players are waiting at one end of the ground for some action. Of course they couldn’t see anything so all they could do was listen for the thump of the ball on the boot and for teammates calls. Imagine being a spectator in the stands? Hopefully one day soon i can make it out to Kinglake.

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