Round 20 – Richmond v Collingwood: Richmond upset Collingwood as Pendlebury goes down

Well that was unexpected.

After a week of turmoil and stress, Richmond have managed to emerge victorious over heavy favourites Collingwood. It was good to see Dusty Martin celebrated his 150 with a win – and a haka. Richmond were lucky but they put away the Pies. Not only were Collingwood tipped by 89% of people on the AFL tipping website they were also 25 points up halfway through the first quarter. Luckily my Tigers fought back but a ridiculous banana from Travis Cloke on the siren put the Pies up by 14 at the first break. I thought that the umpiring the the first quarter was a bit questionable to say the least as Collingwood booted three goals from free kicks. Mature aged recruit Adam Marcon scored his first goal in the yellow and black as well as ex Port Adelaide player Andrew Moore. The second quarter was interesting to say the least but 3 goals from Vickery, Grigg, and Jack put us in front before a ducked tackle from Ben Crocker of Collingwood tied things up before youngster Nathan Drummond kicked only his second goal to put us up by six points at the long break. Ironically we scored double our score from the whole game against GWS last week. The first half was a tight contest and had its highlights but the second was going to be a exciting roller coaster but I hoped it didn’t end like the last game against Collingwood!

The second half started with a controversial holding the ball free kick in Collingwood’s 50 which Varcoe converted a goal from. 7 behinds followed including 1 soda which young Danny Rioli really should of put away but finally Jack and Dusty soothed the Tigers nerves with two late goals to put Richmond up by 12 heading into the 3 quarter time. The game was set up for a doozy of a last quarter.

The final quarter was set up to be adrenaline pumping and exciting and the Pies got the first 2 courtesy of a classic goal out the back from Scotty Pendlebury and a goal 40 out straight in front from Jesse White to put the Magpies up by a point at the five minute mark. The ball went deep into our forward line and there was a stoppage at the top of Richmond’s goal square before suddenly like a man being chased by a wild goose, Daniel Rioli burst out and slammed a goal home from point blank range. We were in front by a goal before when the last quarter was 11 minutes in, Pendlebury hurt his ankle. This was a game changer. He immediately went down to the rooms but it didn’t look good for him or the team. But James Aish wasn’t going to give the game away and he took a mark at the top of the goal square, played on and kick a goal. All tied up with 10 minutes to go. Collingwood had two chances and missed them both. Treloar’s shot was touched on the line by Hampson and Howe missed a easy shot on the run. Collingwood up by 2 heading into time on. It was set up for a thrilling end which was reinforced when Brandon Ellis of the Tigers nailed a easy set shot before Collingwood missed AGAIN this time with Jesse White missing a miracle goal by not much at all. 3 Points the difference to Richmond. Suddenly Dusty has in our fifty and looks like to kick the most important goal of the match but it wasn’t to be with Sam Lloyd cherry picking what would’ve been a great goal. Jack then sealed the deal with a great snap around the body. The siren sounded on a horror week and a great game. Richmond won by 15 in the end but it was the performances from youngsters like Marcon and Markov as well as Cotchin and Martin in the middle but the star of the game had to be Alex Rance in defence who saved countless goals. Ty Vickery redeemed himself with a 2 goal performance and a good showing What a game and what a rivalry.

RICHMOND 14.8 92

Richmond Rance Martin Riewoldt Marcon Cotchin Markov
Collingwood Crisp Aish Adams Treloar Sidebottom

Richmond 4 Riewoldt 2 Vickery 1 Ellis Martin Rioli Drummond Grigg Lloyd Marcon Moore
Collingwood 2 Aish Cox 1 Cloke Varcoe White Adams Crocker Pendlebury

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  1. Go TIges!

  2. Ollie Grindlay says

    Thanks Peter. Hope we do better next year!

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