Round 18 – Geelong v Adelaide: The Worst Weekend Of Footy

The Worst Weekend Of Footy

Adelaide versus Geelong

7.25pm, Saturday 23 July

Kardinia Park, Geelong

Aidan Hammond, Aged 10


I was tempted not to write this report. It was the worst weekend of footy. What was I thinking last year? I could have written about the best weekend of footy, but I didn’t. So this will have to do I guess. It all started on Friday, I heard in the car that Rory Laird was injured. Then I had a Friday night game for Walkerville when it was freezing. We were home away from home, the person who schedules the match scheduled it wrong so we were playing at Fitzroy, against Hope Valley. To start the match I was playing on the wing. I was in position often because the other person I was playing on was going into the middle. But I kept my formation and they wouldn’t pass to me. We weren’t doing well at all. In the second quarter I was playing on the forward flank and again I was in position but they wouldn’t pass to me. In the last quarter I was playing in defence and the opponent I played on only got 1 goal, he got the goal when I switched opponents. In the last quarter I was playing in the Midfield and I played well. But the team ended up losing by 24 points. They deserved to win by more but they didn’t.


Next it was on Saturday, I didn’t play school football because it was in the holidays but the Crows were on at night time. People had the Crows tipped and so did I. I regretted that in the 2nd half. Rory Sloane is extremely good against the average and bad teams, but sometimes against the good teams, he doesn’t have the best of games. That was tonight. I was nervous pre game when I was having chilli con carne. In the pre-game show I saw the Crows run out and I was nervous  . Geelong at Geelong. The hardest game of the year. I noticed how small Geelong’s pre game desk is. In the end it is not about how small your oval’s pre game desk is, it is about how well your team plays. I wish it was the pre-game desk that matters.


It is a better start then last time, Josh Jenkins goals in under a minute. Josh Jenkins is having a breakthrough year and needs to finish it off in the closing rounds. Then it happens, I was worried about Rhys Stanley because his athleticism is better than Sauce’s but hopefully he would play in the forward line or defence because I didn’t want their ruckman having 30 disposals. Geelong are very blessed with their ruckman, Zac Smith, Rhys Stanley and Marc Blicavs are all really good. So Rhys Stanley gets the runners on and marks the ball and converts with the set shot. Scores level! Nothing else really highlight in the 1st quarter except Eddie Betts’ opportunist goal and Taylor Walker’s miss to cut back the deficit to 5 points even though it could of got scores level. JJ kicks the first goal of the quarter after some behinds for both teams. Josh Jenkins and Daniel Menzel get goals. But the cats are running the show, it’s funny how we won the quarter really.


So at half time it is 1 point the difference until the third quarter starts and it is 5 goals to nil yep, that broke the game open. Hawkins finds form against the Cats and is growing a moustache. Everything is going right for the Cats, even my Cat is happy and it is not a coincidence. In the last term it is quite close and the Cats seem to scrape the final points through. The Cats end up winning every quarter, but it is the premiership quarter that blew the game open. I went to bed disappointed.


The final part of my weekend is the Norwood Redlegs in the SANFL. After having a 3-peat premiership glory from 2012-14, in 2015 they were still big favourites but dropped off at the end of the year and only played 1 finals game. In 2016 the AFL ruined us and we are 2nd to last today. We are playing Glenelg who are 2 spots above us in 7th. The match starts with Norwood dominating, up to 3 quarter time but in the last quarter we got smashed and Willie Rioli kick a goal on the siren to make them win by a goal. There, happy? My worst weekend of football. The Crows play the Dons next week, hopefully it won’t be the worst week of football!


Geelong         4.1     5.6     10.9     12.13    (85)
Adelaide         3.2     5.5     5.10     7.13      (55)


Geelong: Hawkins 4, Menzel 4, Stanley, Guthrie, Cockatoo, McCarthy
Adelaide: Jenkins 3, Lynch 2, Bews, Douglas


Geelong: Enright, Selwood, Bartel, Dangerfield, Menzel, Menegola, Hawkins, Lonergan
Adelaide: M Crouch, B Crouch, Laird, Thompson, Jenkin


Umpires: Bannister, Nicholls, Ryan  Crowd: 21,127


Our Votes: Dangerfield (G) 3, M.Crouch (A) 2, Bartel (G) 1

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    Thanks for sharing Aiden.
    You paint a good picture.
    Keep writing

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