Raving Rulebook No 9




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  1. Mark Duffett says

    Saw most of the SA v WA one-day final at Blundstone. Yes it was good the Redbacks were there, and yes they were competitive, but it was still disappointing to see so many batsmen get good starts and fail to go on, hence they were never in the hunt, at least 50 below par. WA were always going to get the runs in a canter. The real surprise to me was Mitchell Marsh. For all the scratching around at Test level, he looked a class above everyone else that night. Best innings I’ve seen him play.

  2. Raving Rulebook says

    Unfortunately Mark agree with every word

  3. AFL compensation pick is a Freemason second handshake arrangement – pure genius, Malcolm. I think you’ve found your medium on the small screen.

  4. Essendon & Port big winners in the trade period. “Premiership window” now open to all except Brisbane, Nth Melbourne, Gold Coast & Fremantle.

  5. Very much agree with Gibbs being a panic buy, and its a shame Cameron has gone. The speed and ability he had running with the ball was exciting to watch.

  6. Never mind Craig Webster punching above his weight — was there a veiled reference to The Mighty Adelaide Crows punching above their weight in the Ravings this week Rulebook? Could it turn out that the Pride of South Australia is based up at Alberton in Season 2018? You’d certainly have to admit they got the best of the stock movement in Trade Fortnight. Gibbs in and Cameron out? It might suit Bryce, but he’s not Dusty or Dangerman.

  7. Lovely Lisa says

    Time will tell as to wether Gibbs is worth it.

  8. Didn’t have time to listen, but I know it would have been good.

  9. Martin Rumsby says

    Looking and sounding like someone auditioning for a regular radio or TV gig, Rulebook! Very wide coverage of many sports. The Crows will miss Cameron”s outside speed, especially with Brodie Smith being injured for most of the year. Time will tell about the value of the Gibbs deal. The interesting deal is picking up Gibson from NM. Whilst he won’t be a match winner he will probably perform some useful roles and will give some depth to cover the loss of Lever and Cameron.

  10. Raving Rulebook says

    Marc thank you bit of fun.Lachlan totally agree.Campbell imo,Cameron will be a bigger loss than a lot of people realize.Wrap yes personally agree the Power has done v v well at the trade table will be interesting to see how much,Gibbs helps agree totally,LL.TC entertaining as always.Matin thank you,Gibson will be interesting to see how he is used thanks folks

  11. Willow Wilson says

    Good quality rant this week Book.
    Great line on Milera’s tackling prowess, or lack of it!
    I think trading Cameron for a first round pick is a big win. Who provides the tackling pressure up forward?
    Gibbs and Gibson add depth and some class. Laird into midfield, Seedsman to play B Smith role. Gibson to play wing?
    Port definitely traded well but agree that Watts and Motlop are flaky, best is very good, but rarely seen.

  12. Craig Paech says

    Craig Webster?? Thanks for the shout out Rulebook. And as always delivered in your dry humour!!

  13. Luke Reynolds says

    I got home and turned on the Women’s ODI when Gardner went out to bat, fantastic innings that swung the game right back in our favour. Really like how the Women’s Ashes points system works and gives relevance to all three formats. Works in the womens game due to the scarcity of Test matches, wouldn’t like to see that system in place for mens international cricket.

    Your rants and their delivery get better by the week, reckon the glasses give you the look of a younger Mike Sheahan!!

  14. Good call Willow – on the flakiness of Motlop & Watts. Now I’m going to say something here — and I want you to remember where you heard it first, There’s going to be two Coach Hardnose-style turn arounds next season. One is Coach Figjam, who will lift The Pie Chuckers into September. And the other is The Hinch, who will galvanise The Power on the steeling of Motlop & Watts.

  15. Agree with your views on Gibbs and Motlop Rulebook. Loving the sports news report, showcasing the vast knowledge and media talents that you have to offer! Keep up the good work.

  16. Raving Rulebook says

    Willow re providing the tackling pressure is now the great unknown of the Crows line up agree on face value it is a good deal getting choice 12 but as I said it’s a each way bet sell the farm in one case but accept draft choice 12 with the other puzzling wait and see how it goes for all clubs.Thanks Fester and best wishes to you and Megan.Luke agree totally re the points system and thank you bit of fun.
    ( need to learn the advertising side of it as The Rulebook page is getting enough views apparently)
    The Wrap the pies should be doing better with that list and the Power re Dixon doesn’t get the play on call at cat land finish top 4 it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain.Paul thank you greatly appreciated

  17. Black Caviars record is unparalleled however Winx seems to be able to pull herself off the canvas as if she knows where the line is, they are both fantastic horses but Winks gets the nod for me.
    But us Aussies love the horses that come from relative obscurity not the big time money trainers like Moody and Waller, case and point being Takeover Target, Joe Janiak bought the horse for $1,250, didn’t start racing until it was a 4 year old because of leg joint issues, 8 G1 wins and over 6 million in prize money. Great day at Morphettville in 2009 watching him win the Goodwood, sadly he died in a paddock accident a few years ago, this horse has my heart.
    I see the mighty Bombers are playing the Cows first round, bring it on!!!
    Basketball relevant again.
    Aussie cricket girls showing the way.

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