Raving Rulebook No 8

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  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Bonus points for the “Squared” reference ‘Book

  2. Great choice of music there Raving. It’s all right if I call you Raving is it Mr Rulebook? And you look a bit tired. If you need to take a break away from the hugger mugger of Adelaide, I’m heading back up to the West Darling country for the Long Dark Summer. You’re welcome to wet a line and we’ll ping a few bunnies and the odd porker. I’ve got a permanent water hole on the Anabranch pegged out and grow a few veggies. Just contact the Pooncarie Pub and they’ll get word to me that you’re coming. Bring a case of Old Grandad and plenty of OP Bundy will you. The night can get a bit lonely without some help. And some flour, salt & tea. The local store tends to be a bit ambitious with their pricing. Oh, and some jam & sugar if you have a sweet tooth. If you can bring a cassette of the GF we can go over it free by free and work out who should have won. That’ll keep us going until the first siren of 2018 blares across the land.

  3. Martin Rumsby says

    Glad to hear you didn’t spit the dummy, Rulebook! Yes, congratulations to Richmond. They were obviously too good for the Crows on the day. They had a few things go their way (eg Cotchin decision, some umpiring calls), but premiership teams often need a slice of luck. The concept of a two-leg final is an interesting one and would enable more people to see a GF, but it goes against the AFL trend of having a result on the day (no more drawn GFs) rather than coming back next week to witness a potential anti-climax of a game. It would add to the “fairness factor” for interstate teams but is probably redundant in the event of two Melbourne based teams playing off in the GF. If two interstate teams made the GF and one of the games has to be played at the MCG for contractual reasons, where is the second game played? Sorry Rulebook, I don’t see a two-leg GF series being part of the AFL.

  4. Jeff Milton says

    The 2 leg idea would enable more people to see a GF and make if fairer for the non-Victorian teams. Anything that reduces the chances of a Victorian based team winning is not going to happen. After the Bulldogs and Richmond fairytales it will be interesting to see the draws that Melbourne and the Saints get next year. Still I shouldn’t be like that.
    Tigers as premiers will get a tougher draw next year.

  5. Jamie Mason says

    Nice to see the chip on the collective shoulder is still there.
    One of the best parts of Richmond winning is listening and reading the winging,

  6. Mase we have another 352 days of glory basking to be done. I reckon you’ll still hear whinging for that whole time. But at least you have the tyranny of distance to act as a buffer. You should be over here in the goldfish bowl where consensus is everything conspired to rob Adelaide of its premiership. To be fair you have to say that Adelaide fans are well balanced in their views, as they have chips on both shoulders.

  7. Cochin playing, free kick Betts, we cant win so lets change the rules.!!! Geeze, Book you’ve had two weeks to get better and less predictable material. Disappointing that you cant acknowledge the bigger picture here. A Richmond win was a victory for the under dog and should be celebrated in this town as the tall poppy got what was coming to them, a good dose of Roundup. Better still the ambivalent should welcome it as a community service preventing the world being subjected to endless renditions of “here we go camery crow” replaced instead by the best song in the AFL once again assumes its rightful place atop the iTunes charts. I particularly enjoyed the ” we cry as one” humour references but lament that it cant be done without the endless whinging, its seen as stoic to suffer in silence, if not a tad sporting. YELLOW & BLACK !!!!!

  8. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Fair spray Rulebook,
    Thanks for putting the ‘Warning’ sign in place.
    You sat in seat 152 – Add them together and you have the number 8. Stage managed?

    Two leg GF is not a bad idea if the first one is close-ish. Mercy rule after how many points?

  9. Go easy on him Jerk. He looks as though he hasn’t slept for a fortnight trying to iron out those technical difficulties.

    Sorry you missed the GF Raving. I’ve got it on hard drive. I’ll put it on a disc for you. That’ll give you the two legged final series you want — one in Melbourne & the replay on Adelaide.

  10. Thanks Swish,Well played Wrap some good and entertaining lines.Milts and Martin I have always felt that way re just pure fairness and comes back to the interstate sides working far closer together as it still is the vfl.Give it got to take it never had a problem with that,Mase,Jags and Jerk.Phillip no didn’t realize that re seats well done picking that ( was intending to to it from the Coopers box but it was to sunny)
    I no people think gee spat the dummy in that the crows lost may I remind that no I made the stand after the prelim I wait and see whether,Steve Hocking can or attempts to make desperately needed changes for the good of the game which will determine my interest if TK wishes to continue doing the recording I will have to follow the afl comp in general but never again to the extent I have ( unless changes are made ) it’s a personal view and obviously one I feel strongly about

  11. David Butler says

    Not a bad rant rulebook and I agree with most of what you say.(love the setting).I agree completely with your comments on the reporting of trade talk. All day coverage? Give me a break! You lose a bit of credibility as a journalist/commentator yourself not having seen the grand final and then commentating on it though. I bet you did watch it! I went to the game and unfortunately Richmond were just too good in almost every department. Gee the umpiring was awful though; we must get some non Victorians on the finals panel. With regards the Socceroos you’re the first person I’ve heard even mention the recent World Cup qualifier, either pre or post match. This either means no-one gives a toss, or that I move in unrepresentative circles. Soccer certainly seems to receive media coverage vastly disproportionate ( in its favour) to its general interest in the community. Is it really that exciting that Australia had narrowly scraped in at home against a soccer minnow from a war-torn country to earn the right to face another minnow from a third world country for the right to get belted by countries who take the game seriously? I agree a two-leg final would be fairer but I can’t see it happening. What if the Crows had won by 5 goals in the first leg? Wouldn’t the second leg be a fizzer? The cost of a finals campaign for the average punter is tough enough as it is without doubling the GF price.
    Harry Butler

  12. Luke Reynolds says

    In total agreeance with you re the State Leagues, fear the damage is irreversible. The SANFL still seems the best attended and followed state league, maybe it is the one league that could rise again given support. Really lament the loss of the old VFA, fond memories watching games in the 80’s and 90’s.

    Always enjoy your ravings, the subtitles are every bit as entertaining as your thoughts! Hope there will be some Ashes ravings.

  13. Nice ravings Rulebbok.
    The way I see it regarding the dominance of Victorian based umpires is due to the setup where, to be an umpire at that level, one must train in Melbourne with no option to do so interstate.
    What other nationally based sport anywhere in the world requires the umpiring fraternity to all train together in the one spot? I can’t think of any and it simply adds to the farce about the AFL being, in reality, the ‘suped up’ VFL.

  14. Harry no I didn’t watch that’s why I haven’t written a article and comment only in general ( re from some highlights and the umpiring howlers highlights reel is pretty damning ) I no the two legged finals is a radical idea at least it is fairer it also gives more people the chance to see a gf and the second leg would sell out irrespective of re game one.Harry agree re soccer depends who you engage with some it is bigger than the afl others not.Luke yes just so angry with the state leagues and hope so that will depend on TK I appreciate the time he spends doing it.Big Jim interesting thought re where the umpires are all based as a experienced maggot I am flabbergasted how the people in charge of umpiring have kept there jobs while the instructions re umpiring positioning is putrid I felt the umpiring and the MRP were on a par for the season both terrible and yes it is v much still the vfl with the Motlop compensation the latest bizarre decision thank you

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