Raving Rulebook No 6

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  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Onya Book. Thanks for letting us know about the GWS YUber and the NRL’s Daily M.

    And Daniel Kerr’s sister has a name – it’s Sam.

    And thanks for tipping Geelong.

  2. Reverse mozz?

    Sounding pensive there ‘Book. Unlike you.

    This flag is anyone’s. No outstanding team, so it will come down to taking your chances.


  3. GWS and Uber…. love it. Geelong remain a threat but Paddy needs to pull his head in.

  4. Martin Rumsby says

    Using a song from The Who to open and close the show worked for CSI, so it was a good idea to incorporate it into Rulebook’s Ravings. A very broad range of topics covered by you this week Malcolm. Can the Crows cover injuries to two key performers? Will it be Jake Lever’s last game in the tri-colours? So many questions to be answered over the weekend. Go the Crows!

  5. Great video, Rulebook! Asides from the robust footy analysis, I enjoyed your observations on both the Matildas and Nick Krygios. Your sign-off phrase is gold too. Keep up the great work mate!

  6. GOLD! Love the guitar at the start too.
    Personally, I found Kochies comments refreshing. It’s an emotional game & he was wearing his heart on his sleeve.

  7. Book – who is the greatest footballer that has ever lived??

  8. Mate do some work on the rugby its the Dally M medal

    Can we expect a hockey segment next week

  9. charlie brown says

    I’m not a fan of Women’s soccer (well any soccer really) but it’s fair to say that Sam Kerr and her team mates and coach have really grabbed Australia’s attention – entertaining, good to watch, wear their hearts on their sleeves (oh, and score goals).

    Would love to see Sturt knock off the power reserves. I’m not a Blues fan but looking from afar you have to admire the way the club has been turned around – on and off the ground. Mattner must be being discussed as a future AFL assistant?

    I’m with Rick – ???

  10. The rest for Adelaide will work in their favour- Sloane is a big in and Selwood should not have played – Geelong made a big mistake which will hurt them tomorrow night. Adelaide midfield has progressed significantly- Rulebook you have overcooked McGovern’s out – he is useful but a third string forward at the moment. Adelaide are looking like a team destined for a flag – just a more mature group and stronger team culture which will count when the heat comes on in the second half Friday night and in the GF – teams win finals not individuals. Greater Western will win – they will not play contest footy at the G which will hurt Richmond – it will be 1 on 1’s in the space and they will have too much speed and class on the big ground. Australian Cricket has been eaten by greed – they need to get off their fixation with money and start planning to rebuild grade cricket and have a stronger shield comp with test players involved. They have convinced themselves by looking at their bank accounts that 20/20 is the Holy Grail – sadly they are very mistaken!
    We need a new admin to take us forward – they are lost on the gravy train both at Cricket Australia and at state level !! Ken Hinkley – well played but it looks like a stitch up big time !! – 5 x top 10 draft picks but not the strength of team function to take you forward- You have 2 superstars Gray/Ryder – where is the improvement in team function of the rest !! They need to get a Sam Mitchell – Josh Francou and /Bassett – Luke Hodge to take them forward – people who get team in a big way ! In my opinion this appointment will end in more tears but I congratulate Ken and his management- they have done a real job on Port !

  11. Bryan Haines says

    What are your thoughts on this one Book.? Sloane straight in for McGovern. Play him up forward early. Provides the pressure up forward, good mark and accurate kick. And surprise tactic. The midfield did a great job withou him last game. Then rotate home through the midfield later in the game. Then you can bring in another mid and push Mackay and Seeds back to half back. It will stretch their midfield with Selwood not as mobile later in the game.

  12. Can’t believe you’re tipping Geeshlong!

  13. Raving Rulebook says

    Swish Daily or Dally yes I admit not my best effort and yes a mental blank re Sam no prob re tipping the Cats.JB agree will be who ever kicks straight.LL glad you liked the uber line,Danger superb re media I haven’t got a problem with him.Martin thank the illustrious,Tim Kelly re the whole production and idea of the Raving Rulebook totally,Tim’s idea( thanks TK you are a star) thanks,Paul.Thanks Lachlan but for mine poor timing by David Koch and dumb having a crack at selection lacks footy nous for mine yep passion is sensational but not re timing or presentation.Neags Barrie Robran imo the comparison re current players is Nat Fyfe at his absolute best but Barrie far better disposal both left and right.Raj yep I stuffed up re the rugby and fair chance.Charlie the Matilda’s have been brilliant, like to see the blues get up couldn’t agree more re admiring what they have done on and off ground and the famous number,10
    ( think you may agree) on the skill of picking the ball up at pace below the knees,Dangerfield is amazing
    and is the best ever in that area.thanks folks

  14. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Haha GWS Uber – That’s gold RR – They might have to engage ‘Rent a Crowd’ if they make the GF !!

  15. Raving Rulebook says

    Bill agree to disagree re the rest for mine,Smith and McGovern are just massive outs we will have to wait and see.GWS if they can get it out in the open they are a big chance if Richmond put as much pressure on the giants as they did the Cats they will win they seem to be able to drag teams skill levels down
    Couldn’t agree more re your thoughts on cricket.I rate some of the power youth,Marshall will be a star
    agree tho that he played the power on a break.Bryan don’t mind that thought at all really worried that,Milera will be exposed physically big time I hope we take the risk and pick,Hampton.Tim obviously I hope I am wrong the pessimist comes out in me ! Thank you !

  16. You get 10x as many comments on here than there are Giants fans! Its a real shame for McGovern to get out injured like that, he was definitely going to be important to the team in this game.

  17. A big call stating that “maggots” know the rules.

    Sam Kerr number 20 is the best Australian sports player at the moment. Note : Australian not woman.
    She stands out in her own right and should not be referred to by her family members.

  18. Cameron Glenn says

    Could not pick a better place to be – Adelaide Oval. The groundspeople are brilliant in their work on the oval.

    Geelong were brilliant last week, as were GWS. If they bring that in the prelims, will win and my gut feeling is that they will get over the line. Both struggled with the extra bye last year and will want revenge on losing their prelims.

    As for NRL, you might need to gain more knowledge there :P Roosters play Cowboys not Broncos. The Cowboys without their best player went into the finals like the West Coast Eagles did (just scraping in) but managed to upset the Sharks and then send the Eels out in straight sets, both in Sydney and a great effort from a team from Townsville without their best player. I am tipping the Storm and Roosters to play in the Grand Final, an easier grand final to access than the AFL.

    Will be a bigger crowd at the SANFL GF with Port and Sturt both with strong supporter bases. Been a long time since Port won a SANFL flag and even long since Sturt went back to back. I am sensing a Port victory but with the SANFL reserves I feel Sturt might beat Westies. Congrats to Sturt for the u18s flag.

    The Matildas are on fire and can’t wait to see Adelaide United back in action.

  19. Willow Wilson says

    A bit of extra polish with production and presentation this week, looks like you may have even had a crack at your hair, things are getting really serious!
    Not sure about you venturing into fringe sports like Rugby League Book! Maybe Marc Leishman could have got a mention, the boy from Warrnambool, won his 2nd title on the PGA Tour for the year and currently sits 4th in the FedEx Cup (order of merit) for this season with just one tournament to play.
    Play of the Week, definitely Ken Hinkley and his management. Power have seriously underperformed for 2 of the last 3 years, not sure he deserved an extension at all.
    Agree with your comments on Krygios, have a real crack, be an active team member, show some humility and people will get on board.
    Keep up the good work Book.

  20. Sorry I`m so late again. Gee its almost the end of footy for the year and I`m sure it only started a week ago!

    Another great report mate. I must admit that I never liked the Magpies, I`ve always been an Eagle from the first game I saw in 1956, but it is sad that all that history is now gone. I have a great uncle who played in a premiership Magpies team a hundred years ago and I bet over its entire history there are a lot of folks who are related to former players and must feel at l;east a little sad.

    Wow mate you have greeat knowledge of “thugby” a lot more than I have!

    I have one question why can`t my Eagles win at least one finals game! They were top all year but come finals they go missing.

  21. Love your work – glad you managed to get your closing line out in the end!

  22. Both players out injured are a big loss. Smiths penetrating kicks off of one step and McGovern as the third tall who can do something exceptional to win a big game (eg Collingwood goal after siren). Still they played most of the first final without Smith and half the season without McGovern so like the first final we need all 22 to play their role on their home ground.
    Thanks to you I now know who is playing in the NRL.
    Not that I am sure that I care.
    Go Sturt on the weekend you have a very job to do.
    Deny the Power reserves an SANFL premiership

  23. Mark Duffett says

    Reckon the surest prediction was made by the appearance of the magpie. I have a bad feeling about the SANFL Grand Final.

  24. Not much in it, but the rest for the crows will be significant in the end. I think the crows will be flying to Melbourne next week.

  25. You’ve talked me into it Book – Sleepy Hollow over The City of Churches.

    On The G, we’re as nervous as The Pride of South Australia Faithful. We should be able to do it. I’m not a great Gwizz fan. Not for their fabrication and being gifted the cream of three drafts, but for their total lack of meaning. Mrs Wrap has just poked her head into the Wrapcave – thunder storms starting around four tomorrow afternoon. We’ll take that.

    If you’re determined to let Geelong bluff you out of it, just make sure you make them earn it, eh?

  26. Raving Rulebook says

    Campbell thank you,Farmboy the maggots at the top level they no the rules but the overwhelming makority lack footy nous thru not having played adult footy the classic example is Harry Highpants re the SANFl and yep deserved criticism re mental blank for forgetting,Sam Kerr re name well and truly a elite sports person.Cameron yep I admit my rugby knowledge is zero.zero and it will be,Port Power res first SANFl flag the magpies are dead unfortunately.Willow I thought about giving,Marc Leishman a mention was worried it was getting to long and yep,Hinkley played them on a break.Jill yes there are plenty of past,Port players and supporters who are bitterly disappointed re the death of the magpies but have kept quiet the Eagles terrible again in the finals you would think a change of direction is required.
    Thanks TC Milts couldn’t agree more cmon the double blues ( and other non afl res sides for the good of the game) Mark unfortunately I totally agree.Paubai hope you are right.The Wrap at least re GWS at least you won’t get stuck in traffic leaving the game heaven help if they fall away imagine the crowd then as much chance of the Afl admitting they were wrong re GWS and GC as Graham Cornes saying the word.
    Richmond would love rain tomorrow unfortunately none about tonight thanks folks

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