Raving Rulebook No 5

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  1. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Thanks for the wrap up Book! Some of the games were shames as you said but the port and eagles game certainly added a touch of excitement to the finals series.

  2. I too must admit I didn`t think Richmond would be in the finals and yet they have played great footy. Makes me more than a little scared how the Crows will go if they come up against them in the GF.

    To me that final free in the Port game was legit but then I don`t follow Port. I didn`t think the WC bloke dropped his shoulder until after the Port fellow had grabbed his neck. Mind you I`m only going on what I saw on TV so could be wrong.

    Another great report mate.

  3. The Shuey free had to be paid – great theatre! Also agree with the comment about Richmond – just the Tiger Army on GF day would be a factor. Still think the Crows would beat them though!!!

  4. I liked the casual opening to the segment and your other sports intro should carry a “pun warning.”
    The passion as always was entertaining. Looking forward to RR6!!

  5. haha…a real rave today Malcolm…good listen.re players learning the rules. i think also they should be educated in tackling correctly. Polac cost port the game with that grab around the neck and he does it constantly. I dont think he has the physique or is strong enough to stop a player correctly so he resorts to grabs around the neck..

  6. Can’t believe the people who are trying to argue that Shuey shouldn’t have got the free. Absolutely black and white. Got to hope that Geelong and Sydney run each other into the ground . Surely Geelong will respond to the embarrassment of losing a final to Richmond. Sydney on a huge roll since round 6 but Geelong will not make it easy for them.
    Unless the Giants can suddenly learn to do the hard stuff no guarantee they will get past West Coast never alone Richmond. Incredible that Richmond could well make the GF.

  7. Willow Wilson says

    Slick production this week Book in the perfect football setting at The Parade!
    Completely agree with the comments on players and clubs not knowing the rules, it is just an issue of professionalism and attention to detail.
    No issue with the Shuey/Polec free kick, watched in real time it is clearly a free kick.
    Port’s inefficiency all night cost them the game, even in the last two minutes they turned the ball over at least 3 times through poor decision making. They were in front and just needed to slow the game down and maintain possession. Either got caught in the excitement or panicked under pressure.
    Cant wait for the Geelong/Swans game, hopefully it will be a brutal contest. Geelong out in straight sets would be a major story.

  8. Hey, Jeff, just a heads up…Footy Gods really paying attention this time of the year, so please keep dissing the Tiges as much as possible.

  9. Another great rant, Rulebook. And if you watch the Shuey play in real time, you pay the free… every time.

  10. 1. GWS… YES, when you create an ARTIFICIAL organisation such as this, you are asking for problems. OK, ok, so all the other “new” clubs were to some degree artificial… BUT, Freo, Crows, Brisbane Bears/Lions, Power etc ALL had to do hard yards early & SLOWLY build. Remember the B. Bears, how crap they were for a whole decade?? BUT, they slowly built a culture, suffered through the hard times AND scored a triple flag 15 years ago. The AFL has tried to artificially speed up the GWS development so that they will be strong & a premiership threat within 5 years. HASN’T WORKED. Their crowd figures? …. are shite. OK, they are not out of it YET, but the signs aren’t good…. OR, can they re-group & make the big dance THIS YEAR?? If they do, ok, we will have egg on our faces, but current signs aren’t good!
    2. Congrats to Mr. Grigg!! I suspect he is a bit better than the SANFL. I am a Sturt/Crows fanatic myself, BUT have admiration for the consistency of Mitchell Grigg & his courage, strength & deadly left foot. Funnily enough, he admires Phil Walsh, who was the Coach who dropped him back to the SANFL, & Mitch wasn’t able to win his spot back. I put him & Sturt’s admirable James Battersby in the same category. We do NOT want to lose them from the SANFL, but both are still good enough to get a gig back at the highest level IMO.
    3. Brodie Smith!! I KNOW it’s part of football, but I am still in mourning. I made the mistake of watching highlights of his game the last time Crows played Richmond… he will SO be missed!! It’s up to the rest.
    4. Australian Cricket, all hail to N. Lyon; who KNOWS where we will be in 6 months time though, changes are still needed, especially in the role of gloveman. Look to South Australia for once, selectors.
    5. AND while Australian soccer didn’t get much of a mention this time, oh boy, DON’T get me started!!!

  11. Point taken Jamie, especially the way this season this has gone. Fully aware of the size of the Tiger Army out there if they do win.

  12. Carn the tigers!

  13. Thanks Rulebook. And you’re Rulebook for very good reason.

    Love to see you at the Parade looking after their sponsor.

    Some of us drink enough beer that we share the love around.

    So a shout of Coopers, followed by a shout of Prickly Moses.

    Coopers yellow is a terrific winter drink – and beyond. Otway Stout is worth a try too. Just ask your Almanac technician, Luke Reynolds. he makes the stuff.

  14. Love your work Book. Didn’t pick the Tigers but CARN THE CROWS

  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    When are you going to do an episode from The Ponderosa?

  16. Global temperatures, hell included, are heading in the wrong direction, Swish.

    The free had to be paid. And tbh I just don’t think GWS are that well coached. They appear to have learned very little from Round 1 unlike Pyke’s subtle but effective tactical tweaks (notice different running patterns for Jenkins, Brown and others). I think there is a real potential to build a proper footy culture in western Sydney and they have already attracted a small but loyal group of hard core fans. Gold Coast on the other hand, the sooner it moves to Tasmania the better.

  17. Mark Duffett says

    Hear, hear, Dave Brown.

    And similarly Rulebook on the third man up rule. Burn it with fire. My experience among the lower reaches of grassroots footy is that it’s playing even more havoc there than at the AFL level. Last weekend for the first time ever I was held up from a boundary throw-in because the rucks hadn’t sorted themselves out yet. Numerous times this season junior umpires have humiliatingly had their throws recalled because they weren’t judged to have sufficiently reached the nominated ruckmen (never mind they’d set themselves in the wrong place). Weren’t all these rule tweaks supposed to be eliminating stoppages rather than elongating them?

    I never did see what the problem with the third man up was, anyway.

  18. Rulebook, I bloody LOVE these! Just getting better. Yes, Shue was a free, too! And agree the GWS are not playing as a team. Agreed with most all of it, actually. Keep ’em coming.

  19. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Can anyone tell me why the third man up rule requires nomination? Surely it’s up to the teams to sort out who and how many. Then again, what was the problem that it is supposed to solve? Idiots.

    As I said elsehwere, was there anyone in the world whose first reaction to the Shuey free was “he lifted his arm!!!” Imagine if it was Wingard instead of Shuey and it wasn’t paid.

  20. Luke Reynolds says

    Great work again Malcolm. Lack of tour games really hurting Test cricket, can see this getting worse when the World Test Championship starts featuring several two-test series. The Shuey free was definitely there, Port wasted so many chances to control that game, clearly a case of the Power losing it, not West Coast winning it.
    Loved that you filmed this in the Coopers box at The Parade, your local drop is fantastic, but Harmsy is right, follow your Coopers with a Prickly Moses. Or two.

  21. Raving Rulebook says

    Thanks Ben and Jill.Tim the crowd support for the tigers will be threatening just hope that the Crows get the chance to play them thanks,Paul.DS tackling is a element of the game which,Dmac has improved dramatically it is intent and technique,Polec is v poor in both regards.Milts I hope the Cats and Swans belt the hell out of each other with injuries and reports a plenty.Willow agree with every word the lack of composure by the power in the crunch was terrible.Mase and Jerk I admit I am stunned by the Tigers success.Tony agree re GWS geez they were disappointing against the crows and seem to be on the verge of underachieving big time.Mitch Grigg and Battersby are both good enough to have another chance at the Afl.Brodie is a MASSIVE loss agree totally re cricket it is Carey time,Alex needs to make some some serious runs( GUN keeper) fantastic effort by Nathan Lyon and spot on re direction of cricket.
    Soccer is it at crisis point ??? Thank you

  22. Yep – spot on RB. Agree fully what you said about the Shuey decision, the Polec schoolboy attempted tackle reaching in with outstretched hands / unbalanced by leaning backwards / standing upright, and so many players not knowing the rules. It astounded me back in the old days when I played and nothing has changed since. Yes the coaches have the final responsibility to make sure all of their players know the rules and rule changes, but really what about the players taking responsibility for their own education? Like we all have to do in our jobs to keep up with current knowledge and educate oursleves and not be spoon fed. The number of past players that thought Shuey contributed to the high tackle, didn’t look at Polec’s tackle technique, forgot you are meant to raise both arms with ball in hand when feel tackle to free hands to dispose the ball, and cannot give me one thing Shuey did in the new AFL rules he wasn’t allowed to do to cause the high tackle? I’m still waiting for ANYONE to give me a non-fanciful answer. Shuey didn’t duck, stayed fully upright, didn’t lean into the tackle to drop shoulder and lifted both arms as permitted with ball in hand. Shuey big tick. Polec big cross – what does he expect making initial contact with his high upper arm unbalanced knowing Shuey HAS to lift his arms to clear. It’s a no brainer. Even the Port club has stated it was a correct decison as did the Umpiring Dept. For N. Riewoldt to say “not kidding” “what do you expect” forgets this same dept. stated the Eddie Betts 50m penalty late against Sydney was INCORRECT by the umpire. Common Roo, as soon as you retire you are happy to bag the umpiring dept. without doing your research. Great player but not a good start in the media as a past player to be respected anything he says other then to make a headline for his own so far laughable media profile!

  23. Raving Rulebook says

    JTH I am disgusted that the footy industry re media,clubs and players spend so little time trying to learn the rules and understand the interpretations that the rule is if a player CAUSES the high contact thru
    ducking,shrugging or lifting it is play on which in this case it CLEARLY is not it also states that the ONUS IS STILL ON THE TACKLER TO NOT MAKE HIGH CONTACT it is simply just a clear and obvious free kick cased by a putrid tackle the complete garbage and incompetence by so many in the media has been disgraceful.I admit I appreciate all sponsors of sport and the Norwood fc ( thank you,Luke re the almanac ) thanks LL.Swish I admit that is not on the horizon.Dave I think we are all having huge doubts re Leon Cameron and GWS and agree totally re GC if the game wasn’t only concerned about money there would have been a team in Tas ages ago.Mark yep the 3rd man up rule is insanity in my book the who is going up crap is under 10s and yes it wasn’t a problem any way in fact 3rd man up was a legitimate skill of the game.Old Dog thank you.Swish my feelings exactly re 3rd man up garbage and 100 per cent correct re your anology and if it had been whineguard and no free kick there would have been a ground invasion.
    Luke thank you lack of tour games is incompetence and agree re the power losing the game big time and as I have said thank you re your sponsorship go the Prickly Moses ! Thank you

  24. Raving Rulebook says


  25. RB
    We are both singing from the same hymn sheet this week.
    I’m also with Luke “Crackers” Reynolds – warm-up games are a must regardless of the contested schedule. Don’t train for two weeks in Darwin, get over to Bangladesh and play some local teams.
    The ruck nomination rule is an abomination, but I love your description of it being “under 10 I wanna go the toilet”.
    I will always have a soft spot for Coopers (just love the Sparkling Ale), but Prickly Moses is my #1 now!!

  26. Martin Rumsby says

    Well done to Mitch Grigg, the former Modbury High lad, on winning the Magarey Medal. It’s unfortunate that he never cemented a regular spot at the Crows, but it has been great to see him back playing for the red and blue.

    Yes, Rulebook, professional footballers must be made aware of the rules of the game, as should professional commentators. Is it a step to far to ask that supporters also know the rules – it would certainly change the experience of attending a game of footy.

  27. Never been flatter than I was at the end of the game Saturday night. I agree with you that coaching staff made the right call playing the young guys and I would have kept Johnson in as well rather than bring in Impey.

    Hate to say it but this footy season has a bit of last year written all over it with the Tigers, like the Bulldogs the previous year, being a sentimental favourite and taking the chocolates. They will have the softest prelim in history facing either the Giants or Eagles.

    My prediction for test cricket in 20 years: the best players will not be playing and instead, touring the 20/20 circuit. It is a shame but as you can see from this tour to Bangladesh, the players (who control the game and not the ACA) simply don’t have the appetite to properly prepare and play a full test series. What is a two game test series anyway?

  28. Love the editing maybe you are wrong as the officiating umpire has been axed????

  29. Always love the passion Book – go easy on the old ticker though!

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