Raving Rulebook 14

Rulebook is certainly raving this week.



  1. Great piece on Steve Bradbury. Agree on workload issues for Billy Stanlake – 24 balls is not a workload issue.

    Malcolm, get on the 20/20. Test cricket is finished.

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    So many great SA left handers. But disappointed you gave no mention to Clem Hill, Mark Cosgrove, Ben Johnson or Noel Fielke.

    I’m as frustrated as you by cricket scheduling.

    Acrtually wasn’t aware of the full Bradbury story, his career is quite extraordinary when put like that. Especially to the sounds of “The Real Thing”.

  3. YES, good comments on the Steven Bradbury story; I also was NOT aware of the challenges and ill-fortune he had faced in the past prior to his unusual but RICHLY deserved Gold in that event. Poster Luke R. mentions some other SA batting left-handers; Clem Hill certainly, even though we are going way, way back to even before Rulebook & I were born (100+ years, ha ha). Can’t say I agree with Ben Johnson & N. Fielke being mentioned in the same breath as Clem Hill even though Fielke in particular was a District Cricket run machine for many many years. One thing you did NOT mention, Malcolm, probably because it was still in progress, was SA vs Vic @ Adelaide Oval. Yeah, I know, SA had 5 first choice players unavailable etc etc BUT I still gotta say that the Redbacks 4th day display was the limpest, most feeble effort I have seen in a long, long time. Kiss the Shield goodbye for another year. AND (late mail) – Chadd! At LAST!! I can hardly believe it. Let’s hope he gets to be more than just a drinks waiter in the Rainbow Nation…

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    MarcD thank you in reality to Tim Kelly for the Steven Bradbury piece and I desperately hope test cricket survives it is still the real level of cricket.Luke well played re left handers and I wasn’t aware either to the real success of Steven Bradbury,TK did it brilliantly,cricket scheduling grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.Tony yes a bitterly disappointing last day in the Shield game re the batting collapse and then not building enough pressure yes v v v unlucky in how many times we beat the bat but didn’t keep it going,I am rapt for Chadd no one deserves success more desperately hope he gets a opportunity and there is nothing more which disappoints me more than the complete insanity of Chadd not being given a big bash chance thank you

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