racing “Royally”

We’re back to being a Colonial outpost this week as, undeniably and rightly, all racing eyes are fixed on the “Royal Meeting” at Ascot.
The first race of the week will take some beating. Frankel’s 11 length win on Tuesday was breathtaking. What acceleration! As emphatic a performance as has been seen on this big stage.
So You Think’s win on Wednesday was authoritative and instructive – the great Aiden O’Brien confessed afterwards what Australian fans had long pronounced – that he’d not trained the horse for its potential and was only now getting SYT’s famous brilliance back. Despite this, the Entire has a remarkable Euro turf record and hopefully will push on with this campaign. The Cox Plate is here at his mercy if he wants to return.
It is all very exciting stuff and Ascot will be the main topic of conversation for the hardy few who brave the conditions to visit Flemington on Saturday. The fields are OK but the track will be a mess…lots of recent racing and a heap of rain. Be careful. Wet trackers. Lots of scratchings…and a C.Down runner!?
I’m happy to discuss tips but equally willing to acknowledge that the “main event” is Saturday night. Often the hype can hide the truth but in this case Black Caviar really should trounce her opponents.
I hope so. She’s a great global Ambassadress.
Look for David Downer’s updates from the Old Dart on this site.


  1. Skip of Skipton says

    According to the interview with Aiden O’Brien it sounds as though Coolmore are going to retire SYT and have him back here for the breeding season. I’d like to see him race out the year and have a crack at the Arc and the Breeders Classic again; now that O’Brien seems to have woken up how to train him.

  2. Correct on all counts as usual Skip.
    Blokes are saying how much stronger SYT looks again. Reg drinks at my local and would be able to tell instantly at a glance that he and Bart had it right all the time. Love him to add another Cox Plate. If he has found his old grunt it would be instructive to see him v Frankel at the mile and a quarter Eclipse Stakes at Sandown.

    Flemington boasting Slow7 at the moment. Trainers aren’t fooled. A dozen scratchings already!

  3. Craig Down says


    The Griz is fit and ready to go. The distance is a bit short and some will likely be too quick for him. But he does like the heavy so fingers crossed!!


  4. Good luck. He’s got class. Are you coming down (pun!)? Bring a mug of Chicken Soup please.

  5. The good tips from a good judge (Eight Straight mail last week) suggests Warwick Farm….
    R1 No 9 AGULHAS
    R6 No 4 COUP AY TEE

  6. Craig Down says


    Thanks mate. Unfortunately no track for me tomorrow. Rug up!!

  7. Call me if you want a commission. Your credit’s good.

  8. Crio,
    I fell into a tempting long-term double; Sportsbet are (were?) offering Evens on a Black Caviar-Usain Bolt (100 metre Gold in London). While plenty could go wrong for the second leg given that it’s six weeks away, I reckon the best you could get all-up is about $1.75. If Bolt turns up fit, he surely wins?

  9. Whilst you are right re value, I hope you already had an account with them.
    The whole purpose of these lures is to open accounts. They trust you’ll ultimately lose. If not, they will ask you to cancel your account.

  10. Crio,
    That’s a useful warning; you’re quite right that it would probably not be justified if it was only available as a new account inducement, but I do already have an account with them. Given my track record – backing losers for close to 60 years – they’re entitled to be confident. I’m also well aware that some of the corporates have a bad rep for closing accounts of those who look like a threat of being regular substantial winners. Both the scale of my punting and my historical record suggest that probably won’t be an issue for me. I don’t feel any need to do a John Harms with Wally Beaver and send cans of soup.

  11. haha…I’ll check The Beaver’s post today. If the soup is there still we might heat it up to keep warm.

  12. Lucky day for me…I only went to Flemington, froze and lost my money. Tom went to watch the Dogs!
    btw…Beaver must have hocked those soup cans.

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