Racing: All aboard for top day at the track

By Mark “Makybe” Freeman

It was ‘All’ brilliant at Flemington yesterday, punters. The star of the show, All Silent, was breathtaking in the Patinack, bless his superstar heart, and All American, who we’ve stumped up for previously in these pages, finally showed what he can do with the right drag into the race in the Emirates.

With glorious conditions until the wind dropped off and the heat rose, it was just magnificent being trackside. Along with seeing All Silent up close and it being a serious fill-up day pocket-wise, young Rory was interviewed for the box on the topic of his bad fashion sense (chip off old block) and Crio brought along a couple of fresh Almanacs – great job boys, can’t wait for the launch.

The other star of the show for me was Centrebet – they stumped up a large free bet for us to stake our conviction that All Silent is the best horse going around on Australian racetracks, and have won this punter over for life.

It’s a smart investment for them – as Crio in bag-swinging mode will surely attest – they’re only ever lending it to you, and I will enjoy taking as long as I can to give it back.

So to the final stanza – Sandown Classic Day. I timed my run poorly with yesterday’s preview (possibly dropping the ball a little over the Eskander flexi-trifecta debacle!), but let’s put the offer up for next week – boys sling in your $100 worth of bets – it’s open slather on Daff’s cash!

Speaking of which, we’ve loaded up Daff’s bath with more French champagne this week – we had $100 on All Silent at top fluc ($4), so another four hunnert drops in. Our trifectas bombed, but we’ve cracked the gorilla mark.

Good punting till then,

Mark ‘Makybe’ Freeman

(Daff’s Cash current position $1200 in the black)


  1. Nice work, Makybe.

    I got the word on All Silent from three sources on Friday. Got distracted and didn’t get on in time. But I had $10 straight out on All American – made my day!

  2. Mark Freeman says

    Excellent result Gigs. He was just the sort to cause an upset in the Emirates – always getting into trouble, always running on. Sometimes those sort of horses come good in the big ones when the pace is on, but sometimes, like his mate Von Costa, they just fade away miserably. But what was Bossy doing on So You Think? I hope they get him back alright, he’s now had a bit of a thrashing this spring.
    And that’s now two ‘superstar’ three-year-olds in three years to get rolled in the Emirates, after the Hussler’s effort in 2007. It’s clearly a race for tough milers.

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