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It is, as Bruce would have it, a delicious irony that we have the most meetings of the year at the time our readership is at its lowest….though that could be interpreted in various ways, I deduce that the holiday season is the common cause.

New Year’s Day races are a long standing tradition, and although the old Standish/Bagot meeting at HQ is a skeleton of past times, the country fixtures remain embedded – try Merton (near Bonnie Doon?) which gets its annual quota sorted very early in the year, or Burrumbeet, Murtoa, Woolamai, Terang, Hanging Rock, Mornington…just in Victoria the January 1 menu is expansive and magnificent.

Or not.

I never try to force my love of racing on to others – actually, who’d click on a racing blog if not enamoured? – and I certainly treat tips and the punt as fun and a challenge, so I’ll just end the year by thanking everyone who has kept us amused/nostalgic/informed and hope that, amongst a year of good health and much happiness, if racing stirs your soul, we’ll renew banter in 2015.

There are, as a punter once told me, worse ways to do your dough! Here’s a boring alternative:-

I’d rather the Winning Post.

As is my wont, it is time to have a cold drink and look at the form before an early night – New Year’s Day has too much to offer to chase lost hopes on its Eve.

Any mail will, as usual, be appreciated. The year’s ended well for some stalwarts with Elvis’ horse winning this week, Oges cashed up and me finding a collect (via a scratching).

There will still be food on the table for the inheritor when he gets home in the morning!

Happy New Year…and good luck!



  1. Peter Fuller says

    Thanks Crio. I think of myself as a lurker on the racing threads, interested but not well-informed. I do enjoy both the banter and the advice.
    Congratulations on the correct spelling of “wont”, so often transcribed as want in the professional media, as well as among the Almanac fraternity.
    Many years ago, I attended the Terang NY Day meeting, so that’s another track where my proud record of backing loser has been on display.

  2. cowshedend says

    Thanks for all your great work Crio.
    Jesus wept, what a crap Standish and Bagot, when you do the form and come up with one of the great money munchers in living memory Auronautical, it’s time to drop the gun and back away.
    in the same vain will tip another non-winner in Sydney ‘Snow Lion’.
    Apparently there was fireworks on the harbour bridge last night, that’s not getting stale at all!

  3. Agreed Cowshedend.I look forward to Friday if only to see what Crio can come up with to keep us interested and informed.It never fails.While we have a dedicated following its good to see someone new put their head over the trench and contribute
    Last week in Melbourne left me on a high but I’ve come back to earth with the weather for the weekend and hard tracks in the city and local horses entered are thin on the ground.
    I will save for the Strath Cup Sunday week and preserve my winnings though a night with my Stockbroker mate may see me investing a bit more in my ” racehorse stock” on the ASX (no comments Crio )

  4. Peter, I’ve driven past Terang (en route to the ‘Bool) many times but never been to the races there…in fact, to me, Terang is more famous for trots, especially the May meeting on Tuesday of the ‘Bool Carnival and, of course, as the home of the mighty Gammalite (and, in footy, Ronnie Wearmouth – they breed ’em tough!)

  5. Peter Fuller says

    Ah nights at Dalvui, Crio, that takes me back.
    Terang footy has always punched well above its weight. I saw Ronnie’s dad, Dick (ex-Footscray) as playing coach for Terang, when I was a tacker. I also knew Richard jnr. a successful player and coach in our suburban comp (Eastern Districts).

  6. Well I finished 2014 on a good note. On track in Corowa, I finished up in front, then two bets on 31/12, to finish the year, resulting in wins to Glenross and Corporate Takeover puts a smile on my dial. I’ll go though my books and determine if my staking system has delivered for the year. On that note I hope Whitlam can open 2015 with a win for me. Happy Punting,


  7. cowshedend says

    Peter, ripping track Terang, long straight and nice view to the back of mount Noorat?
    Also spent their money wisely converting the bowels of the old stand not pissing it up against the wall on an ugly new monstrosity.
    Many moons ago travelled down their to watch Glenormiston play, still remeber their club song, a pisser

  8. tracks visited in 2014…not Terang!

    Flemington, Moonee Valley, Caulfield, Sandown, Cranbourne, Woolamai, Mornington, Kilmore, Seymour, Ballarat, Dunkeld, Warrnambool, Kyneton, Werribee, a few miles from Balnarring before they were called off! Also had some trips to The Meadows! There may be others but, off the top of my head, that’s it for 2014.
    Best 1st visit = Mornington. a ripper track.
    Fav= Kyneton
    On the slide= Oakbank. still has a niche, but been to the well too often.
    Knock= Flemington. everything that’s wrong with racing is apparent here.
    unmissable= Warrnambool

  9. cowshedend says

    Crio, even though i slagged off at the fields for the Bagot/Standish yesterday, how good a trainer is Danny O’Brien?, has the versatility to win the Standish and had the fave in the Bagot(who ran 3rd), six and fourteen furlong races.
    Whilst others trainers put the cue in the rack after spring, blokes like he and Weir keep getting horses up, why would you not have things prepared for group and listed races this time of year?, the monies still sensational and the competition is mediocre at best.
    Surely the old punting adage of ‘keep youself in the best company and your horse in the worst’ has never rung truer.
    Weir should have a great day at the “Valley’ tomorrow with Ginger Boy in the 3rd and Profit Share in the 4th. He’s got a couple more that will be right there as well and could end up with 3 or 4 winners

  10. I’m not a big O’Brien fan but your point is well made. The Standish winner was smashed at the jump, trimming considerably.
    Robbie Griffiths has found form too.

  11. cowshedend says

    Valley tomorrow now a twilight meeting, first race at 4.35 pm due to heat

  12. Crio i’m going to e-mail you my current e-mail addresses.


  13. Wise decision to push MV timeslots back….if change arrives I might head down. If it doesn’t, they should call them off

  14. This time of the year races in Oz should start early, circa11-00 with an suitable finish time, or start late, circa 16-30. To have the bulk of your races in the heat of our increasingly hotter summers invites criticism. I notice Benalla pulled the plug on their final two yesterday. So rather than have races cancelled, adjust your time.

    happy punting in 2015 to all,


  15. Benalla’s issues, alas, were once again related to the track rather than the weather.
    MVRC has made the right call. Luckily it is a course with lights and with no night meeting scheduled for Cranbourne. There’s a cool breeze now.
    Wish I’d had a piece of the last winner – R.Bayliss is a star, especially there, and the 90/1 would have helped replace my broken air-con (and it was No13!!)

  16. cowshedend says

    Yep, Bayliss flying, if you can get Beliveau home you are a genius!
    Lovely ride by D Lane in the 5th, a double so far for the night, and no better rider around at the minute.
    give profit share strength in the next, my only go for the day.

  17. cowshedend says

    Sat in the gates but no ping from the top of the straight, backing horses coming back from 7 to 6 furlongs, a man is a fool!
    not even a listed race at 150k, great prizemoney

  18. Crio, did my e-mail get through ???

  19. Crio, i’ve just e-mailed you again. Any luck ???


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