Round 8 – Adelaide v Geelong: Prodigal son returns

Round 8
Crows v Geelong


I had to have this game. The prodigal son has returned home. The desert is dry and the Crows are faaarking. The local rag has spent the whole week promoting the dastardly deeds of the number one enemy who happens not to be Donald Trump or a member of the Liberal or Labor parties.


There are 54,000 patricians in attendance who have their thumbs ready. The night is balmy. What more could you want for a night at the Coliseum? There is no chance that Nero will fiddle tonight. It will be all out attack from both sides at the amphitheatre.


The hoo haa was now over and the game of football could begin.


What danger would the Crows be in tonight? A home crowd 54,000 partisans and the biggest incentive of all the return of the prodigal son. Crows gave the task of minding the said PS with Rory Sloane a puzzling move as Sloane is easily their best on-baller. He stopped the prodigal from being a damaging force but was not the attacking player we have all come to know.


Geelong looked the superior team in the first quarter but their shocking inaccuracy in front of goal was not helping their cause.


It was not pretty football with both sides moving the ball quickly but making mistakes in general play. It is hard to fathom why such highly skilled athletes continue to butcher the ball like they do.


In fact the game was probably the worst I have seen as a spectacle all year. With 11 scoring shots to three at quarter time Geelong should have been miles ahead.


The second quarter was a repetition of the first with neither side gaining any ascendency on the other. It had become like Greco-Roman wrestling rather than the battle for the coliseum. There was very little method in their systems.


By half time the cats lead had extended to 12 points but 18 scoring shots to six told its own story.


The game lifted a tad in the third term as the Crows started to open up the game. In quick succession Jenkins, McGovern and Sloane goaled and the home side were only a point down.


Play had opened up and by the end of the quarter the Crows had kicked six goals two behinds to Geelong’s four goals four and the difference was two points.


To pick the winner at this stage would have taken a brave person. The Cats had looked good but the Crows were coming home fast. Neither side had set the crowd alight in what was ostensibly and supported by the local press “The game of the season”. The publicity stunt had fallen flat on its face.


Seedsman took a wonderful mark 12 metres out that would have put the Crows in front but he missed. A miss that could ultimately determine who would win the game. Adelaide had looked good in patches but they need another big man to give Sam Jacobs help in the ruck. The Crows still have a long way to go if they are be in the hunt for the top four by the end of August.


On the other hand the Cats are coming along nicely.


In a quick burst Geelong made that decision for everyone with three quick goals in five minutes from Enright, Motlop (his 4th) and Lang. Motlop has been the dominant forward on the ground and is playing fine football for the Cats at the moment.


What of the prodigal son? He had a fine game without being the completely dominant force. Sloane watched him closely but he was still the dominant score assist player on the ground. He had conquered the doubters and the opposition supporters.


Best-on-ground Cameron Guthrie continued his great season for the Cats and is causing havoc amongst opposition teams who are focussing their defence on Dangerwood or is it Sellfield?


The curtain has been lifted and any relationship with the Crows was now over for the champion. From now on he is a fully fledged and totally legitimate Cat.


Perhaps now and forever the press will get back to what they do best whatever that is.


The Dangerman had arrived and delivered, although not to the standards he has set this season. He was embraced by friend and foe after the game.


His odyssey was complete on Saturday morning when the family were having breakfast with him at Grange.


Two young boys about nine came up to Patrick with a small bag and a hand written note. In the bag was a muffin and the note said “you played well last night. Thank you”. It was a moment I was privileged to witness.


There is still some love in the City of Churches.


GEELONG: 3 – 8.5 – 13.9 – 17.13 – 20 – 98
ADELAIDE:2 – 1.5 – 1.11 – 3.11 – 6 – 72


Geelong: Guthrie, Motlop, Dangerfield, Henderson, Enright
Adelaide: Sloane, Henderson, Atkins, Talia
Umpires: M.Stevic, S.Meredith, I.Kamolins


Crowd: 53,141 at Adelaide Oval

Malarkey Medal:
3 Votes:Cameron Guthrie (Gee)
2 votes:Steven Motlop (Gee)
1 vote:Lachie Henderson (Gee)

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About Bob Utber

At 80 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he wanted to do as a 14 year-old living on the farm at Lang Lang. Talking, writing, watching sport. Now into his third book on sports history he lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny ) and a groodle named "Chloe On Flinders". How good is that.


  1. Dave Brown says

    Most interesting, Bob, and love the story finish. Danger’s return was a media beat-up from start to finish. Most Crows fans I know feel the way Ben Footner very eloquently expressed last week. When there wasn’t enough natural hoohaa, the media created it itself, such as the Triple M rentacrowd at the airport.

    Had no problem with Rory playing on Danger and reckon he probably just shaded him. The Crows can’t rely on Sloane carrying the midfield week in week out. Agree entirely with comments on Jacobs. The Crows have been fading in 4th quarters this season because Sauce has been. Understand they are reluctant to give O’Brien a go because they will have to sacrifice a running player but they risk blowing Jacobs out before season’s end if he isn’t given more of a break during games (same could be said of Scott Thompson). Cheers

  2. Bob Morrow says

    Due to the aforesaid media media hooha on Dangerfields’ return to Adelaide & the treatment he got against Port I watched the start with interest.
    Fascinating – every Adelaide player completely ignored him , no bumps , no chatter , nothing, That is until the bounce

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Citrus basically agree with every word I reckon as soon as the cats saw Sloane Lind up on Danger they would have been tempted to open the beers.Crows desp need assistance for Sauce .The cats having,picked up Danger has put them in the premiership window while obviously the crows now aren’t
    ( citrus no way was I going to boo )

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    You must be very proud Citrus. No one I love watching play more than Danger at the moment. Must be the number 35. Any reason he chose it?

  5. Peter Flynn says

    He wore 35 for Geelong Falcons PD.

  6. Nice work Citrus. This was a very important win for the Cats; good opposition, away from home, without huge contributions from Selwood and Dangerfield (though both were very good). The number 35 looks as comfortable on his back as it did on Chapyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  7. Good summary Citrus. Geelong seem to have taken a liking to Adelaide Oval. Two from two in four weeks. Had to dig deep in the last quarter but got the job done well.

    As Dips says number 35 sits comfortably on Pat’s shoulders. As well as Chappy it’s been worn by Billy Goggin, Scratcher Neal and a strong player I remember from the 50’s, George McGrath. Pat’s already adding to its lustre.

    Cheers, Burkie

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