Priorities of the Jarryd’s – A few observations from afar


Fiji are a big chance to win its first Olympic gold medal. Let’s hope there is not an Australian citizen in the team.

Everything old is new again. The Giants want to put a netball team in the new national comp. Hopefully netball is big in the western suburbs as they sure don’t like their football team belting the opposition every second week. More importantly, how are they going to divi up the canteen take?

The Pies are also keen to join. Things could get ugly if the Giants set up an academy in Wagga.

Conversely, with the introduction of a women’s footy league, will Buddy be donning the GA bib at Moore Park?

Queensland footy is indeed in strife. The Lions’ women’s team was smashed by the Dees this morning however unlike their male name sakes last week, at least they had a dip.

Have Robbo and Greg Denham ever been seen in the same room together?

Apparently Richmond’s season is back on track. Unfortunately ten other teams never got off it and the Tiges will be watching from the stand come September.

Is it just a coincidence that three Carlton player had knee injuries last week after playing a group of wharfies?

Some serious questions need asking at IOC headquarters for not checking with Bernie’s manager before scheduling the Olympics at the pointy end of the tennis season.

Fair chance that Jason Day might have a shot at the Hall of Fame. A star in every way.

Brownie thinks Freo should give Jesse Hogan a $15M contract. A quick test for Jonathan. How many finger am I holding up? What did you have for breakfast this morning? Were you regularly concussed playing football? Have you been hanging around with Gerard Healy?

Should Essendon fans take heart that Cronulla now sit on top of the ladder? Let’s hope not.

Good to see Robinson and Bell in a Lion’s jumper. How much better would it be if Everett and Tutt also wore one?

I hope Jarryd Hayne doesn’t wake up one morning with the dream of moving to Melbourne.

Hands up those who had Carlton and Melbourne four games ahead of Freo after round 9.

Everyone wishes Roughy the very best and the support shown by fans from both clubs of Friday night was terrific. In no way diminishing the seriousness of his illness, it would have been nice had a similar level of support been shown the week before to the many thousands of women who will be diagnosed or battle with breast cancer this year, some of whom were probably sitting in the crowd. Hang tough Jarryd.

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