Premiership Captains and Coaches, Extra Double (take 2)

Here we go, second time lucky.  Last week I hit Submit for Review, not Save Draft! Due to a good amount of feedback, I thought I’d resubmit, this time with a full side. Let’s see how we go with this topic.   Who is missing? I know ‘Jock’ McHale is not here, nor G Angas. Any one else come to mind ?

B: C Sutton, (Footscray).  F Hughson,  (Fitzroy). P Bentley, (Richmond/Carlton).

HB: M ‘Bomber’ Thompson, (Essendon/Geelong).  R Hickey, (Geelong). J Worsfold, (West Coast).

C: C Ricketts,  (South Melbourne).  D Parkin, ( Hawthorn/Carlton).  B Diggins, (Carlton).

HF:  C Rankin, ( Geelong ).  A Jesaulenko, (Carlton). G Minogue, (Richmond).

F: J.Dyer, (Richmond).  N Smith, (Melbourne). L Matthews, (Hawthorn/Collingwood/Brisbane).

Foll: J Nicholls, (Carlton). R Barassi, ( Melbourne/Carlton/North Melbourne).

Interchange: S . Barker, (Essendon). A. Chadwick, (Melbourne)



  1. Skip of Skipton says

    Your missing rover would be Dick Reynolds.

  2. Bob Speechley says

    Parkin – back pocket
    Reynolds – centre
    Sutton – rover

  3. The Wrap. says

    How could you possibly leave out Kevin “KB” Bartlett? Surely he’d be one of your goal sneaks come forward half rovers.

    Hassa Mann would have to be on the interchange bench at least, and I’d have The Wayne at CHF – or even Royce Himself. In which case Jezza moves to the centres & Parko onto the pine.

  4. Hi, “The Wrap” to my recollection KB never captained or coached a flag side, Hassa Mann might have been captain in 1964, but certainly never caoche dthe dees or another AFL/VFL side to a flag.

    Skip, yes Dick Reynolds. That was a brain fade of mine to miss him.


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