Round 4 – GWS v Port: Port’s Double Disillusionment in the Nation’s Political Capital

GWS v Port Adelaide

April 17th, 2016

RD 4

StarTrak Oval, Canberra


Greater Western Sydney’s slaughter of Port Adelaide on Sunday was a stark reminder for how far away Port are from being a serious finals challenger as much as it was a reminder to the rest of the competition how far GWS have come in a short space of time as an AFL club.


In essence, Port was disgraceful and GWS fantastic. In the nation’s capital on a cool Sunday afternoon, GWS announced itself as a seriously effectual football club, with youth and hard work replacing out and out star power.


Not that GWS were given much in the way of competition. Port Adelaide, the Cinderella story of 2014 were woeful, inept, disorganised, disinterested and unwilling to work hard during the contest. That’s a sad indictment. Unwilling to work hard during the contest; there is no greater insult in football. And Port will wear that tag, at least for another week.


A 2-2 win/loss record may seem acceptable so early in the season, but Port’s two losses have been embarrassments and their wins against lowly opposition – both at home. Often when a team is under pressure it’s the leaders who step up and pull the side through. That isn’t happening at Port. Apart from Robbie Gray, Port’s leaders have been missing in action. Travis Boak has been average, Matthew Lobbe non-existent, and Hartlett and Ebert well down on their best. In fact, currently leading the clubs’ best and fairest award would surely be little Jasper Pittard, so often derided but such an important marker for Port Adelaide. His run, inventiveness, and positive attitude is so lacking in others around him.


Port’s defensive pressure has been poor all season, but it was their complete lack of interest and appetite for the contest on Sunday that rang the loudest alarm bells. How can a club so hell-bent on making up for a poor 2015 season begin the following season with even a hint of complacency? It’s baffling.


Expect some changes this week for a home game against Geelong. Even Kochie was moved enough to tweet his displeasure at what he saw on the weekend, something Port fans have rarely seen in the three years as president. Ken Hinkley, facing some serious coaching questions for the first time in his tenure as head coach will need to be able to show he can motivate during the difficult times as well as he can praise during the good ones. Time will tell.




  1. Agree with all of the above. Had strong concerns all summer about the amount of talk coming out about how we had fixed last year’s problems. Far too much talk and too little action. Like Boak, but struggle to remember last game he had a significant impact; playing injured? Many others also below par and you cannot be 5% off in this caper or you are dead. Have some concerns around support coaching staff, we have lost some of the best in recent years. Geelong this week will be huge test. Forget China, concentrate on football. Forget silly beards and getting social photos in the paper, concentrate on football.

  2. Agreed. Boak looks unfit or injured.
    I have serious concerns about Bassett and Voss.

  3. I have always had serious reservations about Bassett. Even during his very successful time at the Norwoods, his public persona seemed a bit strange, attitudes and comments also a bit off. Announced himself as looking to step up to the AFL, but no takers (G Cornes?) for some time. Then Essendon, who else, scraped him up off the road, presumably his price was cheap. Then after a very short time and little evidence of high quality work, he lobs up at Port. Quite inexplicable in my view and probably the worst appointment since Koch/Thomas/Hinkley took over. Conspiracy theory – a Trojan horse from the Frootloops? Voss also does seem to be struggling to make an imprint, although a good tackling coach by all accounts.

  4. Dan Hansen says

    I was wondering how to put together a write up about the game without just writing “Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.”

    I have no idea about what is happening in the coaching department but I can observe what’s happening on the field. There is a large group of players, mostly midfielders, who look lethargic, disinterested and slow. Especially when they are needed to transfer into defence. We are slow and look burnt out.

    At this stage I’m not concerned about reaching the final eight, I’m more concerned with avoiding the bottom six.

  5. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Bucko I have known,Nathan Bassett for 20 plus years and rate him extremely highly as a coach it is incorrect that the bombers were his only suitors.I admit I am bemused at the press pushing up so far but have not spoken to him about it,far more talent on the powers and pies lists than what is being shown at the moment the million dollar question is how to fix the problems.

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