Plenty to cheer about in Port Augusta

I’m on a job in Port Augusta for the Feds. Its an interesting place. Plenty of water, red dirt, train tracks and steel fences.


West Augusta FC Sign

West Augusta FC Sign

The economy is down a bit with mining gone soft and the power plant closing in May.

Tourism offers hope.

West Augusta FC Ground

West Augusta FC Ground

One of those steel fences completely surrounds the West Augusta footy ground, which makes it near impossible to access on a quiet weekday morning.

A peak through the entry gate reveals it’s a nice looking ground though, very green.

West Augusta, part of the Spencer Gulf Football League, are known as the Mighty Hawks, so I’ve gone with them over Central Augusta (the Bloods) and South Augusta (the Bulldogs).

Love it.


  1. Dave Brown says

    Carn the Bloods! Would highly recommend checking out Central Oval while you’re in town Sasha. Used to be one of those little old country grounds with a trotting track around the outside. I understand it has been redeveloped recently

  2. Hi Dave, I’ll definitely check out Central Oval when next in town. Thanks, Sasha

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