Please Help Find Lost Answer to Trivia Question

Glenn Coleman in the 80s and 90s played between 60 and 70 games for each of Fitzroy, Sydney and Footscray. Only one other player has matched that feat of playing 50 matches at each of three clubs. I have been told the answer but I’m stuffed if I can remember. With the help of the Encyclopaedia of League Footballers, I have already ruled out:

Jarrod Molloy
Adrian Fletcher
Mark Kellett
Bernard Toohey
Greg Williams
Peter Francis

Thanks for your help.

(Footnote: Leigh Brown will become the third into the club if he plays another 8 games for Collingwood)


  1. Brent Croswell? Blues, Roos, Dees??

  2. Peter Flynn says

    I reckon Glen Coleman is the only one to date.

  3. John Butler says

    Close Dips

    But my research indicates Crosswell only played 48 games at Melbourne.

  4. David Downer says

    Shalom gents …yes I still live and breathe – alas, with a broken football heart.

    But this intrigued me …how bout Doc Clarke – Bris Bears (69), Bris Lions (61), Crows (118).

  5. Andrew Fithall says

    I think rule Peter Francis back in:

    Carlt 1979-81 54
    Ess 1987-88 19
    Fitz 1981-83 51
    Rich 1984-86 52

  6. Peter Flynn says

    I’ve got Francis marked as:

    Carlt 1979-81 47
    Ess 1987-88 19
    Fitz 1981-83 40
    Rich 1984-86 52

    Total of 158 games

  7. John Butler says

    The Blueseum concurs with you Flynny.

  8. Andrew Fithall says

    Yes – A check with another source brings that original statement into serious question. Another who just misses out is Geoff Raines. Only 47 at Collingwood so just misses.

  9. Matthew Clarke played 69 games at the Bears, 61 at the Lions and 118 at the Crows (as well as 10 at the Saints) Does that count?

  10. ^Should have read comment 4, sorry David

  11. Something a little off the topic now that it is resolved. (Unlike Phantom to get off track)

    Who was the Australian medium / fast bowler who played 98 games with Melbourne?

  12. …I’m sure I’ve read it in a cricket book somewhere! I know it’s not Laurie Nash or Keith Miller, although they did play both AFL and Test cricket.

  13. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Max Walker!!! Phantom.

  14. Peter Flynn says

    Max Walker played 85 games for Melb.

    Laurie Nash played 99 games for SM.

    Keith Miller played 50 games for Stk.

  15. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rocket says

    How many games did Simon O’Donnell play for St Kilda?

    Good to see that Galaxy rules!
    Glen Coleman is originally from Liverpool, Sydney…

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