Photo Gallery – Local Cricket: Brinkworth/Koolunga v Lower North

Peter Argent caught the semi-finals of the Stanley Cricket Association between Brinkworth/Koolunga and Lower North. Eighteen year-old quick Isaac Moller was in good form and gave his all.


Isaac Moller in flight.

Photo by Peter Argent.


The hair is getting in the way.

Photo by Peter Argent.


Isaac Moller delivers another quick one.

Photo by Peter Argent.


Great view of Moller from the wicketkeeper’s perspective.

Photo by Peter Argent.


  1. Paddy Grindlay says

    Huge inswinger in the last picture.

    Look at the seam position!

  2. Spot on, Paddy! As a bowler and tailender batsman, I would have no idea idea what to play against a delivery like that.

  3. Umpiring in thongs is compulsory. Years ago a mate umpired with radio and headphones until, after a considerable delay, the fielding captain asked for their removal!

    Great photos Peter.

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