Photo Gallery: Bush Cricket Grand Final – Pekina-Carrieton v Spalding-Booborowie

Peter Argent’s article about the NACA Grand Final can be found here: 


Captains – O’Dea and Shane pre-game.


NACA  Grand Final – Pekina-carrieton vs Spalding-Booborowie.

SBCC – Alex Morgan.

SBCC – Alex Morgan.

SBCC – Mark Shane on the fine leg boundary.

SBCC – keeper appeal.

PCCC – Declan Duffy.

Pekina Oval – Members grandstand.

SBCC – Lachie Wilsdon – caught and bowled chance.

PCCC – Brodie O’Dea.

Giant white gum at fine leg.

Mark Shane catch.


PCCC – Billy Tapscott celebrates the critical wicket of Morgan.


PCCC – Billy Tapscott victory hug.


PCCC – Brodie O’Dea – Billy Tapscott high five.


PCCC – Brodie O’Dea bowling.


PCCC – Brodie O’Dea keeping.


PCCC – Kieran B and McBowman celebrate a wicket.


Stacks on.




SBCC – Alex Morgan Bowled.


PCCC – Billy Tapscott celebrates his fourth wicket.

PCCC – Pekina-Carrieton 16-17 NACA Premiers A.

Pekina-Carrieton 16-17 NACA Premiers.

Peter Argent’s article can be found here: 


  1. Great stuff Peter Billy Tapscott is ex Demon Luke’s brother I coached Billy at PAC top bloke
    I will make sure the Tapscotts see the article

  2. Peter- love these photos. Growing up in Kapunda and playing cricket there and in the Barossa I expected all grounds to be lush so when I moved to the West Coast and encountered barren fields akin to the one you’ve captured here was a shock. But it was tremendous fun, and my first game at Kyancutta Number 2 ranks as highly as any.

    Thanks for these.

  3. I’m pleased to report that Pekina went on to win the the tennis grand-final too! (There’s life in the old town yet.)

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