Outraged of Richmond

Last week I was listening to the Talking Tigers (TT) podcast (Matthew Richardson, Tony Greenberg, Josh Berriman), when they made the suggestion that us Tigers supporters needed to stop watching replays of last years Grand Final until this season was over. The following is my email submitted to the TT team which they duly read out on this weeks podcast:


Outraged of Richmond
Morning boys
Listening to the TT podcast this morning – ( in Richmond – another pin for that map) – and have managed to spit my morning cuppa all over the kitchen table!
We waited 37 years for that Grand Final win – and you blokes suddenly decide we can’t watch the granny during the season!!
Have you lost your minds!?! I am gunna stick to my post granny routine of a minimum replay of a quarter a week and I’m not letting you blokes get in the way of that!
Talk of a replay ban is as bad a decision making as the Tigers supporters who left the prelim with 5 mins to go to get the early train…..and I saw plenty of em do it
Replay watch count – I’m pushing 25 easy. Including we had a full proper grand final replay at our joint on a Saturday 4 weeks after the real thing – dozen blokes in – cans party pies – in real time – only replays allowed were for Towner’s smash tackles!
You blokes need to get back on the tiger train – start a grand final moment segment – celebrate a moment from the grand final each week
Cheers Wippet


  1. I heard this on the TT podcast. Their only concession was to allow us to watch a replay during bye weekend. I’m going strong on the whole finals series, not just the grand final. Each game is worth watching repeatedly.

  2. Stainless says

    I’m a bit divided on this. Absolutely we should be able to indulge in last year’s glory and I totally agree with Gill that the finals series is a fabulous trilogy that needs to be seen and celebrated in full. That said, I will confess that I made sure I completed my viewing of Fox Footy’s “Tigerthon” in the week before Round 1.

  3. Thank you for this post Wippet for it reminded me I hadn’t yet purchased my finals series DVD pack.
    I have since promptly bought said product.
    I shall watch them slowly and thoroughly in between going to Richmond games IRL.
    yours in never ending euphoria,

  4. Joe De Petro says

    We’ll always have Paris.

  5. My Dog's Name is Richo says

    Wippet (FYI, Wippet’s dog’s name is Dusty, folks) …
    Having spent a reasonable amount of time discussing Tigers with you, and dissecting said GF, I can’t agree with this enough. I mean, 37 long, long years took me from age 12 to age 49, and that’s a lot of teen angst, adult pain and then parenting challenges (i.e. come kids, barrack for the Tigers … who are hopeless!) to be a Tiger fan.
    As far as I am concerned, we are the reigning premiers until someone knocks us off in our last game of the year. I’ll therefore enjoy going back and recalling GF moments over a coffee or beer when the mood takes me. That’s not gloating, nor is it an inability to move on … it’s just a personal guilty pleasure to wash away the years that KB, Jeansy, Geisch, Spud, Plough, etc. delivered.
    Yours in 3121,
    My Dog’s Name is Richo.

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