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Of passion and mental scarring

Last night I had a nightmare. I woke from my tossing and turning, crying.
It was a “no, not again” dream. The Bloods had lost another Grand Final… this time to the Demons!

Please God, don’t let this happen. I’d rather lose in finals week 1.

This shouldn’t happen to a man in his sixth decade, who has navigated matters of far greater importance throughout his life. September still spawns subconscious reversion to a child-like state.


About chris bracher

Known to stare longingly down Clarendon St still wondering how his red and white heroes ever left him, Chris Bracher's pining for his relocated team has been somewhat appeased by recent Bloods glory....but the pain never truly goes away!


  1. Oh Chris, you just might be on to something there. Last year a correspondent noted that for fairness, premierships should be won by teams that are ‘due’ after a long drought. Well, the Footscray win of 2016 should therefore be followed by Melbourne, who have suffered the next longest drought (53 years since 1964). So you can lock the Demons in. At least we can be sure that a deserving team will have prevailed. St Kilda will finally win again in 2018. Richmond need to wait another year, saluting in 2019. But don’t worry, Sydney are due in 2031, a year after the AFLs Frankenteam wins their first flag. Maybe they’ll even have supporters by then!

  2. Chris Bracher says

    Thanks for your “equity contribution” Ken. I follow the theme but perhaps question the premise of what constitutes “due”.
    Accordingly,I would like to counter with an equity suggestion based upon historic performance:
    If we apply the “how many premierships won in the last 80 years” lens then my beloved Bloods collection of TWO elevates them considerably on the League equity tables! The same as the Bulldogs, but less than every other Victorian team, with the exception of the mighty Saints (who look likely to miss Finals in 2017, barring miracles).
    If we then:
    1. eliminate the Frankenteam ( because doing so will upset nobody!) and
    2. disregard the equity credentials of Port Adelaide given their black and white perpetual SANFL dominance,
    ….the Swans appear to be the most “due” of any mob in the Finals series. 10 flags for Melbourne in that period does not constitute “due” under this microscope!
    Further, we could apply the “how many Grand Finals lost in the last 20 years” lens and the red and white score is FOUR! That’s bloody due in my book!
    Thanks for entering into the spirit….I’m hoping for happier dreams tonight!

  3. James Wright says

    Melbourne are out now, CB so which team now enters your nightmare?
    Oh, and as a Hawthorn supporter, I’m sleeping like a baby!

  4. Chris Bracher says

    As the black of night descends, i become vaguely aware of this contrasting yellow hue …..moonlight, or a ghastly Tigers premonition?

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