Ode to Women’s Footy (in the Corona absence)

I was had at ‘hello’ when you stormed the stage, felt inner glow at this turn of the page. A powerful debut in the epic of you.


Besotted from first bounce at the Aussie Rules announce, I became, partial to your punt, I heard the hip-and-shoulder, the grimace and the grunt.




As you battle for the prizes, I adore your shapes and sizes, ponytail or crew, in the AFLW. Delirious about your dash and scramble for the ball; perfectly imperfect is my call.




I get teary at the scrap, ooh and aah and rise to clap. Glued to the screen, stuck to the dial: even your argy-bargy makes me smile.




More Helen Garner than Patrick White, regaling us all with stories you write.


You dish a don’t-argue to the tricksters and trolls; Amazon warriors, not Barbie dolls. No shrinking violets wither this ground, or lofty pedestals where martyrs abound – talk put to swords; actions roar above those words.




(Baulk conniving producers imposing direction, and ghost writers plotting intervention – i.e. AFLsplainers and over-officiators)


I won’t patronise with more idealise, though you’re a tonic, I’m politically platonic so, as with the males, if you finesse and stall, you’ll still hear my wail, “kick the bloody ball!”




(I’ll stab-pass, though, at a future gong: your own teams, monikers and song. Same-same, but different enthral – you’re from Venus after all.)


The Aussie Rules others who hopped on the bus, shout to the world “you complete us!”



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I have had writing published and performed in various mediums, though not always with the luxury of a deadline. Below are links to some pieces published beyond this great site. https://newmatilda.com/2017/07/30/its-time-for-our-baby-democracy-to-walk/ https://meanjin.com.au/blog/the-elephant-in-the-chamber/ https://overland.org.au/2017/11/australias-workplace-laws-a-narrative-tragedy/ https://newmatilda.com/2019/05/16/the-green-blind-spot-on-australias-expanding-population/ https://www.smh.com.au/sport/tennis/is-ashleigh-barty-the-saviour-australian-tennis-has-been-waiting-for-20200108-p53prl.html https://spinksytravelworld.com/pirate-of-padstow/ https://overland.org.au/2020/10/the-slow-death-of-a-public-institution/ https://overland.org.au/previous-issues/false-documents/fiction-paul-spinks/


  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Timely reminder for us all Paul. Women also play our great game, play it well, and provide enjoyment for many.

  2. Paul Spinks says

    Thanks, Colin:

    Timing isn’t always my strong point, so good to know it was on song this time. Yes, the women’s league is a refreshing addition.

  3. That is a classic, Paul.

  4. Paul Spinks says

    Thanks, Smokie: much appreciated.

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