Oakbank races Easter 2020 – Mickey Randall and Kapunda look out!

For those of you who sleep fairly soundly and have therefore missed the news, the iconic Oakbank Easter racing carnival has just been revitalised for next year in a rare outbreak of common sense and good planning.


Instead of the Great Eastern Steeple on Easter Saturday and a fairly tired looking nondescript card on Easter Monday while folks head back home as happened this year, next year’s action will now be run over a three day carnival.


The time honoured lead up race, the Von Doussa Steeple will be run on Sunday 5 April. A mid week card will be conducted on Wednesday 8 April followed by the Great Eastern Steeple on Saturday 11 April.  Since these dates coincide with school holidays, there is every likelihood the traditional family holiday picnic zeitgeist will be just as strong as ever.


Regular readers may recall your unworthy author’s erratic account of this year’s carnival in an earlier Almanac post (24/4/2019).  Notwithstanding the many and manifest shortcomings of the aforementioned wretched scribble, if you have never been to Oakbank over Easter it is well worth a visit.


In any event, I shall now start scouring hotel bookings to plan the week.


Consequently, Mickey Randall and Kapunda tennis club, you have been warned. I know where you are. Further details off-line to avoid offence to gentler readers.


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About Roger Lowrey

Roger Lowrey is a Geelong based writer who lists his special interests as reading, writing, horse racing, Roman history and AEC electoral boundaries. Some of his friends think he is a little eccentric.


  1. Hello Ian- interesting times for Oakbank. Both Gawler and Murray Bridge have enjoyed significant upgrades and will become more prominent in the local scene while Clare continues to enjoy a devoted following at Easter.

    Oakbank’s Easter Monday meet fell victim to the usual suspects: competition from other attractions, local and televised footy, drink drive laws etc. And there’s the growing disquiet at jumps racing, let alone flat gallops.

    It remains a cracking outing however. Good luck to you!

  2. I am all in for anything described as “time-honoured”

  3. Roger, my friend Andy and I, comparative novices, went to Oakbank in 1975, on a cold and wet day. A couple of mates, Rob and Fos, supposedly knew something about the horses, one of them even pencilled for a bookie. At day’s end, Rob and Fos were broke; Andy and I made enough to treat ourselves to a scrumptious dinner at the Hotel Australia in North Adelaide. So we emerged from the day unscathed and well fed. Who says you have to understand the form? Haven’t been back since.

  4. Sorry Roger! I called you Ian. But, as Grandma used to say, better that than being called late to dinner.

    Smokie with all the hyperbolic commentary on the Everest and its supposedly rapid ascension in the minds of the public, I imagine by 2021 it will be described by some as “time-honoured.”

  5. roger lowrey says

    Ian, yes that can easily happen, although just to correct an apparent misunderstanding, I have never pretended to be a knowledgeable student of form.

    Smokie, Dr Google tells me it dates back at least to 1946 and possibly even pre war. Mind you I’m none the wiser as to who the good Mr or Ms Von Doussa is. If I don’t find out beforehand I’ll ask at the Secretary’s Office next April. I’m sure they have been asked more obscure questions before.

    Mickey, don’t stress as I have been called much worse. Talk to me before the carnival. Hopefully we can catch up in Adelaide or even Kapunda when I am over for that week.

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