No pay off for the Roos

North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs

After the morning’s high-drama eight point win over Rennie, I returned home from Waaia to watch a clash between two financially struggling sides, North Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs. One club, despite it’s money-woes, have strived on the field for the past couple of years, but haven’t hit their straps so far in 2010, while the other is a young, inexperienced side hungry for wins, but so very craving a top-four scalp.

The first quarter began and the Roos controlled the first 10 minutes but failed to make it pay on the scoreboard, before Jason Akermanis goaled after he was in the headlines for his comments about AFL homosexuals. Frankly, I agree with what he said, it’s just because Aka said it that things are getting blown way out of proportion. I rush around trying to find a tape to record the game on for Dad, I remembered it a bit late though. Sorry. Daniel Giansiracusa goaled from a great kick, and Barry Hall put through his first from a free kick. Ryan Griffen snapped the Dogs’ fourth, before Adam Cooney goaled on the run and Josh Hill made Todd Goldstein pay for missing an absolute sitter by marking, playing-on and snapping the Dogs’ sixth goal as they led the inaccurate Roos side by 31 points at the first change, 6.0 to 0.5.

The second quarter started and Will Minson took a good mark and kicked his first after a good run by Cooney. Ben Hudson also took a great grab and kicked his 11th goal of his career, before Cooney goaled from 50, followed by Josh Hill snapping a great goal from a tight angle, giving the Dogs a 53 point lead, 10.1 to 0.8. Things erupted after Hall was pushed over by the very brave Scott Thompson while Barry was doing his shoelace up. Hall grabbed Thompson in a headlock and remained in that position as they both fell to ground. It took three North players and an umpire to get Hall to stop, and he was taken from the field as the crowd started to get involved. Matt Campbell marked and got a 50m penalty, kicking North’s first goal. Finally. Brennan Stack quickly replied though, but a late goal from a great kick by Aaron Edwards saw the Roos trail by 55 points at the main break, 2.10 to 11.1.

The second half commenced and I stupidly believed North could get back in the match. Jarrad Grant gathered the ball and ran into an open goal metres in the clear, then Hill ran into the goalsquare to boot his second after Daniel Pratt lost his footing. Grant took an uncontested mark and booted his second, before Hall gathered after outpointing Thompson and kicked a major, something that would put Thompson back in his place I would believe. The Dogs led by 70 points, but the Roos provided the highlight of the day with a huge hangar taken by Scott McMahon, also taking out Dylan Addison on his way up in the air. McMahon sprung to his feet, played on, got around Hudson rather lazily and snapped a goal, but goals to Hill and Hall from an interchange breach saw the Dogs back out by 75. Sam Wright kicked a good goal from 50, but a late one to Mitch Hahn saw the Dogs leading convincingly by 75 points at the last break, 18.4 to 4.13, and all hopes of a remarkable comeback win went out the window.

The final quarter begun and Lindsay Thomas marked deep in the forward pocket. He played on and snapped a ripper, before Jack Ziebell kicked his first as my Mum entered the room, annoying me about the shocking performance the Roos were giving. Edwards took a good mark and kicked his second, and the Roos started to get some respectability back on the scoreboard, trailing by 58 points. But the Dogs got the last two goals through Nathan Eagleton and the underrated Liam Picken from 50m penalties, the Dogs winning in the end by 70 points, 20.7.127 to 7.15.57. Probably one of the worst games of football I’ve seen this year.

What silver linings can I see from this match? None really. Nathan O’Keefe was alright but kicked three behinds, Brent Harvey had an average game, Campbell and Thomas didn’t provide much, Daniel Wells had his worst game of the year and Thompson kept Hall honest despite ruffling the big gorilla up. But I know in the next couple of days I need to pay a visit to the Butchers’ in Numurkah to give the Western Bulldogs-supporting owner his can of coke I bet him during last week.

North Melbourne 0.5—2.10—4.13—7.15.57

Western Bulldogs 6.0—11.1—18.4—20.7.127


North Melbourne-Edwards 2, Ziebell, Thomas, Campbell, Wright, McMahon

Western Bulldogs-Hill 4, Hall 3, Grant 2, Cooney 2, Giansiracusa, Akermanis, Griffen, Stack, Hudson, Minson, Picken, Hahn, Eagleton


North Melbourne-Harvey, Grima, Ziebell, Goldstein

Western Bulldogs-Cooney, Lake, Hargrave, Boyd, Harbrow, Griffen, Hill, Gilbee


30,794 at Etihad Stadium


3: Adam Cooney (WB)

2: Brian Lake (WB)

1: Ryan Hargrave (WB)

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