No Footy


No footy please! It’s summer.

I’m old fashioned. I like my seasons- without the mixing  or mangling thank you.

The weather may be beyond control but the dates on the calendar are not.

The seasons give me reason and stability. I love the changes in them and appreciate the marvellous differences nature offers.

Summer’s should be long and lazy. To be enjoyed. To swim in outdoor pools until they close, and in the lakes and rivers until it’s too cold.

Post and pre winter, the in- between seasons are for recovery and  anticipation. It’s important not to upset the balance of life.

I don’t have a clue what’s happening in the pre season football competition and will make no effort to find out. It’s meaningless. I don’t care.

The flowers are still blooming , the weeds are still growing. There are shady trees to sit under, books to read, hammocks to lie in and fresh vegies to pick in the back yard.

When Easter approaches, there will be a change in the air. A different smell. A  crispness as it blows off the mountains, a heightened awareness, an  alertness. Then it will be time to adjust. To put away thongs and shorts, dig out jackets, scarves and hats. To change my mindset.

Then, it will be time. I’ll be ready. I hope my team is too.

Pamela Sherpa


  1. Well said Pamela! I wholeheartedly agree and think that you have a great philosophy of life which includes keeping footy and sport in perspective. This is not being old fashioned, but is having true freedom and being a free spirit.
    I have just had a very enjoyable weekend with a friend from Melbourne with good conversation, cooking and eating good food, drinking good wine, reading in my cool shady garden, swimming in the ocean and watching two all-time classic movies, Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ and Fellini’s ‘La Dolce Vita’.
    We totally ignored the media soap opera of the ALP leadership and the AFL practice games.
    As you quite rightly say, this is a good preparation for the AFL season in April and another successful year for the Cats.

  2. Mark,

    sounds like you would have an affinity with the north west coast of Tasmania. An armada of knackers et al is being consdiered in early June. You would be most welcome to participate.

    So would you Pamela.

  3. pamela sherpa says

    When it comes to the footy season Mark, I’d prefer quality rather than quantity. I’m not as balanced as I’d like to be but I’m working on it.
    Phantom – I’d love to visit Tassie. Haven’t been there since 1984. Keep me posted.

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