Nice sticker, I mean innings, Aaron

Well a fine performance from Aaron Finch in the T20 overnight but what really caught my eye was the godawful huge VB logo plastered across his chest! Now its no bigger than the English team’s Brit Insurance logo but its definitely more of an eyesore. Seriously it looks like someone pulled it out of an esky of melted ice and just whacked it there, more at home in Bay 13  than in the actual game.  There are plenty of issues around sponsorship of sport by tobacco, alcohol and fast food companies which can be raised elsewhere, but right now I’m just horrified by the crassness and ugliness of its size and position.

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  1. I’m not a massive nationalist by any means – in fact all that “baggy green” nonsense makes me break out in hives – but I loathe the hijacking of Australian patriotism by VB. The one that really gets my goat is the cricket shirt, where you have the VB emblem on one side of the chest and the coat of arms on the other, and both emblems are the same size. Also, the Australian captain wears a cap sporting the coat of arms on the field, and then fronts press conferences in a cap with VB on it, adding to the message that the 2 emblems are interchangeable national symbols. If any other organisation but CA was allowing this to happen, I’d say that I can’t believe they are allowing it to happen, but given that it is CA that is allowing it to happen, I’m not surprised in the slightest. They are all about the crassness.

  2. Shane Kennedy says

    At least it makes a little more sense that the NSW State of Origin team running around with VB on their shirts.

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