Never a passenger

Carlton’s slogan this year was “No Passengers”. I never thought Setanta O’hAilpin was a passenger.


I love his intensity and the way he plays with passion.

I love his Irish accent.

I love the way he crashes around in the game, and brings the ball down for our smaller players (“Setanta’s little helpers”).

I love the way he privately and passionately congratulates or berates himself on-field, after a goal, or a stuff-up.


All right, he may not have the silky skills that some players have, but there is no doubting his commitment.

And he’s Irish. I love that about him.


Now, only Heath Scotland remains from Denis Pagan’s drafting in our punishment years.

And it’s all because the AFL says you have to get rid of a minimum of three players each year.

What if you like the players you’ve got???


Vale Setanta. I will really miss you. I hope you go back to County Cork and star in hurling with your brother Sean Og.


Or maybe stay with the Blues and teach them about passion and commitment.


Whatever is best for you, Setanta.


Thanks for the memories.



Barb Sniff, passionate Carlton supporter.


  1. John Butler says

    Barb, in light of some who remain on the list, I find this a curious decision.

    I’ll miss the big bloke too.

  2. lovely tribute barb
    it’s funny isn’t it
    how these blokes grow on you .


  3. Malby Dangles says

    My thoughts exactly. I hope the Irishman gets another chance somewhere

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