NEAFL – Suns versus Redlands June 14

Having spent a largely wet afternoon at Metricon watching the Round 11 battle between the Suns and Freo with the Suns almost winning, I fronted up the following day to see the Suns play Redlands at Victoria Point in the NEAFL on another wet Queensland day.

Travelling there I wondered just how many of the Suns senior list would be available to play particularly after the senior team had played with at least two injured or underdone players the day before (Malceski and Harbrow).

By my count the Suns had four senior list players available to play in the NEAFL but three of these were talls – Smith, Day and Gorringe and the fourth had been ill for over two weeks. None could have played for either Malceski or Harbrow.

While I was expecting an interesting NEAFL game, the Under 19 game Redlands versus Morningside before the NEAFL game presented me with something that I have never encountered before in my football watching. I thought at age 60 I had probably seen it all but I was wrong!

At halftime Morningside held a comfortable lead over Redlands and then something strange happened. The second half was ready to start. Both sides were back on the ground, the field umpires were ready, the boundary umpires were ready and one goal umpire was ready but the second was nowhere to be seen.

What caused this you may ask?

Illness? Injury? Act of God? Sadly nothing so simple.

People were dispatched to try and find the AWOL umpire and the third quarter commenced with a spectator promoted to Goal Umpire!

Much discussion in the crowd about the AWOL umpire particularly when he emerged from the Victoria Point Sharks Licensed Club and sprinted down the ground to interchange with the promoted spectator. People wondered whether the AWOL umpire had been enjoying the Bill of Fare at the Licensed Club or had been making a donation via the Pokies.

After the game the AWOL umpire left the ground quickly and departed without again visiting the Victoria Point Sharks Club.

I also understand that he did not offer to split his match fee with the spectator.

60 years old and still something new, ours is a great game!

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