NAB Cup Semi: Dogs fall into a Grand Final

by Josh Barnstable

After catching a cold mid-week, I fought out the remaining days of the school week before conceding on Friday; seeing as it was cold and pouring down, I didn’t want to go out in that weather and risk getting even sicker, so I spent the day home from school, in the warmth of the house. I find it hard to believe that it is Friday already, and I remember that a game of football is mandatory when you are feeling ill.

Order must have been restored since last Sunday, with the Dogs running out in full home-uniform while the Power donned the white shorts for tonight’s encounter, fitting seeing as they are the away side. North Melbourne and Fremantle also followed these rules in last weekend’s match.

The Power start superbly with Robbie Gray sharking Jordan Roughead’s hit out to run into the opening goal of the match, before Warren Tredrea tackles his opponent, earning a free kick from outside 50. He bangs it home in his first match of 2010. Cameron Cloke marks from a kick-in and sends it back over the goal umpire’s head, giving the Power a handy 18 point lead. The Dogs are spared of the goalless quarter humiliation with a late Super goal to Ryan Griffen after a 50m penalty; the Dogs going into the first break trailing by nine, 1.0.3 to 0.3.3.

The second quarter begins and Adam Cooney kicks the opener after an unselfish Barry Hall clumsily handballs to the red-nut all alone in the goalsquare, missing him completely. The Brownlow Medallist is able to gather it and goal, though. The Power hit back with goals through Daniel Stewart, who is impressive, and Paul Stewart, who is tough as nails. Speaking of tough as nails, Mitch Hahn capitalizes on a great tackle in defence by Daniel Cross, the ball moving downfield where Hahn kicks the goal. Griffen receives from an unselfish Josh Hill just outside the goalsquare and rams home his second, before Gray cleverly snaps his second to take the margin back out to seven points. Goals through Jason Akermanis and Hall on the siren see the Dogs take the lead for the first time in the match, 1.5.8 to 0.6.4 at half time.

The second half starts and Danyle Pearce breaks free from his temporary human blanket in Liam Picken to kick a long nine-pointer, drawing scores level. Shaun Higgins makes an immediate impact after coming on through the substitution rule, kicking a goal before Hall snaps through a ripper on the boundary line. The Dogs are barking, and the Power’s energy seems sapped. But the lively Ruckman Dan Stewart brings Etihad to life with two clever goals, and then Mitch Banner weaves his way through traffic to snap a lead-grabbing goal. Hall has the final impact for the quarter though, marking and goaling on three quarter time, 1.8.13 to 1.9.7 at the last break, 70 apiece.

The final term is set to be a doozy, Brett Ebert marking and goaling in the first minute of the quarter, before Hall replies just as quickly to draw scores level. Brodie Moles, who has been impressive, gets on the end of a Hall-pass to kick his first and give the Dogs a six point lead. The Power look gone, enter Scott Harding. The Brisbane Lion discard is thrown into the fray; great pressure in the forward line for Port sees a turnover and Harding to kick the goal, bringing the margin back to two points with less than five minutes to play. Harding then gets on the end of a great tap by Dean Brogan and snaps his second, giving the Power the lead with a couple of minutes to go. Port seems to have snatched victory back from the hands of the Doggies, but they have one last crack at it. A free kick on the wing to Jason Akermanis results in a long kick inside 50 by Higgins, and Hall takes a screamer! Almost emulating Michael Gardiner against the Cats last year in Round 14, except Hall dishes of the handball to none other than Brian Lake, who was standing behind him applauding his mark. Lake looks a bit perplexed, before slamming the ball onto his boot through for a goal, probably the luckiest goal he has kicked in his career. The Dogs lead by three points, and will need to be at their barking best to hold onto that margin. The Power press forward but a free kick against Dom Cassisi sees the Dogs into their first Grand Final of any sorts since 1970, to

This was just one of those games where you didn’t know who you wanted to win. I wanted Port Adelaide to win because I rarely get to see them play on television, and they have an exciting breed of youngsters, but I’m glad the Bulldogs made it; this is a small step to making it to that one day in September.

Western Bulldogs 1.0.3—1.5.8—1.8.13—

Port Adelaide 0.3.3—0.6.4—1.9.7—


Super goals: Griffen, Pearce

Western Bulldogs-Hall 4, Moles, Lake, Higgins, Akermanis, Griffen, Cooney, Hahn

Port Adelaide-D. Stewart 3, Harding 2, Gray 2, P. Stewart, Tredrea, Cloke, Banner, Ebert


Western Bulldogs-Griffen, Morris, Hall, Moles, Cross, Cooney

Port Adelaide-Gray, Boak, K. Cornes, Salopek, Pearce, Cassisi


10,531 at Etihad Stadium


3: Ryan Griffen (WB)

2: Dale Morris (WB)

1: Robbie Gray (PA)

About Josh Barnstable

21 year old North Melbourne supporter from country Victoria. Currently living in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Sports Media. Dreams of becoming a sports journalist and broadcaster.


  1. Nice work JB. Pretty good intensity in this match.

    Throughout the game I kept thinking that Justin Westhoff reminded me of someone. Finally it hit me – the floppy-haired beardo loping and leaping around the park was evoking memories of that bloke taking the mark over John Harms on the back cover of the 2007 Footy Almanac.

  2. John Butler says

    I thought he might have been Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

  3. John Butler says

    Either one.

  4. John Butler says

    Josh, so footy’s the new chicken soup?

  5. Richard Naco says

    Does any other captain give away as many 50m penalties or critical free kicks as Dom Cassisi? I really respect Mark Williams for being so diplomatically silent as the bloke he didn’t want as captain continues to cost his team.

    No disrespect to Port, but I’m glad to see the Doggies in with a shot a title. Their form over the past few years has been at the elite level, and they can be one of the most entertaining teams to watch when on song. A pre-season title would be a just reward for their recent past, and like Aker, I reckon they’re in with a fair shot come the main season.

    Good report, JB. Hope you’re feeling better.

  6. Thanks blokes.

    1- Haha is that an insult or a compliment to Daff Gigs?

    3- It certainly made me feel better

    Did anyone notice how low Daniel Stewart was wearing his footy shorts last night? It looked stupid.

  7. And Dom Cassisi was a bit clumsy last night, he should know better than to argue with the umpire, and his late high tackle cost the Power at their last roll of the dice.

  8. Steve Healy says

    Good report Josh, I must admit I was barracking for Port at the end as well.

    Have we ever had such an early conversation on the almanac?

    Yeah, Westhoff does have a bit of Daff about him

  9. Blokes,

    I no longer have a beard or floppy hair.

    As for Westhoff’s athleticism …

  10. Damian Watson says

    Nice work Josh,

    It was an entertaining game wasn’t it, it was unselfish play by big Barry at the end and it could have been costly had Lake not slotted the goal.

    I wanted the Bulldogs to take the points, it’s always a great sight when a team breaks a drought of any kind. It will be intresting to see how the Bulldogs handle tyhe overwhelming pressure this season, even Dougie Hawkins believes 2010 is the Year of the Dog.

  11. Steve Healy says

    Hall could’ve easily kicked 7 or 8 if he hadn’t been so unselfish.

    I think the delayed St.Kilda V Freo is good, cos im listening to Adelaide V Melbourne online at 4:40, that gives me a bit of a gap between both games. Are you going tonight Damo?

  12. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’m going, hopefully the match is as transfixing as last night, I might be going with a friend but I’m not sure if not I have Medallion Club tickets so I’ll go anyway.

    I think the match will be teklecast live on Fox Sports and shown delayed on Channel 10, they did a similar line-up in the NAB Cup Semi Final last year in the Geelong-Carlton clash.

    Steve here is a clip I think you will enjoy, I love the part when Barassi is fiery:

  13. Damian Watson says

    Did anyone see Salopek’s screamer? I think it was taken in the third term.

    I just realised you might have that clip on DVD already Steve.

  14. Steve Healy says

    oh ok, I wouldnt know since I was at that game. I really wish I could go today/tonight.

    I really want my Dad to get medallion club tickets again. He got them for Bulldogs V West Coast in 2008 The Dogs won 20.14 134 to 11.8 74, and Kangaroos V melbourne (19.12 126 to 9.8 62) and Western Bulldogs V Port ADelaide (20.13 133 to 17.11 113) in 2007, so I’ve only ever been to 3

  15. Steve Healy says

    whats the clip Damo? Sorry, I cant get on to Youtube

    That was a magnificent mark, he kept his eyes on the ball for the whole time

  16. Damian Watson says

    It’s a bit of Melbourne’s history from 1982-87, it includes the Barassi-Zantuck spat and their interview together years later.

    Yeah I’ve been to quite a few games sitting in the Medallion Club over the years.

  17. Steve Healy says

    Nice, Damo. Yeah I’ve seen that vision on the electrifying 80’s as well as an old Demons video I have called: The Red and the Blue, which is about the dees history from 1939-99, its really interesting.

    I love the medallion club, we always sat just right of the wing towards the coventry end

  18. Steve Healy says

    status- Can’t wait till the Dees game starts!

  19. Damian Watson says

    What’s your opinion on the interactive in-built TV’s that are avaliable, are they useful or do they distract you from the match?

    I sit towards the pocket so I don’t have access to those mini TV’s.

    Really? sounds like a great DVD, no doubt it will include the 1998 Qualifying Final.

  20. Damian Watson says

    It annoys me how they supply you with a free copy of The Age! If it really was ‘Sporting Heaven’ then surely the Herald Sun would be the preferred choice! lol

  21. Steve Healy says

    Its a video, weve probably had it for about 10 years, I just havent watched it in ages lol. Yep, thats right. Gee what a game it was, Dees won 17.13 115 to 9.13 67, Neitz and Farmer 6 each! And how good was Farmer’s double handed tap! Gee, it was such a good game.

    I dont like them, they are a distraction, although it could be useful if your there on saturday night and theres another saturday night game on, but when you go to the footy, you go to watch the game! I remember seeing a couple of kids watching the simpsons, what the hell! We didn’t have the TV’s, they started at the bay to the left of us

  22. Steve Healy says

    20- You’ve gotta be kidding me! The Age is clearly better than that “tabloid” crap. I never knew that, I didn’t get an Age when I went.

    Oh yeah, and you might also notice that there’s a massive ad for the Age on Etihad Stadium, as we saw

  23. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I think The Age has only recently been handed out. Ian Collins is behind all that Age advertising.

    I agree sometimes the TV can be a distraction, the only time I would connsider using the TV is when I attend an A-League match lol.

  24. Medallion Club?

    Who’s mark was better? Salopek’s or Hall’s at the end? Hall’s mark was good, but you have to admire Salopek’s courage and that he didn’t take his eyes off the ball.

    Yeah the Saturday night match during the Semi-Final of the NAB Cup is on Ch10 but is televised by Fox. Has been like that for a few years now. I missed last year’s Semi-Final clashes because i was out camping with mates. I remember that weekend, it went from the Friday after school to the Monday afternoon, and we didn’t even pack a tent! And i woke up and a Koala was 15m away from me. And i remember joking about how the world would end while we were out in the bush and i heard on the radio that earthquakes had hit Melbourne while Collingwood v Essendon was on, so i was starting to fear that my prediction was coming true. Jack Anthony kicked seven goals that night.

  25. Steve Healy says

    hahaha yeah, good point, I’d rather watch Channel 31 than an A-League game. I’ve always wanted to sit in a corporate box, I never have though.

    Should be an exciting afternoon, 4 games of footy to follow via the internet.

  26. I like Sam Edmunds article in the HS today about who is going to be the Daniel Rich/Joel Selwood of 2010.

  27. Steve Healy says

    Hall’s was better in the context of the game of course, but Salopek’s mark was better.

    Hahahaha, there was only one earthquake, I remember watching Collingwood V Essendon and the whole room started shaking, I thought I was just imagining it. And I remember a week later one followed at 4 in the afternoon, and I thought I was just imagining it again lol

  28. Steve Healy says

    Isn’t this early for a major almanac conversation? I bet Danni’s still in bed

  29. This isn’t really a major conversation, nice to see the older generation commenting as well.

    I’ve been up since about 8:40, just got back from town.

  30. Steve Healy says

    same, even though I went to sleep at about 1:30 last night I got up just before 9, but my whole family’s out, or almost, my sisters going out and my brothers going to work. I really wish that we could chat to the older generation more often

  31. Steve Healy says

    And Josh, the Medallion club is the equivalent of MCC members at Etihad Stadium. The seats are along the broadcast side wing on level 2, and its really expensive to get a membership but some companies have reserved seats, like my Dad’s so ocassionly I can get seats there.

  32. Damian Watson says

    I never felt those earthquakes last year although plenty of my friends certainly copped a fair brunt of it.

    Yeah I read that article Josh, he made some good points as well.

    Did you read the article in the Confidential section where James Brayshaw mistakenly called anthony Hudson instead of Rex Hunt for the Trple M position. Huddo did his best Rex impersenation and Brayshaw didn’t realise the blue he made until the following morning.

  33. 32: Nah, i read the headline but that’s it lol, i’ll have a look later.

    Oh is that right, why bother with special seats at the game? Where we sat at the North v Cats game was perfect.

  34. Steve Healy says

    33- Josh, for a lot of home and away games you can only sit in the top level for general admission tickets.

    32- Hahaha are you serious Damo? Anthony Hudson and Gerard Wheatley both live in Ashburton, right near me, yet ive never seen either of them before. Hudson just moved here though

  35. 34: Gee, all the people who can’t grow facial hair seem to live in Ashburton.

    Carlton v West Coast is being played now, correct?

  36. Steve Healy says

    It starts at 1:30, Josh.

    hahaha, Huddo is the youngest looking 38 year old I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve actually got a sort of facial thing going now

  37. Damian Watson says

    We’ve been fortunate to find sensational seats for both of the games we have attended over the last fortnight.

    I think Jarryd Roughead lives around your area too Steve, a few of my friends live in the Burwood/Ashburton area.

    My dad and I recieved corporate box tixckets for the 2006 Richmond-North Melbourne match at the MCG but we were heading to the Northern territory on the same day which was grossly unfortunate!

  38. Steve Healy says

    actually, Gerard Wheatley might not live in ashburton, he only lives 10-20 houses down my street, but I think its in Glen Iris (the next suburb)

  39. 36: Thought it started at 10:30? That might have been AWST.

    I couldn’t care less if North Melbourne loses or wins today, as long as no one gets injured and the youngsters perform. How good has this year’s NAB Cup been? Only a couple of serious injuries with Cale Morton and James Sellar and most matches have been tight and entertaining.

  40. 37: Ahh i remember that match, Richmond won by 35 points, and that night Michael Rix made his debut for the Saints against Sydney and kicked the first goal of the night, even though it shaved the goalpost.

  41. Steve Healy says

    Never seen Roughead, I’ve heard Rodney Eade lives in Ashburton, Todd viney used to before he moved to Adelaide, Luke Ball grew up around here, Adem Yze lives around, since his son goes to the child care centre that my sister works at (which is just up the street). And I think Robbo used to live around as well.

  42. Steve Healy says

    yep, as I said in my report which is up on the site, the seventh game that has been decided by 14 points or less.

    Yeah, its so sad about Morton.

    Josh, its 10:30 in Perth, which is surprisingly early, so 1:30 here. Gee, if the game was 10:30 here the game would start at 7:30 in perth lol

  43. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I agree Josh although you can’t help but wonder about the prospect of the new Home and Away Season, I certainly have March 25th marked in my calender.

    Are we attending a Round 1 match or not?

  44. It’s hard adjusting to the times of games in other states. When i went to Adelaide a few years ago i went to watch the footy at the standard 1:00 timeslot on Sunday on channel 9 but it started half an hour earlier.

  45. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I really cant wait for Round 1. We’ll be going to at least one round 1 match,I think Josh is going to the almanac lunch so it’d make sense if we went to Geelong V Essendon that night

  46. 43: I couldn’t believe when i read that Tom Scully and Jack Trengove will be in Dean Bailey’s starting 22 on March 27 in the HS today, that’s only three weeks away!

    I don’t know yet. Even if i can’t i’m sure you guys can still go.

  47. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha, its just common sense that NT, SA are 30 mins behind, and WA is 2 hours behind in non-day light savings, and 3 hours during day light savings here

  48. Damian Watson says

    Yeah the match is being played at Leederville, i’ll mirror waht Josh has mentioned and hope there are no major injuries and that youngsters perform admirably.

    The only players that would show any animosity for the Pre-season comp is Shaun Rehn and to a lesser extent Matthew Lloyd.

  49. 47: And QLD are an hour behind during Day light savings.

  50. Steve Healy says

    Yeah the home and away season is fast approaching, thats for sure.

    I’ve never had the problem, I went to Adelaide once when I was 1 or 2, apart from that ive never been out of the time zone

  51. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, your right Josh I forgot about that.

    I remember when I got Yze’s autograph on my way home from school in grade 6..

  52. Steve Healy says

    Speaking of Shaun Rehn

  53. Damian Watson says

    I’ve never really had that problem even while I was in Adelaide throughout some stage of the footy season.

  54. I find it amazing that Paul Salmon re-entered the game at 37 years of age in 2002, don’t yell at me for just realizing this now.

  55. Steve Healy says

    54- HAHAHAHA! lol, sorry I couldnt help myself

  56. Damian Watson says

    Oh so you were living inside a rock in 2002 just like Saddam Hussein! lol

    Yeah the fish made a return in the Round 7 match against Carlton, Tony Lockett also made a well-documented comeback that year, albeit less successful.

  57. 55: Well, i did know, but i didn’t know he was 37. I just thought about researching him after seeing him kick a goal against Richmond in the Auskick CD’s Damo gave me.

  58. Steve Healy says

    53- Is your life an Australian road trip Damo? Although, I do understand you wanting to get away from Wantirna South

  59. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, Lockett just played 2 games. Remember the talk about James Hird making a comeback?

  60. 56: Yeah i knew about Plugger.

    Damo, i didn’t know what AFL was in 2002! Well, i learnt in Round 20 of 2002 when i went to North v Carlton, which we won.

  61. Steve Healy says

    Someone told me that you can listen online to West Coast V Carlton on here: it doesn’t seem to be working for me though

  62. Steve Healy says

    Josh, did you know that the current AFL logo came in 2000? lol

  63. 62: I know that Coca-Cola was one of the major sponsors of the AFL around that time..

  64. Damian Watson says

    58- What is wrong with wantirna south? lol you do realise I live in a housing estate so i’m probably live in the friendly part of the neighbourhood.

    Yeah we do travel a lot, although I still haven’t been to Waaia!

    Good to see your enjoying those Cd’s Josh.

  65. What’s a wantirna?? Lol

    Speaking of Waaia, driving out of my driveway this morning and we found eight cows crowding around our mailbox eating the grass around it. Dunno who’s they were, but they were gone by the time we got back.

  66. Damian Watson says

    64- Sorry I meant- I probably live.

    Thanks Steve! I’ll try the link.

    Yeah Coca-Cola was the major sponsor of the AFL from 1995-2000 I think.

  67. Steve Healy says

    Do you know what the old logo looked like? And how could you not know what the AFL was?

  68. Damian Watson says

    Wantirna South is a suburb in Eastern Melbourne- it’s produced footballers such as Ayden Kennedy, Peter Everitt, Kieran McGuiness etc.

  69. Yeah i’m looking on Wikipedia now, i looked up Wantirna South and you can click surrounding suburbs and it keeps branching to the way your going, and i found Ashburton, then i looked for Croydon but couldn’t find it. I think Croydon is North-East of Melbourne, right?

    67: Who cares what the old logo looked like, all that matters is here and now. And i had an idea of what AFL was i just couldn’t name one player other than Anthony Stevens. And i used to do footy tipping and i was raised to always pick North Melbourne and NEVER pick Carlton by my parents.

  70. Damian Watson says

    When I meant housing estate I didn’t mean a single building, I live in a two story house in a suburban area which is referred to as an estate.

    Josh, I’m curious about your Dad’s footy career, who did he play for and in what capacity?

  71. Steve Healy says

    Kieran McGuiness lol. im sure there’d be more footy players from/ living in Ashburton that im not aware of

  72. Damian Watson says

    Croydon is near Lilydale it is an outer eastern suburb.

  73. Damian Watson says

    71- Yeah I know you’re right, Ashburton has probably produced footballers who have had a fair career.

  74. Steve Healy says

    ok, not only that radio link doesn’t work, but its stuffed up my computer twice

  75. Damian Watson says

    Yeah the link isn’t working on my computer either, doesn’t matter.

  76. Steve Healy says

    Ashburton is the best town. Friendly community, all the shops you need, two train stations, near schools, hospitals etc. And hardly any voilence either, an old man got bashed to death last year and obviously the pram incident, but apart from that Ashburton has a clean reputation

  77. 70: Two story!?!?!

    I’m not entirely sure Damo, i think he played for 20 years but it was for Waaia, and played in the backline i think, and i think he kicked the winning point in a match once. I’ll ask tonight when he gets home from work.

  78. Damian Watson says

    lol I just read on Wikipedia that a politician once labelled Ashburton as ‘Kath and Kim’ country, which obviously indicates that she thiks the suburb has a lot of bogans.

    But I think Ashburton is one of the best areas in Melbourne, I think you can categorise it as one of the leafy suburbs.

  79. Damian Watson says

    77- Josh I think I sent the address via e-mail have a look at the house on Google Earth.

    It’s not that big, it’s just another two-storey house.

  80. Dandenong has to be the best.

  81. Damian Watson says

    80- I do hope you are being sarcastic Josh.

  82. Steve Healy says

    The Eagles kicked the first goal of the game, thats all I know

  83. Steve Healy says

    Yeah its a leafy suburb

  84. 81: Haha

    79: When did you send this email? And to what address?

    I’ll take a wild prediction and say West Coast by 24 points.

  85. Steve Healy says

    I tipped Adelaide by 24 against the Dees today.

    West Coast 2.1 13 Carlton 0.1 1, West Coast with the wind in the first

  86. Steve Healy says

    Damo, did you see the pics I sent of the Roos V Freo game?

  87. Damian Watson says

    I think I sent it to your address on the 10th February.

  88. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I saw the pics, the shot with Hayden Ballantyne sprinting to our direction is great.

  89. Oh yeah i see it now, haha that’s my oldest email address, i don’t use it coz it has 2240 emails but luckily yours was on the second page. And obviously i never forwarded it to anyone, so i’ll do that now. Was their a reason you sent me that email? Did i ask you what your address was? I can’t remember.

  90. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Its awesome Damo lol.

    Blues seem like their struggling

  91. Damian Watson says

    89- Yeah you asked me for my address.

  92. Damian Watson says

    Well I hope they can lift the intensity, are the blues still goalless?

  93. Oh ok. Yeah it’s an alright looking house, i looked it up on streetview on Google maps. Obviously my house won’t come up on streetview but it’s 1187 Rendells Road Waaia if you want to have a look.

  94. Steve Healy says

    It was 2.1 13 to 0.2 2 a few minutes, Grigg kicked a behind

  95. Steve Healy says

    are you kiding Damo, thats a mansion!

  96. Steve Healy says

    so you just live off the end of high st, thats interesting. So how do you get home from Glen Waverley station?

  97. Damian Watson says

    95- lol I knew that you would say that Steve, I don’t think my house compares to the vast luxurious houses in Ashburton.

  98. Where are you getting this game information Steve?

    I tried that link, it works for me except the media player won’t start playing.

  99. 97: Don’t forget the luxurious houses in Waaia!

  100. Damian Watson says

    I get driven home, my parents pick me up from the station.

  101. Steve Healy says

    here and im going through forum websites. Its 3.3 21 to 0.2 2

    Look at my house in google maps, Im sure you guys all know my adress off by heart lol

  102. 74 Dent Street, Ashburton

  103. Steve Healy says

    I know there are plenty of luxiorious houses in Ashburton, but mine is FAR from luxirious

  104. Steve Healy says

    102- Correct!

  105. Steve Healy says

    Quarter time at leederville, Eagles lead 3.4 22 to 1.2 8


    For the latest on North Melbourne v Hawthorn. Apparantly the weather is appalling at Ballarat.

  107. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that’s a good house Steve, plenty of trees in your front yard!

  108. Steve Healy says

    Cheers Josh, its awesome that the Roos website has one of those things

  109. Good effort on getting over 100 comments on this and we’ve only just gotten past dinner time!

  110. Steve Healy says

    107- Its a nice looking house, but its tiny! And for the last time, those trees have been gone for a year and a half! lol

  111. Steve Healy says

    109- hahaha no

  112. Steve Healy says

    wow, its pitch black and the lights are on in Ballarat!

  113. 108: My comments are getting through, i’m under the name ‘Josh’. I sent one about Tarrant at 2:06

  114. Damian Watson says

    Oh so you cut them down, they really need to update Google maps.

    Apparently Robbie Tarrant is playing in Franklin, Blues will have to play catch-up football.

  115. Steve Healy says

    hey Josh is this you:

    [Comment From Josh Josh: ]
    Would like to see Tarrant playing up forward

  116. Steve Healy says

    well, that answeres the question lol

  117. 115: Sure is

  118. Steve Healy says

    Roos up 0.1 1 to 0.0 0 9 minutes in lol, its bucketing down It looks like it’ll be 30 to 30 or something

  119. Three comments have gone through for me, but i’m gonna stop now. They take a couple of minutes to be shown so its not really relevent when mine show up lol.

  120. Steve Healy says

    One of mine went up! lol

  121. Comment From Steve Steve: ]
    looks like scores will be hard to come by today

  122. Steve Healy says

    yep, ill send some more in, that went up straight away

  123. Steve Healy says

    Wells kicked the first! 0.0 0 to 1.1 7. Not Edwards josh!

  124. Steve Healy says

    Eagles 5.4 34 Blues 1.3 9

  125. Aaron Edwards goal for the Roos.

    AHH!! Bloody hell

  126. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I think lightning is par for the course in Ballarat, it’s fairly sunny and warm here in Melbourne.

    Anyway got to go.

  127. Cya.

    It’s an alright day in Waaia

  128. Steve Healy says

    yeah its cooling down and becoming a bit cloudy in Melbourne though

    Cya Damo

  129. Steve Healy says

    2:17 [Comment From Josh Josh: ]
    I agree with Steve, go Roos! Saturday March 6, 2010 2:17 Josh

    2:16 [Comment From Steve Steve: ]
    carn the roos!


  130. Lol mine went up straight away when i typed that.

  131. Steve Healy says Jess – no 9 pointers yet – going to be a tough with weather like this. However it has cleared up a bit for the moment.

    WHAT AN IDIOT! there arent 9 pointers in challenge games, and this is coming from the person whos updating it!

  132. Yeah i sent a comment saying their are no 9-pointers in NAB Challenge matches, but it never got put up.

    Comment From Joe Joe: ]

  133. Steve Healy says

    Eagles up 6.6 42 to 1.3 9, Roos up 0.1 1 to 3.1 19. This is the sort of game that Hawthorn would lose

  134. Steve Healy says

    same, severe thunderstorm warning? really?

  135. Steve Healy says

    by the way, there must be another Steve on the thing, cos I didnt say “bastinac will be a star”

  136. Roos are doing very well, i’m surprised and glad. Urquhart kicked his first goal in blue and white colours.

    That’s what Joe said, although Thunderstorms can’t hurt people, right? All it is is major sound.

  137. Steve Healy says

    exactly, Josh look at my last comment on the thing

  138. Have a look at MY last comment lol

  139. Steve Healy says

    [Comment From SHLJ SHLJ: ]
    I know one Josh Barnstable who’d be happy right now

  140. [Comment From Josh Barnstable Josh Barnstable: ]
    Carn Roos!!

  141. Steve Healy says

    Eagles lead 7.6 48 to 2.5 17 by the way

  142. I’m on there too, you might have noticed a few comments by AdamB, they’re me.

  143. Steve Healy says

    [Comment From Steve Healy Go Dees}

    hahaha! Bastinac seems to be on fire

  144. 142: I thought that was you!

  145. Danielle says

    goodmorning!! :)

  146. Yeah I noticed you guys on there, you were pretty obvious.

  147. Steve Healy says

    Thanks for that last comment Josh!

  148. Steve Healy says

    Hello Danni!

    Look at comment 28

  149. 145: Mornin

  150. Danielle says

    28- right u are steve
    well u fellas have fun im off to my driving lesson!
    i be back in and hour and a half!

  151. Steve Healy says

    cya Danni.

    Simon Taylor’s injured apparently

  152. Yeah, getting stretchered off the field.

    Funny if people were looking for NAB Challenge match updates and were using us as a source lol.

  153. Steve Healy says

    yeah that would be funny lol, I was thinking about that.

    For those lowlifes reading our conversation!

    West Coast 7.6 48 to Carlton 2.5 17 at half time, Roos lead the Hawks 3.3 21 to 0.2 2

  154. Steve Healy says Steve – Ziebell been hard at it as usual – haven’t seen Anthony as yet


  155. [Comment From Michael Michael: ]
    Its thundering in Wheelers Hill

    Comment From Dom Dom: ]
    It’s bucketing down here in Werribee.

    [Comment From Jeff Jeff: ]
    good point about Drewy

    Even the other guys are posting!

  156. Steve Healy says

    155- Michael lives in Wheelers Hill, and Dom lives in Werribee? lol

  157. Danielle says

    …………u guys!! :(
    i dont wanan drive!!!!!!!

  158. Danielle says


  159. Steve Healy says

    Bloody hell! The neighbours are on their garage roof, which is right next to my fence and they can see right into and backyard and probably almost into my bedroom window where I am typing this! bloody hell!

  160. Steve Healy says

    Whats there to be scared about, you can drive like no one else

  161. Your not that sacred are you?

    I find it stupid that people are commenting saying “Who got injured?” When they can just scroll down and see for themselves.

  162. Danielle says

    I dont wanna drive in the THUNDERSTROM!!!

  163. Danielle says


  164. Haha, good old Waaia. Blue skies, roughly 25 degrees.

  165. Steve Healy says

    Has the thunderstorm hit Coburg? Its just hitting 74 dent st Ashburton now

  166. Steve Healy says


  167. Danielle says

    165- ohhhhhhh ITS HIT US ALRIGHT

  168. Steve Healy says

    167- Hail the size of bricks, yep, thats easy to believe.

  169. Danielle says

    Steve..IM SCARED!!!!!
    *Hugs pendleburybear*

  170. Steve Healy says

    its ok honeybird…

  171. Lol the people on the Kangaroos update thing are complaining of hail as well.

  172. Danielle says


  173. Steve Healy says

    it isnt even raining in ashburton!

    I really wanna see this hail

  174. Steve Healy says

    wells just kicked 2 quick goals for the Roos. 0.2 2 to 5.4 34, 18 minutes gone in the second lol

  175. WELLS!

  176. Steve Healy says

    Wells is starring, 3 goals for him

  177. Where’s Jeff? He’s always said Wells is a hack and doesn’t deserve a spot in the North side. Michael said that as well a couple of weeks ago.

  178. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha, absolutely hillarious situation, the kid next door’s parents are telling him to get down from the garage roof, hahaha!

  179. Steve Healy says

    I can hear it all perfectly

  180. Yes i love hail! David Hale that is.

  181. Steve Healy says

    Eagles up 9.7 61 to 4.5 29 in the third. SHit, its actually hailing!

  182. Danielle says

    Edwards is kinda cute…

  183. Danielle says

    just got a call from my instructor-
    appenrtly its safe enough for ME to drive..ME!!

  184. 182: Yeah sorta

  185. Steve Healy says

    my roof sounds like its about to collapse!

  186. 183: can’t you say you don’t feel safe driving in those conditions?

  187. Steve Healy says

    its all white outside! there as big as golf balls

    It is scary!

  188. You can’t be serious. There is not a cloud in the sky here. Although i hope the rain and hail comes my way.

  189. Steve Healy says

    this is the most bizare weather ive ever seen!

  190. Steve Healy says

    windows broken!

  191. Steve Healy says

    0.3 3 to 7.4 46 at half time, what the hell!

  192. Damian Watson says

    I’m starting to get the roth of the hailstorm, I guess we are lucky we didn’t go to the footy today Steve, what was it you had planned?

  193. Steve Healy says

    yeah its very convinient that we chose not to go today!

  194. Steve Healy says

    I had planned? I just have to be home cos im sick and need rest or something.

    Has Brisbane V Geelong been called off?

  195. Damian Watson says

    My lawn has turned into a ski resort it just consists of hailstones.

    How are the blues faring?

  196. Steve Healy says

    it was 11.9 75 to 6.7 43 at three quarter time

  197. Damian Watson says

    Paul Peos 1993 Waverley Park, now I know how he felt that afternoon.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if it has been called off.

  198. Steve Healy says

    same, its all white and dent st is a river

  199. Steve Healy says

    197- hahaha yeah Damo, im looking on the bigfooty forum now, It seems that the players went on the ground but the storm returned so they went back off, its gonna be hard to follow the Dees game on the radio lol

  200. Franklin just kicked the first goal for the Hawks, but the Roos had kicked the first nine up to that point. And just kicked his second. 9.4.58 to 2.4.16.

  201. Steve Healy says

    I think Brisbane V Geelong has been officialy cancelled

  202. Steve Healy says

    unbelievable, how are the Hawks playing so shit?

  203. Steve Healy says

    expect a 5,000 crowd at Etihad tonight

  204. Damian Watson says

    Yep I heard a similar statement, I was just thinking what would we could have done in this situation we probably would’ve been stuck in the city.

    Gee, North are definitely dominating which is an understatement.

    I’m just checking the radar and the storm should ease in the short term.

  205. Because they are playing the Roos!

    I suspect the roof will be closed tonight.

  206. Steve Healy says

    On SEN someone said that all the roads to Etihad Stadium are flooded!

  207. Steve Healy says

    But seriously, I know they have a few stars out, but they must not be trying

  208. Damian Watson says

    Well I’ll be driven to the game tonight, providing we are still going.

    My dad just pulled into the driveway so he has survived the storm lol.

  209. Steve Healy says

    Damo, how sad would it be if we went to a called off game

  210. The Hawks have kicked 4 goals to 2 this quarter, 9.7.61 to 4.4.28.

  211. Steve Healy says

    Hawks are coming back: 4.4 28 to 9.5 59

  212. Steve Healy says

    does Franklin have 3 or 4?

  213. Damian Watson says

    Well don’t write them off yet.

    I hope your parents cars are alright Steve,ours are a little worse for wear.

  214. New facebook fanpage: “I SURVIVED THE GREAT MELBOURNE HAILSTORM OF 6 MARCH 2010” -_-

  215. 214: Gee they work quick don’t they?

  216. Steve Healy says

    I dunno, my parents will be home later tonight.

    Listen to SEN, apperantly the Cats are training on one of the grounds next to Visy Park, and they interrupted a cricket game that was being played

  217. A cricket game in that weather? And the Cricketers should have told them to piss off, the Cats can’t just march onto any oval and take claim of it.

  218. Steve Healy says

    Yeah apparently there was a fight, they were waiting in the pavillion, hoping the rain would stop and the whole Geelong team just marched on in their playing gear. That wouldve been so funny lol

  219. Steve Healy says

    TQT- Hawks 4.4 28 Roos 9.8 62.

    Its all over at Leederville- Eagles 16.9 105 Carlton 9.12 66, the Blues improved in the second half

  220. Ben Ross has kicked two goals, he should be in North’s starting 22 come Round 1

  221. Steve Healy says

    The Roos seem really turned on for the 2010 season. Win to Geelong, Unfortunate loss to the Dockers, thrashing of the Hawks

  222. Hmm, maybe Michael will belive me now that the Roos are in for a good year. Although the Hawks have kicked two quick goals to trail by 29 points.

  223. 10.10.70 to 6.5.41.

  224. 11.11.77 to 6.5.41. Matt Campbell kicked a nice goal on the run. Jack Ziebell has been impressive in the last quarter.

  225. Steve Healy says

    how many has buddy kicked?

  226. 225: Who cares? 3-5 goals, i know that much.

  227. Urquhart just roved a pack to snap his second goal of the afternoon, 12.11.83 to 6.5.41.

  228. Steve Healy says

    ahh, Fiveaa on the net! 24 minutes till the game starts, Go DEES!

  229. Roos won 12.11.83 to 6.7.43. Impressive game, Wells kicked 3, Ross and Urquhart booted 2 each. Best players were Bastinac, Wells, Urquhart, Ziebell and Josh Smith.

    So where can i get coverage of Melbourne v Adelaide now?

  230. Steve Healy says

    go to Thanks for that Josh.

    Lol, Apparently their starting at 4:50 instead of 4:30 cos the Dees arrived late to the ground! lol

  231. Steve Healy says

    the stream is working perfectly, no flaws at all. I love footy

  232. Steve Healy says

    Raining lightly at Elizabeth

  233. Steve Healy says

    im gonna do a report

  234. Danielle says

    im back from surfing, or should i say DRIVING

  235. Steve Healy says

    Danni, the Dees are playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. Only 10 minutes to go Steve.

  237. Steve Healy says

    yeah, its so good how I can listen to the game on the nte

  238. Recon

  239. Steve Healy says


  240. Danielle says

    235- LOL yayyy for u?
    is it tv?

    lol u guys i was eating at the wheel! :)

  241. Steve Healy says

    Nah im just excited cos I get to listen on the radio via the net lol

  242. 240- That pure talent Danni !

  243. Danielle says

    242- lmaoo I know eyy Jeff!
    lol my instructor gave me chocolate to calm me down lol

  244. 243- Kool as.

  245. hey guys, have you all experienced this storm?

  246. Danielle says

    245- Dom i drove in about 15 mins ago! lmaoo

  247. We havn’t got the storm up here yet dom.

  248. 246- haha, at least your alive then

  249. Danielle says

    248- lmaoo it was so badd it was like driving in a shallow pool!!

  250. the brisbane vs geelong match got called off because of it

  251. im still 15, i dont get my learners till june

  252. Danielle says

    Steve i jst saw the photos! nawwwwwwww
    u guys are adorable!!!!!!
    lmaoo i like the one of damo’s feet! and the one of steve! soo cute!! :D

  253. Danielle says

    251- well make sure u get them right away
    i didnt bother getting mine til like last september and i had turned 17 in MAY and i only started driving this year.

  254. Steve Healy says

    10 mins in.

    Adel 3.1 19 to Melb 0.0 0

    Edwards 6 possessions, Tippett 2 goals

  255. 254: Haha

    It’s started thundering here and the skies are now Robbie Gray

  256. 251- Same !

  257. JURRAH !!

  258. Steve Healy says

    19 minutes gone, Adelaide 3.1 19 to 2.0 12.

    Jurrah goal from over his head from the GS, Scully set shot from 50. GO DEES!

  259. Danielle says

    258- ooooooohhhhhhhh the dees are comming

  260. 259- It’s not all good news, couple of injuries.

  261. Danielle says

    to who?

  262. Steve Healy says

    Quarter time, Adelaide 3.2 20 to 3.0 18

    A Goals: Tippett 2, Cook.

    M Goals: Jurrah, Scully, Petterd.

    Bell and Jurrah both off the ground with serious shoulder injuries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!

  263. Jurrah and Bell, both shoulders the commentators are saying.

  264. Steve Healy says

    I cannot believe it, Jurrah’s injured!

    On a brighter note, Scully and Trengove have been really impressive, Edwards, Mackay, Tippett and McLeod the best for Adelaide

    Dees dominated from the 10-min mark

  265. Yeah it was a topsy turvey quarter, Edwards is running amok and picking up easy touches everywhere.

  266. Steve Healy says

    So you’re listening online as well.

    I just hope the Dees can get up now without the two

  267. Yeah not anymore though, was a good first quarter there labbeling Scully as a left-footed Chris Judd.

  268. Danielle says



  269. Steve Healy says

    Goals to Miller and Maric! Dees by 9!!!! 21-30

  270. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,

    Gee let’s hope Jurrah’s injury isn’t too serious and he can be fully fit by Round 1, all the bad luck happens at Elizabeth.

    It’s been chaos around my area, apparently Ferntree Gully was one of the worst hit and that’s about 5 minutes away. My dad was at Bunnings as the roth of the storm hit and all of the cars in the parking area were severly damaged, windscreens were broken and their was hail the size of golfballs smashing down on his car, so there are plenty of dents on the car.

    I’d doubt that I can go to the match tonight, I guess I can settle for the delayed coverage.

  271. Danielle says

    Damo u have cute feet! :P

  272. Damian Watson says

    Do you like the runners Danni? lol

  273. Steve Healy says

    Miller kicks his second!!!!!!!!!! 19 mins gone. 3.6 24 to 6.0 36. Trengove 14 possessions!

  274. Hmm i send my love to Jurrah.

    The Dees are being accurate, what’s the situation Steve? What jumpers, what’s the weather like, all that stuff.

  275. Danielle says

    272- lmao yep!
    you two are so cute! would have been even cuter in matching raincoats!

  276. Steve Healy says

    allmost half time ill give a report then

  277. Danielle says

    i have the Age for the last 3 days, but have i even raed any of them? no
    meanwhile ive read Fridays HS three times!

  278. 277: Good on you Danni. I’m looking forward to getting the AFL 2010 Fixture poster in my HS tomorrow, what will the Age have to offer?

  279. Damian Watson says

    I’m guessing you read Ralphy’s article about 6 times.

  280. Danielle says

    278- seriouly Josh, i can read a newspaper that DOESNT HAVE RALPHY!!

  281. Damo what size shoe are you? Size 7? lol

  282. Danielle says

    281- damo has cute feet!

  283. Damian Watson says

    While Steve and I were in the city I pointed out the huge structure that is the Herald Sun building while The Age was a depleted old office that looked like it was around in the Depression era.

  284. You mean he has a cute shoe, you can’t see his feet. If he was wearing thongs that statement would be correct, but you can’t wear thongs to the footy.

  285. Danielle says

    lmaoo i was in sydney my cousin drove me to the city and we passed the offices for ‘The Morning Herald’ or whatever its called there and hes like “ill drop you off here?” and im liek “YES!”

  286. Damian Watson says

    I’m size 10 Josh!

  287. Danielle says

    284- lmaoo

  288. Danielle says

    im a 7!

  289. Oh my bad lol, i’m size 13 i think. Greg is size 14, oh speaking of it’s his 15th birthday today.

  290. Danielle says

    and i wanna tax Steves jumper/jacket!

  291. 289-I’m 13 too, Greg is like the second most talked about thing on here apart from footy lol.

  292. Danielle says

    lol is it?

  293. Steve Healy says

    Siren just sounded!

    Adelaide 3.7 25 Melbourne 7.2 44 at half time.

    Goals Adel: Tippett 2, Cook. Melb: Petterd 2, Miller 2, Maric, Scully, Jurrah.

    Dees too strong, Adelaide really fumbly and inaccurate when kicking on goal. Trengove 16 possessions (11 in that quarter), McDonald 16 while McLeod and Mackay have 13 each for the Crows.

    The Crows havent kicked a goal since the 10 minute mark of the first quarter

  294. In the words of Brian Taylor- ITS ABSOLUTELY PISSING DOWN!

  295. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha you guys are getting the storm now!

    Its also raining in Elizabeth

  296. 294- I’m gonna miss BRIAN after I play on a saturday arvo :/

  297. Danielle says

    steve- i would hav stolen ur jumper/jacket its cute as!

  298. 295: You can’t even see past our driveway! Although no hail to speak of yet, its also heavy thunder and lightning. If my power goes out at around 8:30..:|

  299. 297: I have an almost idential hoody, although i can’t find it :(

  300. Danielle says

    299- omg u HAVE to find it! it looks so cosy id so wear that!

  301. It isn’t raining at my house yet. . Thats weird

  302. Steve Healy says

    Is it really that good Danni? Lol

    GO DEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DEES!!!!!!!!!!!!GO DEES!!!!!!!!! GET BETTER JURRAH AND BELL!!!! GO DEES!!!

  303. 301: WHAT!?

    299: I’ve got a picture of me wearing it, i’ll send it to you..

  304. 302: Don’t you mean get better Jurrah? Screw Bell lol.

    I’m having real doubts about the Crows for 2010 now..

  305. IT ISNT RAINING !?!?!

  306. Damian Watson says

    Were you wearing the same T-Shirt as the North-Geelong match underneath Steve?

    Don’t doubt the Crows just yet Josh, I still believe they will be a real contender this season with talent across the board.

  307. Steve Healy says


    Tippett took a screamer on the goal line in that second but missed.

    They really need Vince, Burton, Porplyzia, Knights and Bock in their side.

    But to be fair, the Dees have Bruce, Davey, Sylvia, Moloney, Morton, Johnson and Watts all out

  308. Danielle says

    302- lol YESS i want it! lol

  309. Steve Healy says

    No I don’t think I was Damo.

    Its started raining here again.

    I don’t care if ive said this a million times in the last day, I love footy!

  310. Steve Healy says

    By the way my feet size are about 11 or 12

  311. I’m a bit peeved at the 8:30 start for tonight’s game, usually i’m watching Saturday nights game by 7:30 but i have to wait an extra hour.

  312. Steve Healy says

    I’m fine with the 8:30 start, if it was another Saturday I probably wouldn’t be but on a day like this im content

  313. Damian Watson says

    Anyeay I’m off to the St Kilda-Fremantle match, hopefully the Dees hang on for a victory.

  314. Danielle says

    Steve are u wearing it now??
    omg i seriously want that jacket!
    lol i could fall asleep in it cos it looks to warm!

  315. Danielle says

    have fun Damo!!

  316. WOOO the rain is here! and she is having a real crack now. .Dontcha just love rain

  317. Danielle says

    316- YES i do!! :)

  318. Don’t be surprised if you get a text off me Damo, if my power goes out i’m relying on you for the scores. Haha just kidding, but seriously.

  319. Steve Healy says

    Have a good time Damo, no im wearing a t shirt and boxer shorts danni

  320. I’m wearing what i wore to the match, minus the Roos guernsey and the shoes.

  321. Steve Healy says

    I should be wearing my Dees jumper, lol.

    cya guys, third quarters about to start

  322. Danielle says

    319- damn it! lol
    im weraing my light plue pjs with yellow duckies on them! :)

  323. I think it’s time i pulled out my Betty Boop slippers in fact..

  324. Danielle says

    ipod- Right Where u want me- Jesse Mac

  325. Danielle says


  326. 324: HAHAHAHAHA

  327. Ooooo talking bout Ipods what songs should I download ?

  328. Danielle says

    327- Midnight Romeo- Push play

  329. Nice Guys Finish Last – Cobra Starship
    Underground – Evermore
    Paper Wings – Rise Against

  330. Danielle says

    326-… what?

  331. Jesse Mac?

    Has anyone heard Justin Bieber? How homosexual is he?

  332. Danielle says

    Bieber is cute BUT im no Cougar!

  333. Danni have you heard ‘Weightless’ by All Time Low? If not, download it.

  334. Justin Bieber brings all the girls to the yard, and there like can you even get hard ?

  335. 334: Haha, even Lady Gaga’s more manly than him.

  336. Danielle says

    334- lmaoo like i said im no cougar!

  337. Oh the next person to say Cougar is gonna get it. When i see 35-45 y.o women these days i just think slut thanks to that TV show.

  338. Steve Healy says

    first goal for 2 quarter to crows.

    7 mins in. 4.7 31 to 7.3 45

  339. Steve Healy says


  340. Danielle says

    337- lmaoo but im not! i dont chase younger dudes!

  341. Danielle says

    i have however had a change in mind. i dont have to marry a collingwood supporter.

  342. 34- :|

  343. 341- :| *

  344. 341- Would you rather they played for Collingwood ? lol

  345. Danielle says

    lmao Jeff i had it set in concrete that i MUST marry a collingwood suporter
    i thought about it, and i think it wold be kinda more fun to have a rivalry in the relationship.

  346. LOL – saw the thing about the cricket match. Geelong did not interrupt, that would have been a joke. There was no way cricket was still being played. It had been pelting down monsoon-style for an hour.

    Cricket gets called off when it’s spitting – this was one of the biggest storms I’ve ever seen. Terrential rain, hailstones the size of golf balls, strong winds and thunder and lightning to boot.

  347. Danielle says

    344- well if JACK proposes there is a DEFINATE chance that i will accept. lmao

  348. 346: Well it started here an hour ago, but it seems to be holding off now though, although thunder and lightning is staying around.

    Susie, were you one of the people that went to Visy Park today only to be told to go home? Lol

  349. Steve Healy says

    Come on Dees!!!! 5.10 to 7.3!

  350. Steve Healy says

    F*ck! 6.10 46 to 7.3 45. Crows playing well now, Tippett has 4!!!

  351. Damian Watson says

    They were bigger than golf balls in my area Susie I can guarentee that.

    I’ve come back because we just recieved a bulletin saying that the St Kilda-Freo game will be delayed and their is a strong likelihood that spectators will NOT be allowed in. Plus the police have released a statement that we should avoid the city if possible, although I haven’t found anything on the internet.

    This is due to the damage to the stadium and cancellations in the city.

  352. 348: Yes -_-

    I travelled ALL the way from Werribee … Ah, well. Got to see the boys train – that was hilarious.

  353. WHAT!?

  354. 351: What??? What’s going on??

  355. 352: Lol, i saw on TV this group of girls running into cover from the rain, and I wondered if it was you.

  356. Danielle says


  357. 355: Nah, i toughed it out. I had a jacket, I was right. :-D

  358. Mooney and Hawkins are the ugliest pair in the game Danni!

  359. 357: True supporter you are!

  360. Damian Watson says

    Yeah there is a good chance that there will be no spectators able to enter Etihad Stadium because of damage, my Dad and I decided there is no point travelling there and getting asked to go home.

    There will be major chaos in the city anyway with street flooding and cancellations.

  361. Danielle says

    358- ARE NOT!!! :(

    lol WOW Susie! i would have ran to the nearest shelter, wouldnt want Jack to see my hair get wet and or frizzy

  362. Steve Healy says

    353- Oh you were there Susie! lol.

    Thats incredible Damo.

    Three quarter time siren has sounded. Adelaide 7.12 54 Melbourne 8.3 51, Adelaide absolutely dominated, Petterd was the only spark with a goal.


    ADelaide: Tippett 4, Cook, Petrenko, Mackay.

    melbourne: Petterd 3, Miller 2, Maric, Jurrah, Scully

  363. 360: So, is the match still being played? And if so, does that mean the only people watching it will be the coaching staff? What is with St Kilda and Fremantle, never a dull moment when these two play!

  364. 358: Lies, all lies!

    Scarlo and Dasher got a bit too into the wrestling drill, next thing you know, Mooney and Taylor have jumped onto the stack as well, LOL. Chappy and Hunt were enjoying themselves a bit too much too, and next thing you know, Chappy’s guernsey is up around his neck, hahahaa.

  365. Danielle says

    OMG!! did Mooney loose his Guernsey too?
    now thats a sight! :)

  366. Steve, how do i get radio coverage of the game? I went to the website but can’t find a link saying Adelaide v Melbourne??

  367. Damian Watson says

    363: Yeah contoversy surrounds matches that involve these two teams.

    The match will still go ahead however it will be delayed and like I said there will be a good chance spectators aren’t allowed in.

    I was just thinking this time last year we had an earthquake and now a hailstorm, melbourne is a strange place from a weather perspective.

  368. Barn, Barn, Barn. ‘Shakes head.’

  369. Steve Healy says

    in the right hand corner it should say “listen live”.

    Thats unbelievable, the game has to be on!

    Ricky Henderson looks good for the Crows, Petrenko’s been starring as well. Trengove’s had about 22 possessions

  370. Damian Watson says

    Good for you Susie, you are a diehard supporter I hope you didn’t bet battered by the hail lol.

  371. 369- Is Edwards still racking the possies up ?

  372. 368: What? They’re ugly, you know it!

    “Hayden Ballantyne runs into goal and kicks it, and the crowd goes wild!!” Haha that won’t be happening now.

    Don’t worry i found it.

  373. Damian Watson says

    Steve the match is on but spectators probably won’t be allowed in.

  374. Steve Healy says

    371- He’s been a bit quiet since.

    COME ON DEES, WIN THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah Susie, me and Damo were considering going but I wasnt allowed to, which was good lol

  375. Steve Healy says

    last quarters started

  376. 374- Thats a bit of a suprise.

  377. Damian Watson says

    By the way I’m getting information from the radio so this is unconfirmed.

  378. Danielle says


  379. Steve Healy says

    Jurrah has broken his arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  380. 379: I’m sorry Steve, but its hard not to laugh at that.

  381. 379- Ahhh thats terrible news, he is super exciting to watch.

  382. 370: Why thank-you :-D

    I think the stand I’m thinking of is the Ross Heatley stand? It’s the newest one with the wavy roof. Anywho, that is the most ill-conceived, impractical stadium in Australia. That’s all I have to say.

  383. Oh and how has Austin Wonaeamirri gone?

  384. Damian Watson says

    Really? Steve I wouldn’t be suprised if you are in tears at the moment, this is Matthew Lloyd 2006 all over again.

  385. 379: No! That sucks :-( Is it definite? Not just suspected?

  386. Steve Healy says

    7.13 55 to 8.3 51 about 5 minutes gone

  387. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I did miss the old Robert Heatley stand, it stood throughout both Carlton’s glorious and horror eras and it is a great hitorical figure.

    I’m a little sceptical about the new stand as well.

  388. Danielle says

    Steve that wouldnt have heppend if i was coaching the Dees.

  389. Be thankful though Steve, its only a broken arm so he should be back by Round 3-5.

  390. Demons in front by the way thanks to a goal to Maric.

  391. Steve Healy says

    Scully to Maric, goal! 55-57

  392. Damian Watson says

    Have you seen footage of the incident which caused the broken arm?

    How far are we into the last quarter?

  393. 387: The terrential rain swept into the stadium, so the first 40 rows were vacated. The wavy roof makes it all kinds of non-weather proof :-(

    And the tin roof! Good in theory, not when it has thousands upon thousands of huge hailstones smashing into it. Sounded like I was in the middle of a war, everyone was shouting at the top of their lungs to be heard above it.

  394. Damian Watson says

    I’m going to watch the coverage on the streaming site and see what the situation is at Docklands.

  395. 393: I know how it feels, our roof is tin so when we have a hailstone it’s pretty hard to hear the parents.

  396. Kurt Tippett just took a screamer. I’ll leave the rest to Steve to commentate, as he probably wants too.

  397. Steve Healy says

    I cant stand this!!!!!!!!!!!

  398. 397: It’s only a praccy match.

  399. Danielle says

    its alright Darlingdee!

  400. Did you hear that Steve? “Scores locked, 9.3 to 7.1” lol

  401. Steve Healy says

    Scores are level. 57-57.

    I dont care, I cant stop nervously shaking!

  402. Danielle says

    401- breathe Stevey, breathe!! :(

  403. Damian Watson says

    The match at Etihad Stadium will be delayed by 20 minutes.

    The Medallion Club has been shut which was where our initial sets were and one gate is open so don’t expect too many spectators.

  404. How DO you say Gysberts? I thought it was Gis-berts.

  405. Steve Healy says

    AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 63-58!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crows winning!

  406. Damian Watson says

    Steve it’s only a practice match in one of the worst neighborhoods in Australia, calm down lol.

  407. 403: It may be postponded until later tonight or tomorrow.

  408. Danielle says

    406- Damo this is STEVE u cnt even consider that he will calm down, just remind him to breathe is all we can do.

  409. Steve Healy says

    Trengove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! has missed from 30! F!!!!!!!!

  410. Danielle says

    argghhh bloody idiot, see if it were JACK anthony he would have split the middle….Trengrove- FAIL WHALE!!

  411. I’ll return the favour Steve:


  412. Now Scully’s turn!

  413. Steve Healy says

    Scully misses everything! Your kidding!

  414. Damian Watson says

    Fox Sports are currently showin a replay of the Fremantle-Geelong match last year.

    Apparently Worksafe inspectors are observing the ground but I am pretty sure it will be played later tonight. Who knows the game might be Live on Channel 10 after all lol.

  415. They’re tanking..

  416. Danielle says

    ohh sh*t…

  417. Damian Watson says


    How far out was Scully?

  418. Danielle says

    415- lmaooo yeah…okayy

  419. 414: If they reschedule it for tomorrow, i won’t be too upset, as a footy-less Sunday would kill me, and i’ve got my footy fix for today. But i still wish it will be played tonight. What idiot left the roof open!?

  420. 417: 25m, 45 degree angle.

    Brad Green’s just marked!

  421. Steve Healy says

    GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25 out directly in front!!! kick it! kick it!


  423. 419- Dicko wouldn’t be happy lol.

  424. Damian Watson says

    Josh the ground is in excellent condition so that is not an issue.

    I’m stilol confident it will be scheduled for tonight.

  425. 419: The same one who left it open for last year’s NAB Cup Final when is poured…

  426. 424: The radio station is saying the roof was left open.

    Now OUR radio station is saying the game is starting in 15 minutes! What is going on??

  427. it*

  428. The Dockers are on the ground now!

  429. Damian Watson says

    I don’t think your radio station is relaible Josh lol.

    But I think it will begin in 15 minutes.

  430. STEVE!!

  431. Steve Healy says

    PETTERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!! 63-67!!!!!!! WERE IN FRONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  432. Danielle says


  433. They’ll probably still be playing to an empty ground. Flinders Street under water. Half of footscray under water. Half the city under water … No one will show up :-S

  434. Steve Healy says


  435. Ah better luck next week Steve

  436. Damian Watson says

    Susie there are people waiting outside the gate so I’d predict possibly 1000-2000 if they let spectators in.

  437. Steve Healy says

    THis is bull shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU TIPPETT!!!!!!!!!

  438. Danielle says

    437- whoa

  439. Steve Healy says

    I cannot believe it, I cant believe it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  440. Steve Healy says

    This is a carbon copy of Hawthorn V Melbourne last year!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  441. Damian Watson says

    The fans have been allowed in.

  442. 437: …


  443. Danielle says

    440- Steve, its okay…well no its not but…well UR STUPID COACH SHOULDNT HAVE PLAYED JURRAH!!

  444. Damian Watson says

    Poor Steve lol.

  445. Steve Healy says


  446. Petterd kicked a good goal late to put the Dees in front after Miller, Trengove, Scully and Green all missed easy shots at goal, but the Crows won a free kick to Tippett with 10 seconds remaining to kick his fifth.

  447. Damian Watson says

    Well big Kurt Tippett stands up under immense pressure as we found out in last years Semi Final only to be upstaged by none other than Jack Anthony.

  448. Danielle says

    447- yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BABYYYYYY!!
    THAT MY MAN!! yeahh MY MAN!!! woooooooo
    Farkk yeah!!

  449. Well its fair to say, the goal he kicked 10 minutes ago was nothing compared to the Semi-Final goal but yeah he is a money-man.

    According to this Adelaide radio station, the roof had a minor collapse at Etihad.

  450. Damian Watson says

    Steve you should be used to disappointment by now.

  451. Damian Watson says

    449- What have I been telling you for the past half-hour!!!! lol

  452. 450: Don’t mess with the enraged beast Damo

  453. You never said anything about a roof collapse!

  454. Danielle says

    Come on Steve since u hate Tippet now u must like Jack a little bit more!! :)

  455. The game is underway.

  456. Damian Watson says

    I think I said that there was damage to the roof of the stadium anyway at least the match is underway.

    Are you going to watch the delayed coverage Josh?

  457. Yeah, although i’m listening to the match now because i haven’t gotten out of the radio link after listening to the earlier game. I presume the match is still on at 8:30 on ch10?

  458. Steve Healy says

    So whats going on? Did the match start at 7:30.

    Ok, dinner calmed me down a bit, I was just lost in the moment, it was such an unlucky ending to the game, I knew we’d lose

  459. Steve Healy says

    457- yeah I hope so

  460. Damian Watson says

    Yeah after the Simpsons Movie.

  461. Danielle says

    guys check ur emails

    lmaoo at Joshy photo

  462. Simpsons Movie? I’m off.

  463. Steve Healy says

    Josh sent a photo?


  464. 463: Yeah to Danni, it was the one of me drinking that awesome slushee drink that you’ve probably seen on FB.

    Danni, that’s a scary photo.

  465. Danielle says

    lmaoo i love Damo even more…
    hahahahah Jack upstaged tippett= FAILLLLLL WHALEEEEEE!! lmaoo

  466. Danielle says

    464- really i think i look good in it!

  467. Damian Watson says

    I’m telling you Steve it is the Elizabeth curse, they hate Victorians!

    Anyhow despite those late misses how did Scully and Trengrove fair generally?

  468. Steve Healy says

    But, really Tippett played a great game, 5/9 Adelaide goals. I cannot believe we blew that. We missed 4 easy shots in a row!!!!!!!!!

  469. Steve Healy says

    467- Magnificent, Scully had 23 odd possessions and Trengove 26, absolutely brilliant both of them

  470. They were outstanding, so was Jizberts.

  471. Steve Healy says

    Its blood Gis-Berts, stupid commentators

  472. Damian Watson says

    Yeah the FiveAA commentary team are well renowned for being completely biased to South Australian teams although you can’t blame them SA is their demographic audience.

  473. So Steve what’s your opinion on star-players playing in NAB Challenge matches? Nothing happened to Jack Anthony, like Danni predicted would happen, but Jurrah broke his arm.

  474. Damian Watson says

    Well these star players I suppose do have a custom to play in these regional areas that don’t have too much exposure to AFL footy.

  475. Steve Healy says

    Well, the Dees had a number of stars rested, it was just bad luck that Jurrah got injured. THey said at least 6 weeks, so im hoping hes back for Round 3 or 4 or something

  476. I remember when Nathan Thompson did his knee in a NAB Challenge game in 2007, i felt physically sick when i saw it on the back of the HS. Turns out we didn’t need him for the year.

  477. Danielle says

    steve dont i make a cool vampire?

  478. Steve Healy says

    I really cant believe im taking a practice match this seriously! It just goes to show how passionate I am

  479. Steve Healy says

    477- Yep, lol

  480. Damian Watson says

    Well Carlton lossed but that seems secondary after what happened today.

  481. Steve Healy says

    its just been a very chaotic day, and weve all contributed 481 almanac comments lol

  482. I was showing more emotion in the Melbourne v Adelaide game than the North v Hawks game.

  483. Damian Watson says

    Correction 482- How have your parents reacted to the broken windows Steve?

  484. Danielle says

    Steve, you amaze me.
    if Jack got injured i would be crying my eyes out right now.
    i guess its diff cos ur not in love iwth jurrah

  485. Steve Healy says

    Thats cos it was actually on the radio, Josh.

    Bloody Tippett, as mad as I was I had to give him 3 votes though

  486. I would give Trengove 3 votes Steve. Its a NAB Challenge game give the votes to some Dees players!

    It’s fair to say this has been our most prolific day on the Almanac, even missing Michael and Adam, who only contributed a handful of comments. We talk way too much.

  487. Steve Healy says

    Danni, im worried, but yeah its probably not the same, it’ll probably take a bit longer to hit me.

    I dunno Damo, they understood and cleaned it up when they got home.

    My Mum got really angry with me for not coming for dinner during the last quarter, and I tried to explain just before and she goes


  488. Steve Healy says

    2 to Trenners, 1 to Scully

  489. Steve Healy says

    ive been on and off the almanac all day, lol, I didnt have anything else to do, I wasn’t allowed to go out

  490. Steve, comment 383

  491. Steve Healy says

    Wonaeamirri? he didnt play, hes still injured

  492. said in the HS that he was playing his first game since 2008..

  493. Danielle says

    status- packet of Tim-Tams

  494. 492- Easy mistake to be made. .

  495. Steve Healy says

    Well, he was in the squad, but I think he still has injury troubles. Joel MacDonald didnt play either

  496. I need to watch ch7 to see that Tippett mark..

  497. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I really wanna see that as well, hopefully its on the AFL website too

  498. Danielle says

    JURRAH SHOULDNT HAVE PLAYED! NAB cup should be a chance to put in all your rookies and young guns to see how they work on the field! Not to play your starts in chance they might get injuries!

  499. Steve Healy says

    Jurrah needed to play, Danni, we didnt have anyone else who could’ve filled his spot, pretty much.

    I probably would be more pissed off about Jurrah if we had gotten absolutely hammered, but the closeness of the game put my mind off his injury

  500. Steve Healy says

    AFL match centre aren’t aware that St.Kilda V Freo is underway…

  501. Danielle says

    499- well this is were we disagree ey steve.
    i think it hurts more that u had a chance of winning but didnt so not olny have u lost the game but u also lost a key player.

  502. Damian Watson says

    You can watch it on stream Steve.

  503. Steve Healy says

    well I reckon we would’ve won if Jurrah had not gotten injured, but we should’ve won anyway, since when has Green missed from 20 out directly in front!!!!!!!

  504. Steve Healy says

    well, I dont wanna know the score, im just wondering why AFL match centre havent updated it yet

  505. Danielle says

    503- Green did a Leigh Brown.
    Seriously i think Leigh and Travis. Cloke are as bad as each other on set-shots!

  506. Steve Healy says

    its not the same, Danni, Green is as good a kick in the comp as anyone. And how can Scully put it out on the full from 25 on a 45 degree angle? far out

  507. Danielle says

    was Miller playing? hes kinda hot

  508. Steve Healy says

    what about his wife? jeez, shes hot

  509. Steve Healy says

    Yeah he was playing, kicked 2 goals, hes getting back into a bit of form

  510. Danielle says

    Pia? yeah shes gorgeous!
    such a cute couple id have to say after Meddy and his Haylee
    Brad and Pia are my sec fav afl couple

  511. Danielle says
  512. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, anyway off now cya

  513. What a shocking game and what a shocking telecast.

  514. Steve Healy says

    I know, they are doing blocks of ads, and they didn’t show Geary’s kick!

    Oh well, im just happy that the game went ahead tonight lol, I wonder why Mayne, Ballantyne, Sandilands and McPharlin all got left out?

  515. I’m pissed off that Ballantyne isn’t playing.

    So it was Geary who kicked that Supergoal?

  516. Steve Healy says

    Jones has 24 possessions at half time! wow!!!!!

  517. Steve Healy says

    yeah im pretty certain

  518. Steve Healy says

    good quarter, how good is Clinton Jones?

  519. Very good

    Tom Lynch is impressive too.

  520. Speaking of Jones, was Andrew Thompson the last St Kilda player to wear number 4 or was there someone after him?

  521. Steve Healy says


    3. Jones, 2. Gram, 1. Gilbert.

    Impressive crowd of 5,241, im being serious, considering the circumstances

  522. Yeah i was expecting a crowd of 2-3 thousand.

    3: Jones, 2: Armitage, 1: Gilbert

  523. Steve Healy says

    Yeah same, I’m pretty sure it was Thompson on the topic, Josh.

    The Swans beat the Bombers 14.7 91 to 9.9 63 at Blacktown

  524. Steve Healy says

    Not impressed, AFL match centre didn’t update the game!

  525. Oh and how did Morabito kick his supergoal? I just returned to my room as the umpire was bouncing the ball in the middle so i missed it. I’m guessing it was from a 50m penalty?

  526. Steve Healy says

    nah, it was a great quick clearance from the Dockers which saw Morabito kick a goal on the run from 55

  527. Gee i’m excited for Friday’s Sydney v North Melbourne match, this will be the Roos’ biggest test since the Geelong game.

  528. I’m more excited about the actual season.

  529. Steve Healy says

    has next weeks fixture been released?

  530. Is that because the NAB Cup hasn’t been to kind to the Tigers Adam? Lol

  531. 529: Nah i read this on the Sydney website.

  532. Steve Healy says

    …I bet post-game on March 25 Adam will be saying “I can’t wait till the next season” lol

  533. Steve Healy says

    531- ok

  534. Steve Healy says

    Its tragic that Taylor is injured for the Hawks, Renouf might have to ruck the whole season by himself lol

  535. 532: I wouldn’t be so sure, Carlton aren’t as fearful as they were last year. I would say the Tigers have a good chance at knocking off the Blues.

  536. 534: How long is he out for? And it’s a bit of karma for Taylor.

  537. I agree with the Barnstable.

    I’m sad about Simon Taylor getting injured too, he always provides a good source of comic relief. Unique among the Hawk players, he advertises his IQ on the back of his guernsey.

  538. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I think they are too, I was only joking. I actually did a pretend match the other day of the Round 1 game, the Tigers won 21.11 137 to 20.10 130, Riewoldt kicked 6 from memory, and Tambling had 40 possessions and Cousins 38

  539. Steve Healy says

    536- Not sure yet

  540. 537: Lol

    538: I did one yesterday, it started with Matt White taking a gutsy mark to kick the first goal but then i gave up on it.

  541. Steve Healy says

    537- hahaha good one

  542. 538: Who kicked Carlton’s goals? Thornton??

  543. Steve Healy says

    I actually did almost a whole first half in my head until I skipped some bits lol

    Despite the Tigers victory, Martin only had about 5 possessions for the whole game

  544. Steve Healy says

    Betts kicked 4 or 5, Garlett kicked a couple, Murphy kicked 3 I think, im having trouble remembering.

  545. Nice to see you’ve settled down from the Melbourne v Adelaide incident Steve, and if you had forgotten about it, don’t read this comment.

  546. Steve Healy says

    no i’ve settled down completely.

    I did go a bit over the top in comments such as 409,431,434 and 437 lol

  547. Steve Healy says

    I have a feeling that the Dees are playing down at Casey next week…

  548. Your nerve will really be tested when Tom Scully and Jack Trengove collide next weekend and both resort to having the I.Q of Kepler Bradley, who played pretty well tonight.

  549. The smell of potato has weakened with Kepler.

  550. Steve Healy says

    Your nerve will really be tested in 2013 when Majak Daw finally debuts and Liam Anthony crashes into him, giving Daw a broken collarbone. Anthony’s excuse: sorry I didn’t see you there

  551. Now your being racist. Go to bed Stephen.

  552. Steve that’s really in bad taste. Also, if anything Majak would be more visible.

    On the topic of visibility, anyone play “Where’s Relton?” in the Richmond team photo in the Herald Sun? Last year I had trouble with “Where’s Ross Tungatulum?”

  553. Steve Healy says

    Dont you dare bring out that line!

    Hey Josh, do you remember the score for tonights match?

  554. Steve Healy says

    Hows that in bad taste, Josh deserved it!

  555. Majak is a top bloke.

  556. 552: Haha i know what you mean, I suppose all you saw was a yellow sash, yellow hooped socks and white boots and some eyes? to, what do you notice about tonight’s score Steve?

  557. Steve Healy says

    I dunno, St.Kida won by 70 points?

  558. No socks or boots, Josh, Relton’s in the back row on the end, next to Troy Taylor. It almost looks like a headless guernsey, but the main thing that makes his head easy to see is the fact that his head covers part of the Richmond logo in the top right hand corner.

  559. The Collingwood-Richmond and Sydney-Essendon matches were both decided by 28 points, and there was only one point each between them, the scores were 90-62 and 91-63 respectively.

  560. 557: No, do some research. Pretty impressive stat i found.

  561. Steve Healy says

    558- Who’s being racist now? lol.

    Adelaide beat the Dees today 69-67, I likened it to the nab cup game last year when Roughead kicked that goal to win like tippett did, the score was a very similiar 69-66 in that game

    Nah, I give up Josh, tell me this impressive stat

  562. Did you at least try and research the stat?

  563. Not racism. Just bad positioning on the part of the photographers.

  564. Steve Healy says

    Come to think of it they put Liam Jurrah in the back corner of the 2009 team photo, and I just looked at this years one and he’s in the same place lol.

    All 4 supergoals were kicked to the Coventry end?

  565. Steve Healy says

    Thats not very impressive though, lol

  566. Steve Healy says

    and the lead doubled from half time to the finish!

  567. No, no surprise fact about the score at all, just made you think long and hard about it for no reason. That’s what you get for dissin Majak.

  568. Also the Saints won the first quarter by +14
    Second quarter by 21
    Third quarter by 13
    Fourth quarter by 22

    If one of their fourth quarter behinds was in the third, they would have increased their lead by the same amount in alternate quarters.

  569. Steve Healy says

    If you go around dissing Trengove and Scully then you cant expect to get away with it, I don’t care how much you respect Majak

  570. 569: It was a joke!

  571. Steve Healy says

    Yeah well it was absolutely hillarious. not impressed Barnstable

  572. 571: Glad to see you found the funny side of it.

  573. Steve Healy says

    Glad to see you arent smart enough to realise that I was being sarcastic

  574. You should have used your sarcastica font then.

    Gee i’m impressed with my form this NAB Cup, i’ve wrote about every team except Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne.

  575. Steve Healy says

    I havent done Carlton, Sydney or Geelong, thats it.

  576. Steve Healy says

    im counting Adelaide since I’m doing one on Adelaide V Melbourne at the moment

  577. Melbourne to play West Coast at Casey Fields next Saturday

  578. Steve Healy says

    yeah I heard, Saturday at 2, hopefully I can go to that

  579. Steve Healy says

    have the other games been announced?

  580. Yeah

    NAB Cup Grand Final

    Saturday March 13

    Western Bulldogs v St Kilda at Etihad Stadium, 7.10pm

    NAB Challenge

    Friday March 12

    Brisbane Lions v Hawthorn at Southport, 3.30pm

    Carlton v Adelaide at Visy Park, 4pm

    Sydney Swans v North Melbourne at Narrandera, 7pm

    Saturday March 13

    Melbourne v West Coast at Casey Fields, 2pm

    Richmond v Essendon at Morwell, 3.30pm

    Port Adelaide v Collingwood at Mt Gambier, 4pm

    Fremantle v Geelong Cats at Subiaco, 4.30pm

  581. Steve Healy says


    Just looked up Narandera on google maps, it looks about the same distance north for you than it is south to Melbourne


    NAB Cup Grand Final:
    St Kilda by 13 points

    NAB Challenge:
    Brisbane by 37 points
    Adelaide by 20 points
    North Melbourne by 5 points
    West Coast by 21 points
    Essendon by 31 points
    Port Adelaide by 15 points
    Geelong by 55 points

  583. Narrandera: The place Jude Bolton doesn’t want to go.

  584. Steve Healy says


    Bulldogs by 7 (1.11.10 85 to 3.7.9 78)

    Nab Challenge:

    Brisbane by 56 points (10.25 85 to 4.5 29)
    Carlton by 16 points (12.10 82 to 10.6 66)
    Sydney by 13 points (10.11 71 to 7.16 58)
    Melbourne by 37 points (16.12 108 to 10.11 71)
    Richmond by 1 point (15.15 105 to 16.8 104)
    Port by 39 points (21.17 143 to 15.14 104)
    Fremantle by 12 (22.18 150 to 23.6 138)

    I;ll stand by those predictions

  585. Steve Healy says



  586. Steve Healy says

    Anyway, im off now cya Josh

  587. In a recent press confrence Bolton said he didn’t want to lose against St Kilda or he would have to “go out into the country to Narrandera or whatever for the NAB Challenge games”

  588. Yeah ok talk to you later today

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