NAB Cup, Round 1: Eagles win and I feel whole again

West Coast v Essendon

It was a strange day at school. Celebrating Valentines Day, the Year 12s had organized an Out of Uniform day, which I always look forward to. So I don my black cobra shirt and black shorts with black shoes, not a good option for a hot day. I look forward to the first game of the NAB Cup, West Coast and Essendon from Subiaco Oval. It’s all that’s on my mind as the final bell of the day rings. I walk up the street with a mate and get a drink, and I’m soon on my way home. I’d look forward to settling down in my room and watching the game. But no, the parents have decided to go out for tea tonight to celebrate my Dad’s birthday, a decision I tried to change ever since I found out the day before.

We arrived at the pub, I order a chicken parma and chips. I noticed that some of the Waaia senior side is in the pub, playing some sort of poker. My P.E teacher is also there, getting on the alcohol. After I finish my meal, it’s 7.57pm, 33 minutes until the coverage on Channel 7 starts. I rush home with Mum, and make it as Bruce McAvaney crosses down to Matthew Richardson and Tim Watson on the boundary line. After a quick ad break, the siren sounds and the ball is hurled into the turf. My life feels whole once again.

The Eagles get off to a quick start, as I predicted, with a mark to Ashley Hansen inside 50. He goals, quickly followed by Josh Kennedy, who will be looking to replace Hansen in the forward line this year. Michael Still hits back for the Bombers, followed by goals to Jason Winderlich and Kyle Reimers. Kennedy boots his second after a Nick Naitanui clearance, but goals to Winderlich, Leroy Jetta and Angus Monfries sees the margin blown out to four goals at quarter-time, 0.7.1 (43) to 0.3.1 (19). New skipper Jobe Watson has racked up 12 possessions while Matthew Priddis has seven touches. I notice that the big men Naitanui and Tom Bellchambers have six and seven disposals respectively.

The second quarter begins and a goal to Matthew Rosa sees the margin reduced to three kicks. The Bombers reply with back-to-back goals through new recruit Mark Williams, but goals to Andrew Embley, Chris Masten and Mark LeCras sees the Eagles lift and cut the margin to 12 points. Then something special happens. Naitanui contests in the forward line, before reaching out with one arm to grab the ball. He runs towards the forward pocket and snaps towards goal. It was one of those kicks that was meant to go through the big sticks. Naitanui celebrates, the crowd cheers, the Eagles are within a goal. Embley kicks a miracle goal after the ball bounces off the post, but after the centre bounce the goal is disallowed and the Bombers remain in front. I thought it was a goal, If it hits the post and rebounds back in, it’s still in play right? A late shot at a super goal from Mark Nicoski fades right, and the Bombers lead by four points at half-time, 0.9.3 (57) to 0.8.5 (53). Watson is up to 20 disposals while Naitanui is on 13 touches and is the highlight of the match so far.

The second half starts and the Eagles continue their dominance with a goal to Hansen after a push-in-the-back free kick from Tayte Pears. Naitanui follows up with the game’s first super goal after a 50m penalty in the midfield. The margin is out to 10 points. Will Schofield bobs up to kick a goal after a great pass from Kennedy, Mark LeCras kicks two big goals and the margin is out to 28 points. Naitanui again provides a great highlight after he dropped a mark one-out in the goalsquare. He followed up, went to kick off the ground for an easy goal but missed the ball, gathered the ball back and dribbled through his third. A small scuffle breaks out in the goalsquare and Channel 7 cuts straight to the ads. When the footy restarts, it turns out Nicoski has kicked a goal from the aforementioned fight after the umpire picked out a free kick. Bloody 7, just hopeless. Embley missed an easy chance at an eight goal for the quarter, but the damage had been done. The Eagles led by 41 points at three quarter time, 1.14.8. (101) to 0.9.6 (60).

The final quarter begins and I hope for the Eagles to continue with their blitz on the goals. Kennedy starts with his third goal, before Naitanui kicks his fourth goal out of the Ruck easily, taking the margin out to a game-high 52 points. The Bombers reply with goals through Williams, David Zaharakis and Jetta, before the ball ends up in the Eagles forward line. Lynch gathers, tries to snap a goal while thinking of handballing and the siren sounds, West Coast winning by 35 points, 1.16.12 (117) to 12.10 (82).

What a perfect way to start the NAB Cup, a very entertaining game of footy from start to finish, and despite some poor performances from Channel 7, the long wait for the NAB Cup opener was worth it. But I learnt three things from this match tonight:

1. Essendon’s forward line will be too short and undermanned this year.

2. The Eagles are on the rise again, and may pinch a spot in the top eight come Round 22.

3. I need to get Nic Naitanui and Chris Masten in my Supercoach team.

West Coast 0.3.1—0.8.5—1.14.8—1.16.12 (117)

Essendon 0.7.1—0.9.3—0.9.6—0.12.10 (82)


Supergoals: Naitanui

West Coast-Naitanui 3, LeCras 3, Kennedy 3, Hansen 2, Rosa, Masten, Embley, Nicoski , Schofield

Essendon: Williams 3, Jetta 2, Winderlich 2, Monfries 2, Still, Reimers, Zaharakis


West Coast-Naitanui, Masten, LeCras, Nicoski, Shuey, Lynch, Butler

Essendon-Watson, Winderlich, Williams, Prismall, McVeigh


3: Nic Naitanui (WCE)

2: Jobe Watson (E)

1: Chris Masten (WCE)

About Josh Barnstable

21 year old North Melbourne supporter from country Victoria. Currently living in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Sports Media. Dreams of becoming a sports journalist and broadcaster.


  1. Steve Healy says

    Loved the report Josh,

    But sorry, there are a couple of mistakes.

    The post rule got removed two NAB Cup’s ago, and the Eagles were on 18 not 19 at quarter time, although I see where you went wrong on that one

  2. I had an argument during the ads at quarter time with my bro about the score – he thought Essendon were on 19, I thought 18.

    Very good report Josh, but to be fair, Essendon were without Hille, Ryder, Neagle and Gumbleton, who are all tall players, and I’m not convinced Masten is a Supercoach option, probably more of a DT player as he is more of a ball winner than a ball user.

  3. Naitanui just wouldnt stop!
    bloody hell hes fast, he was in two places at once.
    number 44 for essendon was really annoying to watch.

    last night after a qucik dinner my friend randomly caught up with us and we wacthed ‘Valentines Day’ at the cinema, might as well since i was already dressed! lol funny movie btw.

  4. Steve Healy says

    Who cares about Valentines Day! jeez

    Danni, apparently im in the paper today

  5. it was quite depressing really. i went shopping early this morning and theres teddybears and flowers and couple holding hands everywhere!

    lol really? i wouldnt know i dont read the Age.

  6. Steve Healy says

    Listenin to Bulldogs V Brisbane on the radio.

    Its really wet, the ground has so much water on it. Its quarter time the Lions lead 0.0.4 4 to 1.1.3 18, Fevola kicked the Lions first after a few minutes, and Sherman followed up with a supergoal from the goal square a few minutes later (50m penalty). there hasnt been a goal since then. Buchanan’s had 12 possessions and Staker’s also impressed

  7. Josh Barnstable says

    Steve, i’ll bring the Age with me to the footy next week and give it to you. Apparantly the Age we get in the country is different to the one you get in the city, same with the HS.

    Just got back from Shepp. Went all the way their just to get hair wax for school photos.

  8. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’m listening on radio as well, the guy that usually streams footy is casting the A-League soccer match instead, but he is going to replay the match in an hour.

  9. you guys im soo depressed!
    i tried on this hot pair of whitish-lightblue ripped jeans and they wouldnt fit!
    i needed a size 9 or 10 and the smallest they had was a 12!! i tried it on but it was HUGE!! :(

    i cant wait for the Collingwood match…
    :( arggggghhhh

    is Jonathan Brown playing?

  10. Josh Barnstable says

    Just wear a belt Danni.

    Brown isn’t playing, just his sidekick Brendan.

  11. josh..a belt wont fix it! :(

  12. I love Browny!
    hes so cute…yet VERY SCARY

  13. Josh Barnstable says

    Has anyone seen Travis Johnstone’s photo on AFL Match Centre? Gross

  14. Damian Watson says

    I would’ve thought you would be pleased if those jeans were too big for you.

    It’s only depressing if the size is too small for you.

    Lions by 9.

  15. 14- lol yeah that true but it depressing cos i cant buy them!! :(
    they were really hot!!

    status- shattered

  16. Josh Barnstable says

    How should i go with my hair tomorrow?

    Lol, i’m so stoked that the Shepp News has a pool, Hayley said that because she works there we can use it anytime we want, even at midnight and might even have a midnight pool party when i do work experience.

  17. Josh Barnstable says

    Hey i just noticed their are two me’s in the Knackers list.

  18. lol a funny thing happend.
    me and my couisn were strolling behind my mum and other cousin and we were pointing out goodlooking dudes. and we pass by the really goodlooking dude and my cousin is like ‘oh hes not bad at all!”
    and cos we were staring at him and he heard her he smiles at us! lmaoo
    and shes like..”you dont think he heard us?”
    ME- “nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

    i really did think it was going to be a close game for teh Tigers and Hawks. i mean obviously i gave Richmond too much credit.

  19. 16- what were u thinking of doing to your hair?

  20. Josh Barnstable says

    Umm..sort of spiked at the back and a bit of a combover look at the fringe.

  21. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah sorta, except my hair is a lot longer.

  22. longer??? If it as long as i think then DO THIS!!
    ASHTON!! <3 *squeals*

  23. Josh Barnstable says

    That’s what it usually looks like when i wax it, except its a bit curly around the sides but the fringe is pretty much the same as that picture.

  24. lol GO ME! :)
    Well just do it like that then, that so cute!!

    ASHTON *squeals*

  25. Josh Barnstable says

    Me and my mate saw the cleaner who cleans our school today in Shepp, and we call her the crazy cat lady coz she looks weird and her house is right across from our school and always has cats outside, and he goes “Look, its the crazy cat lady” and she looked straight at us lol.

  26. 26- lmaooooooo

  27. status- lit hw and checking score on HS Superfooty website every now and then.

  28. Damian Watson says

    Does she look like that crazy cat lady off the Simpsons? lol

  29. Josh Barnstable says

    Danni, open up Match Centre on the AFL website, its easier to check the scores on their.

    I should probably be reading Mockingbird

  30. Josh Barnstable says

    29: No, but still she ain’t far from it lol.

  31. 30- ATTICUS!! ATTICUS!!

  32. Josh Barnstable says

    Dad was telling me about the book today, he rememebers Atticus Finch. So far, its a very confusing book for me.

  33. lmaoo i remember that Scout dresses up as a Turkey leg for the school play…..

  34. Josh Barnstable says

    Stop spoiling it for me! Lol, just kidding. But seriously, what sort of name is Scout?

  35. lol meh i dont know.
    you have such a cute name Josh.
    Josh is such a cute name..nawwwww :)

  36. Josh Barnstable says

    That’s why my parents picked it ;) I don’t like it.

  37. Josh Barnstable says

    But its alright, only family members call me Josh.

  38. lol well u should! ist so cute!!!!!
    ist not like they called u Atticus or something.
    Josh is an easy going, surfer dude cutesy name.

  39. Josh Barnstable says

    Atticus would be a cool name, its like a Greek God’s name.

    Sure Josh may seem cool, but when it can get turned into Joshy and Joshua just makes me sick.

  40. what JOSHY is a cute name!!
    when i think of the name Joshy
    i think hot surfer dude with messy blondish hair and pretty eyes.

    Adam sounds like a skaterboy name to me, you know those pretty ones with Ashton Kutcher hair, that wear the skinny jeans and vests with thier t-shirts.

    steve sounds like an accountant’s name.

  41. Josh Barnstable says

    Messy blondish hair and pretty eyes? That’s me :)

  42. 42- lol exactly, see what i mean!

  43. 41 – What the hell Danni, I wouldn’t be seen dead in skinny jeans, or a vest.

    Oh and Josh, there actually is a girl called Scout at my school. There’s also a boy called Obiwan.

  44. Josh Barnstable says

    Is his last name Kanobi?

  45. 44- what?why?
    i think its should be law for all guys to wear skinnylegs tight t-shirts with vests!

  46. 45: No, he doesn’t have a last name, for some reason.
    46: Federer, Pendlebury and Superman wouldn’t stand for that Danni.

  47. Steve Healy says

    Danni, only non-straight guys would wear that sort of thing

  48. 47-48
    NOT TRUE!!!
    guys always wear that kind of stuff at parties and they look great, im talking drool-worthy.

  49. Steve Healy says

    who on earth wears vests anyway, you barely ever see anyone in a vest

  50. Josh Barnstable says

    I hardly know the difference between a vest and a jumper, i don’t wanna know the difference either.

    Doesn’t have a last name?? Is he foreign?

  51. steve Zac Efron is not gay He wears these clothes and look who his arm candy is. niether are Chase Crawford, Nick Jonas or Justin Timberlake.—y626-x495-q75-n0/omg/us/img/e5/88/7896_9210552922.jpg

  52. Steve Healy says

    anyway gotta go, time for dinner (for normal people)/tea (for Josh)

  53. Josh Barnstable says

    Zac Efron?? Hahahaha

  54. Josh Barnstable says

    Have a good one Steve ;)

  55. what are laughing about Josh?
    zac is a perfect example of what guys should dress like and the fact that Vanessa Hudsens is his gf proves hes doing something right.

  56. People don’t like Zac Efron coz of how he dresses. They like him because he supposedly is hot looking and was in High School Musical. The others – ditto, and I still can’t believe you like the Jonas Brothers. Who’s Chase Crawford anyway?

  57. omg Adam whats wrong with the Jonas brothers besides the fact that you dont like their music and dont find them attractive cos they are a boy band?
    please enlighten me

  58. sorry that should be spelt Chace Crawford- WHO IS HE?
    omg Adam he was voted the Hottest bachelor ever.
    hes an actor, playes ‘NATE’ in Gossip Girl.

  59. There are thousands of bands out there with more talent in their pinky than the Jonas Brothers have in all four of their bodies. The Jonas Brothers are just poster boys.

  60. Josh Barnstable says

    Danni, that chick with Zac Efron in that picture actually looked like an older, taller version of you at first glance. Hope that’s not an insult.

    Don’t think i’ll go to swimming sports on friday.

  61. well the Jonas Brothers happen to be respectable guys who play the music they love, have a huge fan base and they are real gentlemen b/c thier parents raised them right, unlike most of the clebs.

  62. 61- lol me? really?
    im not complaining AT ALL! :)

  63. Whatever floats your boat, Danni.

    I’m gonna get an early night tonight I think…

  64. hey guys, good article josh- didnt expect much from last nite

  65. Josh Barnstable says

    I need the motivation to read Mockingbird, but i can’t seem to find it.

    Cheers Dom

  66. Hey Dom, what school do you go to?

  67. 61-come to mine and ill teach you a lesson in 07

  68. 66-I’m reading it tonight :S mum will tell me what happens anyway she has read it like 800000 times

  69. Danni I think most guys our age dislike Zac Efron he is just si dislikeable lol

  70. 67- St Pauls


  72. Lol yes and in my case: well dressed guys who open the door, pull out chairs on dates, sing songs about their life experiences and respect their parents happen to float my boat.

    FRIDAY is too far away..i want superman NOW

  73. 70- jeff i think most guys dislike him b/c they dont like the fact that he has millions of girls in love with him.
    i think its a jelousy issue.

    girls have it too.
    although i dont HATE Miranda Kerr i envy her if anything, shes gorgeous.

  74. Adam have u read it? if so does this ring a bell?


  75. Lol Danni I remember hating Jesse Mcartney aswell any1 remember him?

  76. 76- LOL…GUILTY of having the biggest crush on him, buying his albums and i still have the ‘UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL’ dvd of his. lmaoo

  77. This is how much I was into him, and I didn’t cope and paste I swear
    “baby take me on a journey I was thinking lately I use a little time alone witchu,
    Crazy lets do something baby, please don’t take ur time , you’ve got me right where you want me.”

  78. 78- im giving an early guilty plea.

  79. haa danni I cant believe you liked his music he annoyed me nearly as much as Justin Beiber does :|

  80. Josh Barnstable says

    Hey Danni, wanna come to the footy on Sunday?

  81. Josh Barnstable says

    80: Baby, baby, oh oh! God i hate that song

    69: What page you up too?

  82. lol yeah i know
    but i was seriously Off the band wagon when I watched the video clip for his song ‘Leavin’
    I was like….
    “okay……I think ill turn this off now….”
    And that was the end lol.

  83. 81- im not going there…

  84. Josh Barnstable says

    84: Yeah, your not going anywhere.

  85. 82- like i page after chapter 1 :| will read it tonight only cause we have Gary lol

  86. Sorry, bit behind here.

    75: I have never read Kill a Mockingbird.

    Danni I understand that you don’t want to go to the footy with your oral being in 2 days, it’s fair enough that you want to prepare for it.

  87. Josh Barnstable says

    I probably won’t read it, she won’t yell at me. Much.

  88. Adam..IM SO SCARED!! :(

  89. I dunno lol she could sing her little tunes to you lol!

  90. Josh Barnstable says

    90: Do-do-do-do-do

  91. Don’t worry, trust me your fear of the oral is far worse than the actual oral will be. When you’re done you’ll be wondering why you were so worried. Nobody will care what you think since all the girls at your school are in the same boat.

  92. lol. its funny as how im like SHUT YA FACE and she thinks im being serious everytime ! lol

  93. *You shouldn’t worry about what anyone else thinks since all the girls at your school are in the same boat.

  94. 94- i know but what if i get up there, read my speech and sound like an absolute idiot!!!!!!!

  95. If you practice your speech enough, you won’t sound like an absolute idiot. Remember your legs will not fall out from under you.

  96. Josh Barnstable says

    96: Almost happened to me at the Launch. Danni, if i could survive that night you can do that oral.

  97. Come on guys this is diff.
    if im being social im fine but thsi is all formal and stuff, thats when i freak.

  98. like i said, ill sing, act and dance for you on stage but tell me to present a formal graded speech and ill cry.

  99. Steve Healy says


  100. Josh Barnstable says

    That was a long tea Steve.

    Danni, try and survive this week before looking past that.

  101. lmao steve can u come to my school and sit in during my speech for support? lol

  102. Josh Barnstable says

    Imagine if Jack Anthony and Nathan Brown were in your class Danni, how would you fare then? And yes, i know its an all-girls school but oh well. The point is it could be worse.

  103. Steve Healy says

    Ok, but wouldn’t I be stalking you then?

  104. Steve Healy says

    Yes it was a long dinner Josh.

  105. 103- it would be worse…. cos id be like stunned and unable to talk lol.

    104- lol how is that stalking me?

  106. Josh Barnstable says

    Lol Danni you wouldn’t even tell him what school you go to, now you want him to go to your school.

  107. Steve Healy says

    Josh has a point.

    I’m still waiting for Danni’s mobile number, house adress and birth certificate

  108. Why the Atticus do you need a birth certificate?

  109. Steve Healy says

    atticus? i dunno


  111. Thanks for reminding me Adam!

  112. Wasn’t my intention, but cheers.

  113. Josh Barnstable says

    Hmm 112: Just tell me what happens.

  114. 114- Watch the movie

    Adam you are hilarious. :)

  115. AHH ! mk sure no worries ! lol

  116. 115- The movie misses some bits Danni jeez lol

  117. Steve Healy says

    I dont get it, whos atticus?

  118. Josh Barnstable says

    115: We are after we read the book.

  119. He is the father of Scout and Jem you should know that Steve. Lol jokes he is a character in a book Josh and I have to read for school

  120. come on steve..

    lmaoo hes from To Kill a Mockingbrid.

  121. Atticus is a boy with a scar on his forehead who has a magic ring and has a sister who is in love with a vampire.

    Actually, disregard all of that.

  122. 122- what the…. LMAOO

  123. Josh Barnstable says

    Sounds too much like Twilight to me.

  124. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, im really sorry I havent read that book

  125. Josh Barnstable says

    125: Don’t be sorry, be glad.

  126. Steve Healy says

    Enough nonsense talk…


  127. FRIDAY

  128. 129- OKAYYYYYY……should i be afraid cos i am.

  129. Steve Healy says

    So know one likes the idea of a footy quiz.

    hahaha thats hillarious adam, id love to roll down that thing

  130. im outie guys.

    Goodnight :)


  131. Josh Barnstable says

    131: I would but couldn’t be stuffed

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