NAB Challenge | Richmond v Port Adelaide: Consequences

AFL footy has suffered greatly due to Essendon’s selfishness, arrogance and complete lack of thought of the consequences during this whole sorry saga. Amazingly, Damien Hardwick decided to follow suit, Thursday night during the NAB Challenge. After Richmond had endured four or five injuries against Port Adelaide he decided to take the matter into his own hands, wanting the game to be called off, and taking players off the ground to preserve them for Round 1, saying it was his responsibility to have the Tigers ready for Round 1, not NAB 3. Damien Hardwick you are WRONG!

There seemed no thought whatsoever put into what appeared to be his ill thought and completely irrational decision. It smacks of a coach and club under severe pressure. The facts are the game survives on TV revenue; this is a huge part of the AFL industry and to not even think of the possible ramifications are mind boggling and dumb. While personally I hate betting on footy, again, the company is a sponsor of the game with live margin betting happening right through the game (the company concerned abandoned this betting with eight minutes to go due to
Richmond’s actions).

If the game had been abandoned both these companies would have been within their rights to want their contracts renegotiated, possibly costing the game millions of dollars. It will be a surprise if there are not further ramifications from Hardwick’s apparent brain fade. The whole matter of players’ game time and work load has become the sports science domain and it seems people are just trying to justify a job. For goodness sake, players can ease themselves through a NAB Cup game, play a deep forward pocket etc. but at least Hardwick and Richmond had to treat the competition with some respect. As a football manager from another club remarked, Hardwick needs a good mentor to teach him and try and keep him rational and clear thinking.

The game must remain bigger than any individual or club. The whole Essendon saga has been poorly handled by the AFL; there are rumblings and discontent within the AFL industry about the game’s governance with rumors circulating of Mike Fitzpatrick’s position being in jeopardy, with also many far from happy with Gillon McLachlan’s style of administering the game. At least on the night Mark Evans told Hardwick, no, the game must continue and to get players back on the ground.

I sincerely hope the AFL at the very least give Richmond and Hardwick a substantial fine and tell any club in the future this will result in suspensions. Not this complete crap of maybe clubs can organize their own preseason games. No, actually govern the game and administer thinking of the outcomes and consequences and come down like a ton of bricks on those who don’t!


  1. Hi Malcolm. Sorry I could not disagree with you more. As a Richmond fan I was at that game and it was awful. One player after another went down and some of those injuries, including Edwards’ shoulder, were potentially serious. This was effectively a practice match and Damien Hardwick was well within his rights to try to protect his players. Your comments about TV revenue and gambling highlight how dependent the game has become on things like gambling, which is terrible. Does this mean we now put player welfare ahead of gambling interests? If that’s the case then footy is in a sad place. It is also unfair to mention Damien Hardwick in the same breath as Essendon, who have systematically brought the game into disrepute over a period of several years. Damien Hardwick did nothing more than try to protect the welfare of his players in a game that should not matter.

  2. What a load of dribble. The NAB Cup is all about practicing for the season proper, nothing about winning or losing, there IS NO “competition to respect”! And are you seriously suggesting that in order to preserve the integrity of the ‘match’ from the gambling company’s perspective, the club should have put all it’s injured players on the ground but played them in hidden corners like the forward pocket to preserve them from further injury? Welcome to match-rigging 101. As for TV rights, the whole pre-season competition could be abandoned and it would only make a pittance of difference to value of the contract. Don’t kid yourself that these games are important in the scope of ratings or returns to the television companies, they aren’t. And at what point does Hardwick and the club have a duty of care to it’s employees in not sending injured players back onto the ground? Bet there would be a groundswell of opinion against him and the club if an injured player suffered a worsening of his injury that led to loss of income or even career by being sent back on to hide in the pocket. Would you have supported Hardwick and Richmond with financial assistance at the certain lawsuit coming their way? Sounds much more to me like you just have an axe to grind with either Hardwick or Richmond and built Everest out of a molehill to suit your agenda.

  3. Matt Lane says

    the only relevant point you make is in reference to the Essendon FC. Ironically, your call for the AFL to substantially fine Hardwick is a cop out…. Maybe if the AFL had been honest and transparent at the time of the supplements lid being lifted, we would not have suffered through the bull shit that has been ‘the supplements saga’.

    But carry on, let’s all bend over and let the AFL tell us the NAB “challenge” (not CUP) is one of the nations leading sporting competitions, that should not be subject to clubs frivolous approaches.

    Ever heard of treat people as they treat you………..

  4. Paul Buxton says

    Hardwick is supposed to have a mentor in Mark Williams! I agree with you Malcolm, it was a weak effort, contrasting with many clubs over history which have suffered injuries, leaving blokes in forward pockets who could barely walk, but at least had the backbone to stay out there. Agree also that the sports scientists seem to have taken over footy as well as cricket. Very disappointed in Hardwick as a Port Adelaide premiership hero. BUT, what evidence is there that this was not Troy Chaplin’s idea, sent back to the bench via runner?

  5. Dean Bailey got suspended for a lot less in any event.

    Will the AFL come down equally hard?

  6. Travis Cook says

    I couldn’t care less about the betting agencies. 1 they make their money off other people’s misfortunes. (I worked in casinos for 7 years and I have seen it first hand) but there was also another club out there trying to get the most out of their planned pre season and Richmond compromised that due to their own selfishness. I also agree that they can’t come off early due to tv rights. I don’t like the fact that tv controls our game but unfortunately that’s where most of the money comes from so it is what it is.

  7. Rob Rorrison says

    The issue I see here is one of rule change not throwing out the concept of the NAB challenge. It is a trial game and the concept of reducing the number of players that a team can use as the NAB Challenge goes on seems foolish. If there was a bench of 6 (or even 8) players and unlimited rotations there would have been no issue. Leave it up to the clubs to decide the amount of game time they want each player to have, whether they want to get players ready for the limited rotations of the season ahead or just give them a run. They can have a bench of 8 and only use three of them or use all of them, or give a player a quarter or a half, whatever they want. Hardwick was put in a position he should not have been in, he may not have handled it well but he should not have been there in the first place.

  8. Bit rough comparing this to Bombers’ drug regime. I’m with Hardwick – his job is to win matches that carry premiership points. Thanks for raising the topic Malcolm – appreciate your passionate view!

  9. Dan Hansen says

    I thought it sent a really poor message to the Richmond players and supporters. Firstly it said it’s OK to give up when the going gets tough. Secondly it tells the other players that they can’t win without Brett Deledio, Alex Rance, Dustin Martin and Trent Cotchin fully fit and firing. I’m glad Riewoldt refused to come off.

    To have fifteen men on the field with four fit players sitting on the bench, especially when the game had descended into bruise free football, will have a damaging effect on the subconscious psyche of the Richmond playing group. He should have left them out there and just practice their defensive 50 zoning. Is Hardwick going to have Riewoldt, Maric, Deledio, Rance, Martin and Cotchin watch the rest of the team train from the stands to make sure they don’t get injured? That’s the logical progession of his baffling behavior.

    It was the worse display of coaching since James Hird said, “why don’t we start an injection program”.

  10. This article said exactly everything I’m starting to hate about sport! Gambling is not more importantly than welfare of sports people!!! NAB cup isn’t important in the big picture and players are instinctive and won’t pull back. Either way if they did then that is no difference to stopping the game!!! Ridiculous article

  11. George Eichner says

    What a pathetic sour grapes comment from a nobody like yourself, trying to make a name with bullshit journalism hope you didnt get paid for that crap.

  12. Unfirtunately whilst it is wonderful that we live in a brilliant society where you can air your opinion some people just take it too far. Here is the cold hard fact – very few people give two hoots about the NAB cup – Round 1 & taking your team to finals in the 2016 AFL PREMIERSHIP season IS every coaches goal. So what if a coach is more concerned with that in fact hats off to him for taking the action which most others would want to do as well. So totally disagree with every word you have said.

  13. Jamie Mason says

    Nice to see your preoccupation with the Tigers hasn’t waned.. Bring on the banter

  14. Chris Emslie says

    Player welfare in a practice game is far more important than any financial implications associated with TV rights or Gambling. You say “The whole matter of players’ game time and work load has become the sports science domain and it seems people are just trying to justify a job.” I say articles like this are just a c grade journalist trying to justify his job!

  15. Sorry but that is just the biggest pile of shit I have ever read.
    Play extra rounds and let the clubs organise their own couple of trials snd have the gates. The AFL don’t need the money and the ” who gives a f…. cup” games as they currently are, are nothing but twaddle making debate on them just as pointless.
    Linking Essendon to Richmonds decision to correctly say ” we’ve had enough of this crap” is bullshit of the highest order.
    Thid article should have come with the warning “danger-reading this may damage your brain and cause the loss of 5 minutes you will never get back”

  16. Did you really just compare Hardwick resting players for the last few minutes of a PRACTISE match to the Essendon saga? Really? If you think these 2 things are even in the same galaxy together, then please do the right thing by mankind & make sure you never have any kids.

  17. Drawing a long bow there mate. It was only a practice game hardly jeopardizing any tv revenue. They cancelled the game in Mackay
    The sky isn’t falling.

  18. Jamie Mason says

    This is the sort of non issue that counts as news in Adelaide. Not much else to discuss now thatPaddy’s gone.

  19. Malcolm Ashwood says

    I knew this article was controversial and would split opinion remove the yellow and black googles whether we like it or not every club has responsibilities to the tv industry and Hardwick was NOT having to send injured players back on the ground there were still enough fit players to use and be smart about it drift forward and just play smart also if the game is abandoned it would have given foxtel a position of strength re altering there contact in that regard whether it is the irrelevant nab cup is not the point.
    I detest betting on sport but again the fact that they are a sponsor of the competition means they can not be treated this way.The analogy with the Essendon saga is not that it is obviously no where near as serious as Essendons offence it is the fact it lacked any thought of the overall picture
    I would similarly be blasting,Pyke if the Crows had been so dumb
    Paul yep spot on it was bloody,Chaplins fault,Danny obviously agree with every word,Mase v much so and cmon,Jerk your better than that thank you every 1 for reading and commenting even the completely irrational comments

  20. If Hardwick really wanted to protect his players, he should have taken off 2 more players to have 13 on the ground which is below the minimum allowed for a game to legally continue.

  21. Rob Rorrison said it perfectly, give them more players on the bench and as many interchanges as they need, AFL should be more interested in the real season, this NAB is just a posher practice game. Player welfare is more important Good on you Hardwick we are with you all the way. The no name journos that write this crap (including this article) need to have a good hard look at themselves.

  22. Dave Brown says

    Not sure where this has been shared that has people thinking Almanac contributors are paid journalists. I shall eagerly wait by the mailbox for the first pay-cheque. I have a foot in both camps. It is ludicrous that Hardwick was in such an invidious position to try to end a meaningless game early. But as coach he should understand the realities of the AFL. The reality is people gamble on these games (more fool them) and the new TV rights deal starting next year has 12 preseason games per year in it – don’t be so sure Foxtel doesn’t care about them. Richmond are a part of this comp and should stick to its conditions until they change. And if they want them to change you do that through the mechanisms in place (and with a fantastic president & CEO should be capable of getting sensible change made) rather than on the field in the midst of a game. I like Rob’s suggestion.

  23. Eddie Jackson says

    Are there awards for crap articles? This could win one surely.
    Your comparing what Hardwick did to the Esdendon saga? Really?
    Cost the game millions of dollars? What?
    At the very least a substantial fine? Seriously?
    TV rights and betting agencies? ???
    You realise a game was called off last week? A bit damp it was. Who’s head you calling for there?
    And then I read the writer has made his own comment which could only be described as ramble.
    If I was you, I’d remove the article and make an apology to Richmond and Hardwick.

  24. William Rose says

    Ridiculous article

  25. Neat and Tidy says

    You’ve definitely generated debate, Book. It’s unfortunate to lose players in the NAB but you have to play it out. They didn’t handle the situation well. Still, one could argue they treated it like a final

  26. Shayne Shepherdson says

    Sorry Book, certainly not your best effort

  27. What Hardwick has done is the same as Ross Lyon and Brad Scott rested key players at Round 23 last year before the final series. I don’t think Hardwick or Richmond should be penalised.

    The agenda should not be compared with gmbling situations or TV rights. Why not discussing about structures of the great sport? Recent sports rely on businesses too much. We should not forget to enjoy the sports themselves!!

  28. Malcolm Ashwood says

    It is amusing so many tiger followers are just so 1 eyed to not see reason.Facts are the competition survives on tv revenue whether we like it or not similarly the competition being sponsored by a betting agency.Is what Hardwick did comparable to Hird,NO are the fact is he did not consider the consequences of his actions comparable to the bombers saga in that aspect and only that aspect,YES .
    Rorro round 3 of the nab cup the clubs want it as close as possible to a game for premiership points hence they play to the interchange cap rotations and numbers playing even then it is generally 2 more players than a actual game ,Hardwick had more than enough player he and the Richmond FC were dumb dumb dumb

  29. Sorry mate, don’t agree, Hardwick had and has a complete responsibility to look after his club and players. He wouldn’t have thought about gambling agencies and to be honest it’s up to them if they allow punters to bet on a game or not. It’s not up to Hardwick or the AFL to change what they do to suit
    Keep up the good work mate just don’t agree with you in this

  30. Couldn’t agree more with what was written in this. Hardwick acted like a little sook asking for a game to be called off! Who desire he think he is? Yes his players may of been done but what about the other team who are out there to get that match fitness in before round 1. He is Selfish and immature

  31. Just because you write something and believe in it doesn’t make it reason. Damien Hardwick could have written his opinion and reasons down and said everyone who disagreed is dumb, one eyed and unable to see reason. There are facts and opinions. Yours is an opinion, others have a different opinion.

  32. Malcolm Ashwood says

    I entirely agree with numerous messages re where was Mark Williams and Richmond officials guiding,
    Hardwick during this farce ? Noelmc my opinion is Hardwick and Richmond were incompetent the fact is the game survives on tv revenue and the betting agency concerned are a sponsor of the Afl

  33. Boo hoo Richmond sooks, the AFL governance is screwed and has been for a long time, Essendon informed them about the programme prior to any needles being shoved into any player the AFL did nothing.
    Brisbane at the height of their dominance walked out onto the field with bandages wrapped around their elbows from needle insertions received at half time, who’s taking their premierships off them! how is that not bringing the game into disrepute!
    This was not a scratch match you are right Book a lot needs to be considered before calling off a game because of soft Richmond players, tv and betting corporations would have a field day at the courts.
    Hey Book I like the fact you write articles that may not conform to everyone’s perspective, it inspires debate. Keep up the good work pal.

  34. William Rose says

    Malcomb. I think what Morlmc wrote is something you should note.
    Instead of saying dumb dumb dumb, maybe understand that other have ( the majority ) have a different view.
    Your is just a view. Others have a different view. And both sides of the story have relevant points.
    Other have pointed out that other nab game was cancelled, the rating of players on the final round last year. But you don’t use these examples to call for major fines. And frankly taking about visiting the game millions etc is just going over the top and not factual. And even bring up the Ess saga in the same article just makes it sound like you are totally over reacting.
    You point is fair. But the opposite view is also fair.
    Don’t be so pig headed as to say those who don’t agree with you can’t see reason.

  35. This pre-season has interested me considerably less than repeats of Bold and the Beautiful.

  36. Wow, I dont know what was better, the article or the responses from the Richmond fans. Great article, definitely ruffled the feathers of these other reader!

  37. Malcolm Ashwood says

    River boy I may not agree with every thing you say but you are 100 per cent correct re the betting corporations would have had a field day in court.Noel you and many others completely bemuse me how people seem to take it personally when there club stuffs up,I barrack for the Crows did we make huge mistakes re the dropping of B Crouch yes well and truly. I have mentioned how the afl were pathetic re the last round last year yes more information has come out today how the tigers wanted to play,15 a side and how some tiger officials,MAY be in self preservation mode at least some tiger supporters ( not enough) have been honest and admitted the club and the coach is well and truly in the wrong
    Campbell entertaining to say the least and Mickey totally agree

  38. Terry Walsh says

    Malcolm as a tiger supporter you are 100 per cent correct while I would have loved to get the game called off it was illogical to suggest this action.Factually you are correct the Afl receives a large amount of it’s income from broadcasting rights and the game is also sponsored by the betting agency that is factual.
    Legally you are spot on re the consequences.Hardwick and Richmond have bought the game in to disrepute and the Afl must take action.Some of the comments from other tiger supporters are both embarrassing and entertaining yes most supporters can not see logic and be honest

  39. My post was not arguing for any point of view. I have no commitment either way. My post was simply there are two sides to an argument and I don’t think anyone has the right to say : “I am right and everyone who disagrees is wrong, dumb, one-eyed and lacks reason.”

  40. Good call Book.

  41. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    They only party that might feel aggrieved here is Port.

    What you have highlighted is the danger of receiving sponsorship from betting agencies. If they choose to offer a market on an artificial contest with nothing hanging on the result (similar to a barrier trial), surely they, and any mugs who part with their hard earned are on their own. I doubt whether the sponsorship agreement extends to the AFL ensuring the integrity of any market the agency decides to dream up.

  42. Injuries might hurt Richmond but at least they have Carlton in rd 1.

  43. Steve wood says

    Mal, essendon should not even be bought up in this article. What hard wick did was stupid and did not respect the opposing side or the game itself. As for the betting side of it, I don’t give a shit, I’m not sure hiw much good comes from betting on anything .
    As for tv? It has given all the fox heads something else to talk about .

  44. Luke Reynolds says

    How these games are scheduled is farcical enough, as were Hardwick’s decisions late in the game.
    3 games seems one too many for how most teams have fronted up.
    Interested to see Richmond’s attitude in the early part of the season after these events.

  45. Hardwick shits. His actions shitted me. But we should think about playing 15 or 16 for periods and chip the ball around, get more tactical given the lowering of the interchange etc. and make it hard for teams who like to match up.

  46. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Noel more than happy for any 1 to agree or disagree I reckon I have explained what is factual and what is my opinion.Swish my understanding is the betting agency would have had recourse if the game had been abandoned and correctly are far from happy with what occurred it will be interesting to see what happens in the end.Luke agree with every word and mentally always a question mark over the tigers and as Danny mentioned sub consciously what the tigers did could really back fire.and Peter definitely agree
    thank you

  47. Agree Rb with betting and live tv coverage calling the game off was never an option

  48. Tigerfever says

    Rulebook, for a man who knows a lot more about cricket than football you have some valid points. However how about you concentrate on cricket rather than football, as you have such an old fashioned SANFL bias opinions. Let’s note SANFL being the third best comp in aus, you seem to enjoy mediocrity. Why write an article about a proud club when deep down you just want to attention seek & couldn’t careless. Chaplin is useless yes you are correct and Hardwick stuffed up but I think it’s time for you to take your cricket coaching further.

  49. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Raj yep and Jealous 1 thank you for commenting ironic mediocrity is the Richmond fc

  50. Who is the clown questioning r book about his knowledge of footy geez I would happily have him in any afl coaching box and have watched players listening intently to every word and asking him questions
    he is a bloody football encylopedia

  51. Geez Book, talk about rolling a grenade into the room. As soon as I’d read your article I rang up one of our reputable online betting agencies to get a bet on the fact that you’d stir up at least 50 comments in two days. Not surprisingly they’d “pulled” all wagers on The Book. Interestingly enough, the serious money was on you “Starting a controversy”. You were odds-on, unbackable in that department. Good to see you have a strong contingent of “Almanacas” fired up, feisty and ready for the start of season 2016.

  52. NAB Challenge is a complete waste of time. Not a great look by the tigers but who really cares? They have stopped teams going regional due to player safety issues and why bet on a mickey mouse comp when all clubs are just positioning themselves for Round 1. At no stage would any club compromise Round 1 of the real stuff as certain players (ie Charlie Dixon in the same game) only are scheduled to play certain amount of game time. Gone are the days of “parking” themselves in the forward line. Time to move on.

  53. That’s why we pay him the big bucks DG.

  54. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks JTH yep cheque received,express post as well more than happy

  55. Active discussion on this one Mal. I think it is poor form that DH wanted to call it off but the guts of that is probably what everyone else thinks – public and football personal – and I quote from above – The NAB Challenge is a complete waste of time. As simple as that. Coaches want to get players to blow out some cobwebs, players looking for a little touch and confidence and the public looking at who they will stick in their SuperCoach side – nothing more.

  56. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Sandy and Rookie while we agree the nab cup is a waste of time the lack of thought and attention to detail by Hardwick and the tigers was disgraceful.Tiger time I am on a Norwoodfc committee do some work for the club re membership and have a close relationship with the coach and a lot of the players it is real it is my club and means more to me than the Afl and the competition is a lot better than the Afl in a number of regards re draw etc football smart people understand that.While I have a relationship with two crows players in particular who seek my thoughts and opinions and yes footy nous,Norwood and the sanfl mean more to me and many others .

  57. Richmond had a responsibility to play out the game as best as possible. To sit 4 fit players on the bench was weak. Injuries happen in footy and as frustrating as it was to suffer injuries. That’s footy. People paid money to watch the game and have been short changed. To be successful in a tough game you need to be mentally tough. Perhaps this is why the Tiges fail at the end of the season

  58. Tracy Maunder says

    Tracy Admi from ‘O We’re from Tigerland’ on FB
    Referring to Tigers saga as being as bad as the ESS Saga funniest statement of the week and tigers have cooped some flack! Absolute hogwash. Its no more than a practice match meaning absolutely nothing to the season except fitness. They are played on little country underdone ovals. Every Tiger Fan excepts the decision to protect our boys for the Premiership Season and if your coach dosnt he needs the flick! No BS you ramble ( lol liken it to the ESS drug saga) is actually worth reading, you have a responsibility to your readers to keep it real. Go Tigers! Thankyou Damien Hardwick for protecting our season =)
    Regards O We’re from Tigetland’

  59. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Chris spot on,Tracy if you actually read the article it says that Hardwick exactly like the bombers did not think of the consequences not comparing the actions of the two clubs.As the tigers mentally fell apart in the last few minutes against the pies did it occur to you that this appallingly peice of poor coaching contributed adding to the mental demons which are at tigerland ( ironic in that tiger supporters who are not stupidly 1 eyed and look at the whole picture made that exact point )

  60. Travis Frost says

    In the recent Carlton GWS game, GWS also played short?
    Yet no article?

  61. Travis Frost says

    Why no outraged article about GWS doing the same recently?

  62. Travis Frost says

    When will the article about GWS doing the same thing come out?

  63. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Travis a amusing and in reality a ridiculous comment by the way if you didn’t notice,GWS didn’t threaten to walk off what the article really highlights is how important,Neil Balme is bringing calmness and rational thought process so stupidity like this is now a distant past

  64. Travis Frost says

    What a surprise.
    Nothing to see here according to Malcomb.
    But when it happened to Richmond, in a practice match, it was on a par with the Essendon saga.

  65. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Travis did GWS have any fit players on the bench NO
    Did Len Cameron threaten to walk off NO
    Obviously not even a comparison ! Neil Balme the key person behind rescuing what was a basket case of a club and stoppingHardwick from going off the rails

  66. Travis Frost says

    And Richmond also had no fit players.
    But worry about that Malcomb.
    Yes one is worse than the Ess saga. The other nothing.
    Can you here yourself? Embarrassing

  67. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Travis do you even think ? FACT Richmond had fit players on the bench,YES
    FACT did,GWS NO
    FACT do I compare,Richmond’s stupidity to Essendons NO
    Did neither club think of the consequences and potential ramifications,OBVIOUSLY NO
    There is a person v much embarrassing himself and it ain’t me it is unusual to have a person commenting on the almanac site who has no idea what so ever

  68. Travis Frost says

    Haha. I’ve never seen anyone so stupid.
    Your first paragraph. You said Ess followed the Ess saga. You also said Richmond 4 or 5 injuries.
    Now you say you didn’t.
    Haha. What a joke.

  69. Dear Travis and Malcolm.

    Please play the ball and not the man.


  70. Travis Frost says

    No problem John.

  71. Hear, hear, but I don’t think there is a ball. A tedious non-issue then and now. I’ll leave it at that in case I get pinged for playing the man too.

  72. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Yep no problem,Richmond admitted they stuffed up yes don’t understand why bought up as well and
    Stainless the only relevant point to it now is to emphasise how imp,Neil Balme has been

  73. Travis Frost says

    John Harms
    Please discipline are issue warning.
    Clearly can’t be told.

  74. RB
    Agree totally about Balme’s contribution but I’m amused how you find the ex-Norwood coach is the key influence in Richmonds success among the dozens of other people and processes that have transformed the club, including a few you’ve previously criticised.

  75. Travis Frost says

    Yes that is an amazing conincidence isn’t it Stainless haha. For goodness sake, I don’t know if it’s finny or ridiculous.

  76. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Stainless as Balme is the most suited person I know re the role my thoughts come from not only my opinion but from knowing people who have spent time at Richmond also it’s not a unfair or unrealistic comment that,Hardwick was terribly advised as there has been a large amount of turnover from this time till now.Have Richmond done anything idiotic since,Balmes arrival ?

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