My Preliminary Finals Tipping


Geelong 78 Sydney 91/Geelong 98 Sydney 39 L

GWS 100 West Coast 83/ GWS 125 West Coast 58 W


Adelaide 102 Geelong 78

GWS 90 Richmond 123

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  1. Reckon you’re on the money there Aidan. I’d certainly like to see The Tiges kick 125 points. Looks like , by your thinking, that Dusty & Cotch have cut loose again & Jack’s got his radar working, eh?

  2. Thanks Wrap,
    A Crows Tigers grand final will be cool,
    I wonder who will wear their clash strips.

  3. It’s your home game Aidan; you wear the black shorts.

  4. Hi Aidan.
    Congratulations on a busy and successful footy season (so far). Well done.

    I noticed that last year, neither of the winners of the Qualifying Finals made it to the Grand Final.
    I wonder why. Maybe having the extra week off makes it difficult to maintain form?
    In 2016:
    GWS won their Q Final against Sydney – then lost to the Doggies in their Preliminary final.
    Geelong won their Q Final against Hawthorn – then lost to Sydney in their Preliminary final.

    If that interesting event repeats, we can expect a Geelong v GWS Grand Final next week.

  5. Thanks Guys,
    Hi Wrap, I heard on fiveaa that in 2015 West Coast were not treated as the home team.
    I hope that is not the case next Saturday.
    Yes that would have been interesting,
    I would be sad,
    But I am awaiting who the Crows would verse.

  6. Great win Aidan. I wouldn’t want you to get over confident — dead cats only bounce so high — but The Crows looked scarily good last night. Better get on the bus to make up the numbers for next Saturday.

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