My Half Year All-Australian

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Walkerville footy and cricket, ETKG Tennis. Go Crows, Redlegs, Strikers, Andy Murray, Manchester United and Australia in every sport. Adelaide, SA.


  1. Good effort Aiden and the presentation is very impressive. I think you have covered it well although I might have found a spot for the Bont over Ablest given his injuries. I also reckon Docherty has had a great year down back

  2. Dave Brown says

    Good stuff, Aidan. Agree with Tony’s comment re. Ablett (except I would have Sloane on the field, of course). Not conVinced either.

  3. Great work Aiden

    What is the meaning of the number after every player’s name ? Some sort of rating ?

    I think Dane Rampe might be a big chance down back.

  4. Aidan Hammond says

    The number is a rating of the players season so far. It is upgraded from their normal rating. I got the idea from the soccer game FIFA 16.

  5. Hi Aidan as a crows supporter we have 4 players who should make the all aust side,Betts,Laird,Talia and Sloane with,Jenkins and Lynch outside chances always fun to have a crack

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