My Half Year All-Australian

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Walkerville footy and cricket, ETKG Tennis. Go Crows, Redlegs, Strikers, Andy Murray, Manchester United and Australia in every sport. Adelaide, SA.


  1. Tony Robb says:

    Good effort Aiden and the presentation is very impressive. I think you have covered it well although I might have found a spot for the Bont over Ablest given his injuries. I also reckon Docherty has had a great year down back

  2. Dave Brown says:

    Good stuff, Aidan. Agree with Tony’s comment re. Ablett (except I would have Sloane on the field, of course). Not conVinced either.

  3. Great work Aiden

    What is the meaning of the number after every player’s name ? Some sort of rating ?

    I think Dane Rampe might be a big chance down back.

  4. Aidan Hammond says:

    The number is a rating of the players season so far. It is upgraded from their normal rating. I got the idea from the soccer game FIFA 16.

  5. Hi Aidan as a crows supporter we have 4 players who should make the all aust side,Betts,Laird,Talia and Sloane with,Jenkins and Lynch outside chances always fun to have a crack

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