My Grand Final Tipping

My Results:

Adelaide 102 Geelong 78/Adelaide 136 Geelong 75 W

GWS 90 Richmond 123/ GWS 67/Richmond 103 W


My Tipping:

Adelaide 123 Richmond 79

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  1. Looks a bit one sided Aidan, but Self Belief is everything in this caper. Just one thing though; this is not the same Richmond you played in Round IX.

  2. Ain’t the same Crows either

  3. That’s right Dave; it’s not the same Adelaide. Since the Richmond game they lost six, drew with Collingwood and struggled against Carlton. And the latter two results were fought out on the Big Stage.

    In that same period, The Tiges only lost three matches. One of which was a lapse of concentration against St Kilda.

  4. Thanks for the comments,
    Wrap, on fiveaa I heard a stat, It says 1 team in the last 15 years has won the premiership not scoring over 120 a game and conceding over 80. Crows are the only teams that do those things. We are the best team with the best list and coach, we have a much more even spread and to top it off we are from the home of football. It would be 60 points if you didn’t have 3 more players helping you out. Btw congrats on getting in the grand final.

  5. Sob.

  6. You were right Dave: it wasn’t the same crows.

    And Aidan, thanks for coming to the Grand Final.

    Jokes aside; I didn’t expect that. No one did. It was downright scary. You’re still the second best team in the land, And The Pride of South Australia.

  7. Hats off to the Tigers Wrap.
    They were more Desperate, Courageous, Speedy and less fumbly.
    Good teams bounce back, Hawthorn lost the 2012 grand final.
    Then they won the next 3, they also finished top and lost to 3, who beat 2 earlier.
    Also 1 beat 2 2012 prelim final. That was more horrible than today.
    1. At 3 quarter time I knew we would lose.
    2. We got thrashed
    3. I was happy we made it to the grand final.
    I picked the tigers 9th this year.
    The drought has been flooded for the tigers.
    Enjoy it, it may not happen until 37 more years.

  8. Thanks Aidan. Your Crows will bounce e back from this. But if they want The Flag, they’re going to have to come & get from The Tigers.

  9. Very true!
    Do you think you had a bit of an advantage being a victorian club and being able to play at the MCG.
    In the end it might not have changed the result but do you.

  10. There’s only one Mecca, one Vatican, one Westminster Abby Aidan; and there’s only one MCG, and that’s where the GF is decided.

    But yes, it has to be a disadvantage when you’re playing a popular Victorian side like say Western Bulldogs (everyone’s underdog) or a club with a large following like say Collingwood. Although, playing an unpopular side like, say Hawthorn, it mightn’t be too much of a handicap. There was plenty of supporters there for The Crows on Saturday. I should know, we sat in a Tiger ticket bay at the Ponsford Stand End surrounded by bays of the Adelaide Cheer Squad. But they had lost their voice by mid way through the Championship Quarter. And that’s not the ground’s fault.

  11. Very true, were you there?
    How was it?
    I have never been to one.
    Is this your first one?

  12. Is this your first one? Grand Final? Trip to the ‘G? Richmond Premiership?
    Look Wrap – there are generations. Nay generations of generations who have not heard of Tommy, Royce, St Francis and GR. Let alone Captain Blood and Mopsy the feared.
    Time to fill them in on these important pages of ancient history Mr Wrap. I look forward to your next Epistle to the unwashed and unclean.
    Glad I’m 16,000 kilometres away.

  13. No Aidan, I was there in 1967, 69, 73 & 74. I was off-shore in 1980. You see, I was born sometime before the pyramids were built.

    And yes I was there on Saturday, with my 17-year-old Grandson, Ben, who never thought he’d see the day.

    How was it? Bl**dy wonderful Aidan, bl**dy wonderful. Don’t worry, your turn will come. I saw the look on Don Pyke’s face. He won’t let The Crows forget this Day of Infamy.

  14. Nice to hear you enjoyed it Wrap.
    How do you get tickets?
    Are you a gold member (what the Crows call priority grand final tickets?
    Lastly, did you think you would be a chance at the end of last year, because I certainly didn’t?

  15. I’m a Yellow&Black member Aidan. It’s a long serving membership for those who have followed Richmond for over 50 years. We take care of our Tigers of Old at Punt Road.

    And no, I didn’t give them much of a chance, but when they won the first 5 straight and noticed the difference in the style of play I knew we’d make it through to September. Then when we recovered from jose three close losses and the shellacking you gave us, coupled with the performances of the opposition for those spots, I began to believe that we could make Top Four.

    Then, when we smashed Geelong & GWS in September, I knew we had the game to go all the way. But to be honest, until then I had The Mighty Adelaide Crows firmly ensconced as the hot premiership favourite.

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