My first floorball tournament

By William Little


Last Saturday I went to play my first floorball tournament. I had to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning. I had to be at Our Tampines Hub  by 7.15am. I was playing for the YFA (youth floorball academy) team. My friend Dylan was our captain.


We managed to beat the first team 24-0. I scored a goal and got an assist. We won all our games and made it to the final.


My first floorball experience was great. It was tough but we managed to win the final 3-2 at the end. We lifted the golden cup and then got gold medals. I scored 6 goals in total. At the end the coach said we could have pizza but of course he was joking.


William (shortest and in the middle) lifting the trophy with his team mates.


  1. Well done, William. Don’t tell your coach, but I reckon he’s pretty lousy not to pony up for a pizza…

  2. Great story that takes a really dark turn at the end. Congratulations William and your team.

  3. In fairness to the coach, we had to leave after the presentation so perhaps the pizza did materialize.

  4. Keep at it William.

    You’ll be in the sweet spot to represent Singapore (or Australia) when Floorball debuts at the 2032 Olympics.

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Hey William, can you tell us more about floorball please?

  6. Dave Brown says

    Well done, William! I had to google ‘floorball’ and now know something I didn’t before. Thankyou!

  7. Just wanted to say thanks to all for reading and commenting on this piece. I have showed William all the comments and he thought it was cool. Swish, you may have inspired him to write a follow-up piece about the game of floorball – although I wouldn’t be holding my breath for that.

  8. Well played William. We must also feature this on the junioralmanac site.

  9. Thanks for sharing your success William. Hope you continue to enjoy floorball and keeping us up to date. I too would like to hear more about floorball

  10. Congratulations William from your very proud Nan

  11. Great work William Go for it Pa

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