Music: Thunderstruck by Steve’n’Seagulls

I am no Rick Kane, nor Mickey Randall. But, like I everyone, I have spent a life time with music. Starting with nursery rhymes and hymns and heading in all directions.

Recently an old friend contacted me via Facebook. Andrew Thiele is an aficianado of many things and it came as no surprise that, on his FB timeline (is that what it is?), he had pointed us in the direction of a Finnish hillbilly version of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.

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  1. Neil Anderson says

    Yeah! Loved it! Are they Finnish? That shed and background looked like my farmlet in western Victoria and the’ Deliverence’ guy with no shirt and braces possibly a relative or at least a neighbour.
    The banjo worked well instead of a guitar and I loved the anvil- work.
    Any chance for a performance at the Almanac launch to get the crowd going?
    One of the best names for a group since Elwood Waters and the Far Canals.

  2. JTH,
    Just loved it too.
    Shows the penetration of AC/DC, that even in the deliverance backwaters of Finland AC/DC have an impact and following.
    And one for Neil Anderson, a group I have a soft spot for – “Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jew Boys.” They are best known for hits like “Drop Kick me Jesus through the Goal Posts of Life,” and “They aren’t making Jews like Jesus any more.”
    Kinky manufactures and sells his own MIB tequila and hand rolled Kinky Friedman cigars. Kinky is touring Australia in January 2015.
    Keep them coming!

  3. Neil Anderson says

    I thought later Parsimony (another great Moniker by the way) that ‘ great band names’ would be a good conversation starter for Almanackers.
    I have heard of Kinky Friedman and his song called Drop Kick Me Jesus… was a classic title. Sending up his own religion with his band name and another religion with his song covered all bases and confused any critics.
    For an American he accidentally created a very Aussie footy sounding song.

  4. I’m no Rick Kane either. I can’t stand Hawthorn.

  5. haha – great – really enjoyed that and have sent on to old school friends. Thunderstuck was a big anthem for us in Year 12.

  6. Great clip and version, it had everything I treasure about folk music. It had britches and funny hats, overalls, verandah and spoons. In true homage the accordion player turned up, as George Jones did when he lost his licence, on a lawn mower!

    Good timing too, considering Dylan has finally released the definitive box set of The Basement Tapes, a big soup of Americana if ever there was. As Molly would say, do yerself a favour!

    Thanks for sharing John.

    In the spirit of funny band names, we did have a punk outfit in the late ’70s at high school called Head Meat and The Meatheads. We recorded one album, Live at the Latrine. Yes we lasted a month!


  7. JTH,
    I’m not sure what an ‘FB timeline’ is either. (The amount of time a full-back has to catch a fast-leading full-forward?)
    Is there a thunder-boxed set of Live At The Latrine on iTunes?
    That anvil work is tops.

  8. Neil Anderson says

    I wonder if they could do a hillbilly version of The Anvil Chorus. I will refer the video to my percussionist son-in-law for his thoughts.

  9. Funny stuff. Hayseed Dixie is an American band specialising in similar tributes. Worth a listen.

    Neil (and others)- Kinky Friedman’s novels are a treat too. They’re a witty escape.

  10. This is superb stuff. Love it.
    Rick, would love to hear thoughts about Basement Tapes? (I’m off fbook now btw – strained eye syndrome). I went to purchase it the other day, and was shocked to see it was $160. Couldn’t justify the spend, as I have the 2-disc version from ’75 and have most of the ‘Genuine Basement Taped’ bootlegs. From memory ‘Sign on the Cross’ and ‘I’m a Fool for You’ were the stand outs.

  11. Neil Anderson says

    Saw a doco of ACDC by chance on Foxtel Studio last night. Kept looking for the banjo and accordion during their performance of Thunderstruck, but to no avail.
    Watching the ‘Fin-Billy’ boys again this morning I picked up on the great spoon-action which I had missed the first time around.

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