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Golf in the Olympics? Nah mate.

Last night Adam Scott announced he was unavailable to represent Australia in Rio in the traditional Olympic sport of golf.  It was only in 1904 that Golf was last in the Olympics.  In those days, apart from using hickory shafted clubs, broomstick handle putters weren’t allowed (or known about).  Wind forward to 2016, and, look, broomstick handle putters aren’t allowed to be used.  The tradition continues.

Here at Middle Australia, the Editor and I applaud Adam Scott’s decision.  Middle Australia has long argued a sport should only be in the Olympics if it is the pinnacle of the sport.  For golf the Olympics are clearly not the pinnacle.  We get excited about the four majors, but the golf in the Olympics?  Yawn.  We would prefer to watch replays of BBC’s Pro-Celebrity Golf featuring Ronnie Corbett and Seve Ballesteros from the ‘70s.  By the way it was a great show.

It’s not like golf is a big sport in Brazil either.  Who could name Brazil’s number one male player?  We can and it’s Alexandre Rocha, ranked 524th in the world.  Hardly a household name.  In fact, we hear that Rocha’s mum isn’t even too sure who he is.

The decision by Adam Scott isn’t like it is out of the blue.  Scotty, as we like to call him, has hardly been effusive about golf being in the Olympics ever since in 2011 the IOC announced the sport would make a return in Rio, after 112 years.  By officially announcing he won’t be playing in Rio Scotty is simply being consistent.  Implicitly he is saying ‘Golf shouldn’t be in the Olympics’, and we agree.

Sure Scotty has copped some flack overnight.  Lifesaver Dawn, a.k.a. Dawn Fraser, lashed out at Scotty and pretty much called him un-Australian.  I think we all know how reliable Lifesaver’s opinions are if the past tennis season was anything to go by.  Former Olympic long jumper, David Culbert, stated Scotty would regret his decision later in life.  The Olympics are obviously the zenith for Swimming and Athletics, but that prestige can’t necessarily be appropriated to another sport; golf on this occasion.

Besides Scotty has shown his appreciation of his homeland.  Who can forget, apart from Lifesaver Dawn, Scotty yelling, ‘Come on Aussie” when he holed out on the 72nd hole at the 2013 US Masters?  All that was missing on the great day at Augusta were the Mojo Singers amped up behind the 18th green.

As we hole out on the final green, we say well done Scotty for deciding not to attend the Olympics.  We agree with you that golf should not be in the Olympics.  Besides who wants the Zika virus?

The Chairman


  1. Willow Wilson says

    I 100% agree, for athletics and swimming the World Championships and Olympics are the ultimate prize. For professional tennis players and golfers the Olympics are not the pinnacle, both sports have their 4 majors. As a viewer the Olympics is a great time to take an interest in sports that rarely get mainstream coverage (sailing, wrestling, hockey, athletics), I dont need to watch tennis or golf at the Olympics.
    Adam Scott has represented himself and Australia with humility and dignity and his decision doesnt detract from his Australian-ness!

  2. I agree Golf has no place in the Olympics and neither should Tennis.
    However when you take into consideration part of hosting an Olympic Games is to leave a legacy for host country in relation to sporting facilities then the argument changes slightly. Rio’s lack of golfing prowess is partly due to not having a golf course of International standard. Hosting the Olympics, Rio has had to build a brand spanking new golf course planned to be available as a course open to the Public post Olympics. Now whether this action will create a new Brazilian Golf star and promote the sport within Brazil, who knows, but personally I feel the money spent on a 5 Star Golf course could have been better spent towards Rio infrastructure like water quality for the Water based events and a greater legacy for the residents of Rio and the competitors and visitors that will be exposed to crap water, money that was planned but spent on other projects.

  3. Middle Australia says

    Agree with both views that tennis shouldn’t be in the Olympics either. The infrastructure issue for other sports and Rio in general is a very important one as well.

    I have serious doubts about Rugby 7s also, but admittedly I don’t know enough about the sport to know where the Olympics rank for it. For new sports like Rugby 7s the Olympics should still be the icing on the cake, not the cake that makes the icing.

  4. Well said Middle Oz. The big money pro sports like golf, tennis, basketball have no place in the Olympics unless as youth tournaments like soccer.
    Individually golfers would enjoy hanging out with the Bolts, Federers etc – but I think TaylorMade and Nike etc have told all their contracted players that there are big bonuses on offer.
    Adam Scott is a prince among thieves.
    Our Dawn is becoming the Neil Harvey of Olympic sport. Rent a rant.

  5. What about a whole pro-celebrity Olympics?

    Who would you like to see?

  6. Middle Australia says

    Good points Peter. For basketball the NBA is bigger than Olympic basketball. For those players that don’t get a gig in the NBA I can understand the appeal of the Olympics. However, as we, and many others, have said the Olympics have to be the pinnacle of the sport.
    Like your view on the golf companies offering their players bonuses to play in the Olympics. I say you are spot on.

  7. Middle Australia says


    Great idea about a whole pro-celebrity Olympics.

    Some potential events and combinations:
    High Jump – Brandon Starc and Sam Pang
    Gymnastics (Uneven Bars) – Lauren Mitchell and Celia Pacquola
    100m two man relay – Usain Bolt and Bruce McAvaney
    Javelin – Kim Mickle and Donald Trump. Trump to try to catch the javelin
    10000m – David McNeill and Mick Malloy
    50km Walk – Jared Tallent and Kel Knight
    Sailing – Lisa Darmanin and Leigh Sales
    Discus – Dani Samuels and Michala Banas
    Swimming 1500m – Mack Horton and Tim Rogers

  8. Glenn Butcher says

    Adam Scott represents Australia every time he steps out on a golf course. The leader board reads “Adam Scott – Australia”.

  9. Dave Goodwin says

    I’m currently in Montreal, Canada and the local English language newspaper published this piece on Adam Scott’s decision (sourced from the Vancouver Sun). It would seem Middle Canada agrees with Middle Australia. http://www.montrealgazette.com/opinion/columnists/cole+surprised+that+adam+scott+said+olympics/11865901/story.html

  10. Middle Australia says


    Here at Middle Australia we have long been friends with Middle Canada. Apart from the Commonwealth link we think their flag is better than ours.
    We are pleased our Canadian friends have a similar view to us and thanks for providing the link. It will be interesting to see if Canadian number one, Graham DeLaet (World Ranking 121), makes the same decision.
    A few years back The Editor and I went on a Middle World study tour and spent Christmas in Montreal. It would be fair to say we have never been colder in our lives. It was -32 on the Boxing Day that year. Hope you have good thermal underwear.

  11. Middle Australia says


    Exactly right about Scotty representing Australia every time he is on the golf course. Here’s hoping we may soon see “Adam Scott – Middle Australia”.

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