Middle Australia Report: Tomic the Tank Engine II

Enough is enough. Bernard Tomic should no longer be allowed to play for Australia in Davis Cup or even be supported by Tennis Australia after his appalling display in last weekend’s Davis Cup tie against Germany.

We commented on what a dud he was at the US Open when he didn’t try in his match against Roddick and now he does it again, this time playing for Australia. Tony Roche, whose heart rate has only been known to get above resting once before, felt so moved or betrayed by Tomic’s lackluster effort that he berated Tomic when he was giving up during the crucial singles tie. If this is the type of pea heart effort Tomic can produce at such important times playing for his country then we don’t want him.

We recommend Tennis Australia should suspend Tomic from the Davis Cup Squad until he grows a heart.

The Chairman


  1. Give him another year or two MAR. Most kids with lots of money at 19 would be happy to cruise. Definite parallels with the Poo here. Could be a cultural thing. Who would you replace him with at this stage?

  2. Someone with a conscience maybe?

    And who would we replace him with? How about we grab some of these hungry ‘boat people’ and put them through tennis camp instead of internet camp.

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