Melbourne Launch of The Footy Almanac 2015 – 19 Nov.

cover art 2015 - on the easel


cover art image 2015 - a little more revealed

A little more of the cover art revealed.

Who is on the cover of this year’s Footy Almanac?


Join in the celebrations at the Melbourne launch of The Footy Almanac 2015.


Where:            Royal Melbourne Hotel, 629 Bourke St, Melbourne.

When:              6 for 6.45pm, Thursday, 19 Nov, 2015

Drinks at bar prices. Nibblies provided. Stay for dinner afterwards (excellent pub menu) and kick on. Always a terrific night.


This event is Rated G, and is definitely kid-friendly.

All welcome (spread the word!)

Copies of The Footy Almanac 2015 available.

About John Harms

JTH is a writer, publisher, speaker, historian. He is publisher and contributing editor of The Footy Almanac and He has written columns and features for numerous publications. His books include Confessions of a Thirteenth Man, Memoirs of a Mug Punter, Loose Men Everywhere, Play On, The Pearl: Steve Renouf's Story and Life As I Know It (with Michelle Payne). He appears (appeared?) on ABCTV's Offsiders. He can be contacted [email protected] He is married to The Handicapper and has three school-age kids - Theo, Anna, Evie. He might not be the worst putter in the world but he's in the worst three. His ambition was to lunch for Australia but it clashed with his other ambition - to shoot his age.


  1. Cyril must be $1.40. Stevie J was favourite if he had taken the Cats golden handshake, instead of going to GWS. If Sam Mitchell is on the cover, sales will be down 2,000. Widely admired as a footballer. Widely disliked away from the leafy east.

  2. if it is Cyril put me down for 80 copies

  3. Neil Anderson says

    I’ll guess at some sort of triptych showing heroes of the three grand-finals. Possibly Lake and Hodge in the background with a larger painting of Cyril in the foreground.
    Interesting choice of item used to cover the expected Hawthorn-centric painting.

  4. I like a roughy – I’m going with Brian Peake.

  5. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Not bloody Hawthorn again! Surely, Swanny should get a gig this year?

  6. if it is Rioli, my copy is available for Salvos

  7. John – the photo reminds me of your claim to be in the worst 3 putters in Australia. Not sure if you meant putter or punter? Stand aside – I’ve got you covered on both fronts.
    Hope the Melbourne Knackers enjoy tomorrow night. Jealous.

  8. on the planet. Clearly you haven’t seen me putt.

  9. See you and raise you. Whoops – bloody punting again.

  10. Cyyyy-riiiiiil. Cyyyyy-riiiiil. Cyyyyy-riiiiil

  11. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Now surely since the almanac is really just cats porn it is,Paddy D ?

  12. I bet if you turn the jumper around, Rulebook, it’s got 35 on the back

  13. And the putter is surely a Billy Barou.

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