Mark Schwarzer Made it So


I cry at anything nowadays. A retiring 40 year old is simply not cry-worthy. It’s natural. Actually, that’s not true. A retiring 35 year old is natural. A retiring 40-year-old, even a retiring 40-year-old goalkeeper, is freakish. Schwarzer was such a freak.

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Tony Wilson wore number 47 for Hawthorn. So did Dermott Brereton.


  1. Great piece Tony. Schwarzer has been Horatio guarding the bridge for so long.
    Why do you think he pulled the plug?
    Had Ange whispered in his shell-like that his card was marked?
    Sure he is getting on, but as you say he was heroic against the top-class Japanese only a few months ago in the qualifiers. Can he have lost it that quickly?
    Or did he pull the wrong reign going to Chelsea as the backup keeper?
    Did he need game time in a mid-level side to keep the reflexes tuned?
    Sad to see such a war horse pack it in, but he certainly did it with dignity and class.
    Lucas Neill will have to be dragged out screaming.

  2. Nice, Tinsel.

  3. Tony – excellent piece.

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